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[Let's Play] Fire Emblem : Genealogy of the Holy War


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The previous translation goes like this: "Eltshan would never admit it, but he cares for that sister of his more than anything. If he ever lost her, there’s no telling what he’d do."

Which I find a bit more understandable. Why would Eldigan "never admit" that his sister is dear to him? That's pretty normal. By making Sigurd emphasize the intensity of these feelings, the fact that he loves Lachesis above anything else, it's a bit easier to understand why it might not be something Eldigan would say. It might be an overtranslation, but I think it works a bit better. (The second sentence is more debatable.)
I agree, it makes a bit more sense. Looks like the Project Naga translation wanted to deemphasize the incest subtext a bit, but the result does feel odd.

(Heroes did the Nordion siblings extremely dirty - Lachesis more so than Eldigan.)
Yeah it's one of the character who was the most obviously robbed mechanically as well as artistically. (at least the English voice is good).

Meanwhile: Deirdre working those "mysterious desaturated-hair maiden" vibes, what with her vague feelings. I like that Sigurd, after dismissing "superstition" in Chapter 1 when it came between him and the woman he'd just met whose name he didn't yet know but who had left carrying his heart with her, listens to Deirdre's feelings because he loves her. It's not because he believes it, either, or at least that's not why it matters to him; what he pays attention to and what gets him reacting is that she reminds him of the lovers' vows they exchanged. It's a neat way to show where Sigurd's priorities lay.
Good analysis.

I'm tempted to vote for Dew, but in the interest of efficiency, I'm going to vote for Finn to get the ring for the rest of the chapter and sell it so Lachesis can grab it for the arenas of chapter 2 and 3.

Unless you're planning on giving her the Return Staff so she can get some worth out of her Chapter 2 Paragon?

Edit: and if Finn's not getting the Paragon Ring, I'm voting he gets the Shield Ring. His Def looks hilariously high to me and pushing it over the top sounds great.
There was two votes for Paragoning Lachesis, so I went with that. I'll give the Shield Ring to Finn. :) (he is, indeed, over his average in Def. And everything else).

(also no Return staff for Lachesis. Ethlyn needs her xp too.)

Ayra's Lover poll is still up: https://www.strawpoll.me/18257218
Now it's a three ways tie between Lex, Holyn and Noish. So if there are people reading this thread who haven't voted yet, you can Make a Difference! (not that there's any rush making the choice in this case...)

I'd forgotten to link to the Chap 2 Music theme arranged piece:

We'd just seized Heirhein.

Sigurd: Nordion should be safe, but Eldigan is still being held in the capital. Furthermore...

Oifey: Yes?

Sigurd: I'm hearing that the frontier towns in the central forests are grappling with bandit raids. We can't afford to leave them be.

Oifey: Agreed. It is crucial that we help the locals, that we might convince them we aren't their enemy. In that case, we must ride for the north at once. There's no time to waste. Let's go!

It's nice of Oifey to think of PR while invading a country.

Sigurd talks about frontier towns, so I guess that's another possible explanation. That they're semi independent villages, and that's why Macbeth thought it might be a good idea to loot them...

Chagall: There had better be a good explanation for your behavior, Macbeth!

Macbeth: Er, um... My humblest apologies, Your Majesty! Forgive me, I beg of you! I've already sent the order for Waltz' sellsword unit to move in at once.

Waltz: Bet he's gonna send us in, then 'ave his men turn tail right we need 'em. I'm stayin' put till we see how this plays out. Oi, Beowulf, how 'bout you?

Beowulf: Yeah, I ain't up for this at all, Waltz. That Macbeth swine really rubs me the wrong way. I'm this close to just walkin' off the job.

Waltz: You're a free man, Beowulf. If a job isn't right for you, you're free to quit it. That's the funny thing about mercenaries, innit? Today's pals are tomorrow's foes.

Beowulf: Amen to that. Hopefully we're not gonna end up enemies someday. Wouldn't have a hope in hell against you, would I?

Waltz: Heh... Ain't met anybody in the whole world who can take me!

Famous last words.... :sneaky:

There were three neutral cavalries just north of Heirheim who turn enemies and start retreating towards the north-western castle of Anphony.

So we've still got that Bandit problem, and Oifey is cute talking about dealing with it, but we're way too far to get there in time.

So those villages are doomed... unless...

Bard: Bandits? Isn't the Agustrian army doing something about them?

Villager: The army? Hah! That's rich, boy! The army's too busy with their little civil war to deal with our problem. Clearly that's more important than our safety. Actually, that's not all... Rumor is the lord of Anphony himself is pullin' the bandit's strings here.

Bard: Oh, you've gotta be kidding. That's it. That guy's gotta go. I'll go sort out the bandits, okay? Now, how big a reward'll be waiting here for when I get back?

Villager: Still full of hot air, are ya? Just get outta here, wise guy. Nobody here's got the time to listen to you blowing your own horn.

Lewyn: Sylvia?! Damn! Er... I mean... you found me!

Sylvia: Yeah, I found ya! You've had your fun with me, so you're just dumpin' me without so much as a goodbye?

Lewyn: Hey, careful with that tongue of yours! We barely just met here a week ago! We've only been out for dinner for... What, two or three times? You're a dancer. I'm a bard... There's not much else to it.

Sylvia: But... But you called me adorable! That... That really meant a lot to me...

Lewyn: Er... Sometimes I just say things and don't really mean them... Oh, come on! Enough with the tears! Things'll probably get more than a bit rough out there, though. Think you'll be okay?

Sylvia: Yeah! I like it rough!

Lewyn: Geez, she was crying her eyes out just a few seconds ago. It's like she never really grew up...

Sylvia: Huh?

Lewyn: Er, nothing! Let's get going.

So we get two new auto-recruited units in the middle of the villages. That's why we needed to get to Heirheim in 11 turns, in order to recruit them in time to save all the villages.

Here's Lewyn:

He's our third magic unit, coming up in a class that sounds kind of bullshit and only shows up here in the entire game (although it does feature in the opening sequence on one random unit doing a combat example). I've never been entirely convinced he didn't make it up himself.

He's very speedy, with decent Magic and Skill, and specializes in the best (aka the lightest) of the magic types which he starts with a B rank tome for. He's got two skills: Adept and Critical, and with the stats to trigger them often enough you might forget he doesn't have Pursuit.

And he's got a Major Holy Blood in Forseti, the lineage associated with Wind Magic. Which.... what the fuck! What is it with those mages with Major Holy Blood just wandering in the middle of nowhere? They're supposed to be the heirs of noble lineages, according to the setting! This is getting ridiculous!

And this is Sylvia, our Dancer. If you're familiar with any Fire Emblem, you can figure out that she can dance to refresh other units and give them a new action to make in the same turn.

Because the maps are large and the game designers took pity on us, Sylvia's even the best of the Dancer: she can refresh all four units who are side by side with her at one time. Woot! She is adorable!

She's able to fight, and comes with a Slim Sword and the Adept and Miracle skills, to help her out; but she's not much of a fighting unit. Decent Speed base, asides, she's not going to be killing much with those stats and her really sad growth rates. She does have a Bragi Minor Holy Blood - the one associated with Staff - to help out with her HP, Magic, Luck and Res, which, we'll take it, she needs all the help she can get. (a Minor Holy Blood holder is much more credible to be on a stray, random person. It has been a few generations, after all and they're not one person a generation kind of deal).

Lewyn50 (90)10304030 (90)202010
Sylvia40 (50)1020 (30)101020 (30)1020 (40)

Yeaah. Dat speed.

Because Lewyn has Major Holy Blood, and because he's one of the few whose pairing we will be in control of, the question with him is much less: what can he bring to a female character's children as a father (lots of speed, Adept and Critical), than: which mothers will let his son be a good user of his Holy Weapon.

Because there's only three women who have a magic user for a son. And because Forseti is one of the best Holy Weapon and you don't want to lose access to it because Lewyn ended up screwing the wrong lady and got a physical unit for a son. That would be kind of dumb.

So they start taking on the Bandits by themselves. You need to move them efficiently, taking advantage of Sylvia's Dance and being careful of the way the woods slow down your move. There's especially a village on the north-west you want to get to fast before it's entirely destroyed, because they're a nice bit of loot in there.

Lewyn needs to trigger Adept or a Critic in order to ORKO a Bandit, and he needs to do that a couple of time to be able to move quickly enough. For now, he's not being cooperative, but Sylvia dances so he can try again.

I love the dance animation and music!

But you gonna have to take my words, because I can't seem to be able to find a simple video of Sylvia's dance routine on the internet to show you. :(

At least there's the music.

This time I remember to use the seized castle to fix up some of the weapons.
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Also Quan has a new Talk with Finn:

Quan: For stronger enemies, what could be more fitting than a stronger weapon? Let's see how you fare with this.

Finn: Is that... a brave lance?! Are you sure you want to entrust me with such a rarity?

Quan: Of course. You are House Leonster's most promising young knight. You are our future, and I'd sooner see you live this day. Arming you properly is the best I can do to help you now, so yes. Take this spear.

Finn: What an honor, milord! Thank you.

Sweet. A Brave weapon continue to be the best kind of weapon outside of a Holy Weapon, so Finn will enjoy that, even if this time it's not lighter than the usual weapons of that type, good Hit and good Might and consecutive blows are great!

Allows him to try his luck against the 7th opponent of the arena anew. (huh. Project Naga translation went with "Hero" for that promoted class. Yeah, that makes much more sense than Forrest).


And he sells off that Silver Lance because Quan would like a new weapon too.

I move everyone up towards that large valley leading towards Anphony.

I'm going slow because there's a lot of people who need healing, but i must have triggered some kind of boundary because they decided to stop retreating after all and to attack instead.

And you've got the mercenary troops at the very north of the map getting the order to start moving as well.

It takes them a few turn to get to us, though, so it wasn't a big deal.

On the north-eastern corner of the map...

"Prince Lewyn", is it. Huhu. I see how it is. Wandering bard, my ass.

Arden kind of start walking off the group, sulking because he never gets any piece of the action.

The trouble with fighting cavalry is that they've got all this range that's easy to forget.


I love how silly this sprite looks.



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Only one left. Lewyn did remember how to Critic after all.

I ended up attacking this guy with Dew...

Just so Deirdre could get the kill. She was 3 damages short otherwise.

I don't think I've shown you just how psychedelic the Aura animation was yet.

And that's how we learned that Light magic was LSD.

A very Deirdre level.

And a decent first level up for Lachesis.

And one Adept triggering...

And we're good! Villages saved!

The leader of the mercenary, Walz, drop the Paragon band I mentioned before. He's pretty speedy and has the Adept skill, so he can be a bit dangerous.

Althought him and his men being armed with swords, they don't do a whole lot of damages.

A day at the beach will take his mind off things.

I have Aideen sell off her Mend staff so Lachesis can buy it (and sell her own Heal staff for Aideen to get back). It will give her more XP and allow her to heal a bit more. She's got just enough money to buy it, 10,000 gold. Then I sent her in the arena for a couple of fights and...

It pays off in leveling a bit.

Meanwhile Waltz did get to us.

At least it's Strength.

You seem like decent folk, but xp is xp.

:/ but at least she didn't kill him.
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Now Azel can't double him... but he does just enough damage...

... along with Midir's Iron Bow...

to reduce Waltz to 5 HP

And now Lachesis can go for the kill.

It's a 64 Hit only but it doesn't get any better than that.

Fuck yeah! On the first attempt!

Sorry, Waltz, you should vet your employers a bit better.

You guys can stop with the crappy level ups anytime now!

Oh, but wait, there's still this guy.

I hope you won't be surprised to learn we can recruit Beowulf.

I reformed new front lines and waited one turn.

Of course the Knight Triplets didn't get the memo, but neither side does enough dmagae for it to be an issue.

Tell him about it, he used to work in the arena.

Holyn left a lot of those sword knights with one HP which was very nice to Dew.

You can recruit Beowulf with any one of your units who has more than 10,000 Gold. Both Lachesis and Holyn actually show up with that exact amount in pocket when you recruit them. Contraire likes to say that Lachesis especially has it for the specific purpose of recruiting Beo.

(well she spent it all on Staves, sorry Beo)

In the end I sent Lex because he's the one unit that needs money the least.

(No need to buy and sell Paragon each chapter when you've already got your own).

I mean, at least he kept that money for his own Fund.


Beo is someone I rather like as a character, but have a very hard time making use of as a unit. He's not awful: he's got Pursuit and Duel, good Strength and Skill growth and decent Spd and Defense. He's in a sword specialist class that has relatively good cap and an Adept skill to boot upon promotion.

But well, it's yet another horse unit at a time when i'm getting tired of them and the fact that they're sword locked makes me look at them as the most boring Class of the entire game XD

I do like him though. He's a refreshingly shady and pragmatic character as a mercenary. You get the feeling he escaped from a much more noir story.
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Went back with saved states to grab some screencaps to show what happens if you recruit Beowulf before killing Waltz and they fight.

I don't know. They both survived that easily.

Anyway, I finish cleaning up the map.

Lachesis starts putting to work that Paragon Band.

Noish grabs a good level up for once. (he's kinda very late on his defensive stat).

And that's it.

We'll still have this guy to deal with at Anphony Castle.

Meanwhile on the beach...

Arden is contemplating the sea and his life.

You know, that was less bad than I remembered. The new translation must help out.

This is the second Secret Event of the game, and the one that gives us our very useful Joker Pursuit Skill... which, well... will probably already go to Jamke's son.
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Yay, Beowulf! Yay, Lewyn and Sylvia! Yay, pegknights!

Quan comes across as less racist in this translation than in the previous one. He's still elitist trash, but "thugs" is marginally less overtly racist than the "savages" the previous translation had Quan use to describe Verdanites. Which is in keeping with the way Grannvalians tend to view Verdanites, but 1)this is after Verdane was conquered, so it comes across as even more petty, imo, and 2)Quan himself isn't Grannvalian. It also raises questions about how much of his laying-it-on-thick to Ayra was lies diplomacy; iirc Isaach too isn't considered quite civilized by Grannvale or the opening narrative, but there Quan was nothing but respect. (I think in part it's because Isaach is the "fetichized land of honorable, fierce warriors" - and they have a Sword-aligned Holy Blood lineage - and Verdane's most famous for its axe dudes, and they don't have a Holy Blood lineage at all, so, barbarians.)

I love Quan but he's pretty awful once you look at him outside of the context of his being a devoted friend, husband, and liege lord.

And on that note, Quan showering Finn with stats and weapons never fails to bring me joy. He has that dandy vibe - I blame the cravat - that adds to the impression that he puts a lot of stock in the trappings of "being/looking civilized".

And because Forseti is one of the best Holy Weapon and you don't want to lose access to it because Lewyn ended up screwing the wrong lady and got a physical unit for a son. That would be kind of dumb.
Unless squandering Forseti is your explicit goal for a playthrough, in which case, it's very funny coming up with the best-worst possible way to waste Lewyn's potential as a father.

"Prince Lewyn", is it. Huhu. I see how it is. Wandering bard, my ass.
Major Holy Blood rarely wanders across the countryside.

Lewyn and Sylvia's introduction is a great double act. It's very "staged", like the introduction of a couple in a Shakespeare comedy would be; and it depicts them both as actors ("liars" is too pejorative), with Lewyn admitting that sometimes he says things in the heat of the moment he might not entirely mean... And Sylvia crying her eyes out, and the next moment being happy as you please... So it comes as no surprise they're a bard and a dancer. Performance is what they're about.

The fact that Sylvia gets a decent amount of exp for each dance is another of FE4's really nice gestures. Unlike Dew getting exp for giving out money, though, this one's actually useful, because it should come up almost every turn. She gets 9 exp a dance, and we've already noticed a chapter usually takes more than 50 turns, so she should take at least 5 levels a map.

Beo is someone I rather like as a character, but have a very hard time making use of as a unit. [...] I do like him though. He's a refreshingly shady and pragmatic character as a mercenary. You get the feeling he escaped from a much more noir story.
Agreed. He's fun and his perspective is a lot closer to that of, say, Dew, than that of basically anyone else in our army. He's no knight.

On that topic, about the Project Naga vs old translation thing, re: Eldigan's love for Lachesis, I was thinking of how "there's nothing more important for Eldigan than Lachesis" was problematic with regards to his duty to his high king and his duties as king to his own people, not just wrt the incest subtext. Which would be reason on its own to be embarrassing. It's potentially putting personal issues before chivalrous duties.


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Lachesis and her children

Lachesis' son shows up from the start of Gen 2, in the same Sword Knight class as Beowulf. Her daughter shows up in early-mid game, as a Troubadour like Ethlyn.

With Lachesis as a mom, they have a good Strength and decent Luck growth, one higher Sword Rank, and Charm which helps out the rest of the army but doesn't help them. So they need Pursuit, and they need fairly good growth overall to be capable offensively. You can decide to only use them as Charm-bot and, in the case of the daughter, healing... but it's kind of a shame.

(By the way, once you have several Charm units? Their aura stack).

Lachesis has four predestined lovers: Beowulf, Dew, Finn and Noish.

Of those four, Finn gives a conversation down the line which grants +5 Speed to his daughter, which is a very nice boon for her.

Noish and Dew have the issue that they fail to grant the kids Pursuit. Dew at least gives good growth and Bargain can be useful for a healer; but they'll struggle to kill anything if they can't double. Also unfortunaly a cavalry unit can't inherit Dew's Sol which is kind of tragic considering both kids are sword users. Noish only has a Critical and Duel to give and honestly... that's kind of a terrible pairing in term of the gameplay results. You could still pick one of those and allocate the Pursuit Band to one of the kid, but you can only do that with one of the two kids (and also, we're pairing up Jamke/Aideen, so we already have one unit that would like the Pursuit Band anyway).

Finn and Beowulf are generally considered Lachesis' good picks. I think Finn has a slight gameplay edge because of that +5 Speed boon and because it means more Luck for a good Avoid and the Miracle Skill... but the pairing with Beo is easier to do because Beo doesn't have Finn's availability issues.

Narrative wise, I think both Beo and Finn are good pairing. Beo has the advantage because he gets more conversations, and they're both nice ones, but Finn's one conversation is also a good one.

If you want to look outside of predestined for Lachesis, you can grab any of the unit with Pursuit, like Alec or Midir. Azel is actually a fairly interesting out of the box option because between Hezul and Vala blood you get good mixed magical & physical offense units, which can make the best use of Magic Swords (the main issue with that is that means you're not using Azel as a father for magical children if you're pairing him up with Lachesis).

In we want to have a shot at pairing up Lachesis with Finn, we need to figure it out quickly, though, as the time window to do it is fairly narrow.

As for the substitute kids...

TristanSword Knight330110101051005000Critical

CharacterHPStrMagSklSpdLckDefResHoly Blood

No Pursuit. Not even Charm. Only one Critical on the Sword Knight. Crappy growth.

I'm not even sure they're useable? I mean, I guess Janne can staffbot a little, at least. Good luck using Tristan as an offensive unit.

Here's the poll for Lachesis' lover: https://www.strawpoll.me/18267508
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Lewyn and Sylvia's introduction is a great double act. It's very "staged", like the introduction of a couple in a Shakespeare comedy would be; and it depicts them both as actors ("liars" is too pejorative), with Lewyn admitting that sometimes he says things in the heat of the moment he might not entirely mean... And Sylvia crying her eyes out, and the next moment being happy as you please... So it comes as no surprise they're a bard and a dancer. Performance is what they're about.
They are great and I love them <3 And the green haired peg knight too <3

It's really an awesome introduction...

The fact that Sylvia gets a decent amount of exp for each dance is another of FE4's really nice gestures. Unlike Dew getting exp for giving out money, though, this one's actually useful, because it should come up almost every turn. She gets 9 exp a dance, and we've already noticed a chapter usually takes more than 50 turns, so she should take at least 5 levels a map.
That much? That doesn't feel right.

But yeah it is nice. And in this case, dancers do usually get xp for dancing in most Fire Emblem. Heroes is the exception in this case.

Poll wise:
Holyn too a decisive lead in Ayra's Lover poll. Which there is no rush to close the poll yet (no need to until the beginning of chapter 3), I'm starting to work for the pairing already. If you haven't voted yet, you still can. I'll check it up still before chap 3.

Beowulf also took a decisive lead very quickly in Lachesis' Lover poll, so I'm also already working on it. (Especially since it would be very tough pairing her up with someone else if we don't work on it earlier). Given that they have some convo in what I hope to post today, I'd still like to allow people to change their mind though, so I'm not closing the poll yet.

We'd left off just as I was about to march on Anphony:

By the time we get up that big corridor, Lewyn and Sylvia have started to caught up to our main army after their stroll through the wood.

There's not much to say about this fight. The ennemy armors have high def, but otherwise aren't much of a threat.

So mostly, it's xp time:

Good. There's Strength.

OOooh Spd on Deirdre is nice!

Res? That's nice!

I think our Midir is really starting to come into the usual Midir problem: Lack of Strength.

... you're supposed to be good. :cautious:



And one more turn...


Speed, yay!

They're dead. The mercenaries are. Except Beo, of course (who sadly doesn't have a convo with this guy).

Interesting level up for Lex.

Lewyn does have a Boss convo with Macbeth since he was so angry with the guy.

And gave the kill to Finn for the Shield Ring as suggested by Contraire.


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Immediately after you Seize Anphony (sometimes you may want not want to do at once if you play this at home, depending on how you want to move your units around and you'll see why in a moment...) you get a visit from the Belhalla Envoy.

Filat: Lord Sigurd, the Agustrian conflict has escalated into full-scale war, I see. How does this battle look at the moment?

Sigurd: We're faring well, somehow, but this hasn't been easy by any means.

Filat: Incidentally, Lord Sigurd, I regret to say that I come bearing bad news...

Sigurd: What's happened?

Filat: Nasty rumors have emerged of late in the royal court... and they concern you. The rumors claim that, in concert with Quan of Leonster and Eldigan of Nordion, you are conspiring against the crown. This, it is said, is why you're harboring the prince of Isaach in your ranks.

Sigurd: What?! That's absurd! Who in the word started such nonsense...

Filat: Chancelor Reptor and Duke Langbalt.

Sigurd: I see... I should have known, knowing their disdain for my father. Yet, to take that grudge so far...

Filat: Those two are ruled by their envy of your father's immense power as Prince Kurth's advisor, I'd say. They likely believe a Chalphy-controlled prince will strip them of their influence once he takes the throne. Fear and jealousy dominate their lives... Don't let your guard down against them.

Sigurd: Thank you, sir. I appreciate the warning. By the way, sir... Pray tell, how goes the Isaachian campaign? Is there an end in sight?

Filat: It seems there is indeed, from what we've heard. We expect the triumphant return of the prince and your father any day now.

Sigurd: Thank the gods Prince Kurth is safe. Losing him to this war would have dealt such a blow to Grannvale's future... I know my father worries so about how the Belhalla's lineage would end with His Majesty's death, unmarried as he is.

Filat: Indeed. Before the war started, we were trying to hasten his search for a wife.

Sigurd: If I may, is there a problem?

Filat: Indeed... The story behind this has been well known to the royal court for a long time now. Regrettably, His Highness struggles to move on from a long lost love.

Sigurd: Really? Why did he never marry this person?

Filat: Well... Perhaps I ought to tell you to complete the tale. This happened some twenty years ago. Prince Kurth had an affair with the duchess of Velthomer, a truly lovely woman as I recall. Duke Victor of Velthomer was... Well, he was a philanderer of the worst degree, and had countless lovers. The prince, of course, is nothing like him. He wished only to support the duchess at first, but the two soon fell deeply in love. Victor was distraught, needless to say. He penned a letter denouncing the pair, then took his own life. The duchess could bear to stay no longer. She fled Grannvale and was never seen again. As I recall, her name was Sigyn.

Sigurd: ...Wow. That's horrible... So she was the mother of Lord Arvis...

Filat: Indeed. I can scarcely imagine what this was like for him... Losing both parents at only the age of seven...

Sigurd: Mm. And yet, I feel so sorry for the prince. Not to mention, for Sigyn, as well...

Filat: Oh! My apologies. I'm sure a soldier of your caliber has better things to worry about than court gossip. Please, don't worry about the story. You have a war with Agustria to win after all. Farewell, Lord Sigurd. We look forward to the day that you, too, return to the fatherland in triumph.

Well, that was a lot of plot!

From the intensification of Grannvalian politics (finally, that opening scroll text is starting to be relevant!!) to the backstory of the Velthomer family drama.

And now, even the player who hasn't observed the purple dot in the Holy Blood chart should figure out that Arvis' the other child the Lopt cult was talking about.

As a characterisation note, it's interesting to see that Sigurd did not expect Shanan's presence to be used against him politically; and that, sappy romantic that he is, his full sympathies are for the doomed romance of Prince Kurth and Sigyn.

That man does not have a political bone in his body.

We've got a lot of new Talks to access...

First let's do Beowulf and Lachesis

Beowulf: Oh, er, sorry 'bout that, ma'am. The name's Beowulf, a hired blade.

Lachesis: What do you want?

Beowulf: Uh... Well I just wanted to give ya a quick heads up about fightin'. See, war isn't the fun and games you're used to. And someone as green as you... Well, you're just gonna get in the way. Besides, a princess's a princess. Why not run along back to your castle now?

Lachesis: H-how dare you! My business in battle is just that: my business! Not yours! I'll nail your foul mouth closed!

Beowulf: Heh. You really are Eldigan's sister. Shoulda know you wouldn't be a pushover.

Lachesis: What's that? Do you know my brother?!

Beowulf: Oh, yeah. Eldigan and me, we go way back. I'd never've been so nosy if he hadn't asked me to keep an eye on ya.

Lachesis: Is that so? Oh, I'm sorry for snapping at you so.

Beowulf: Eh, I've seen a lot worse in my time. Hey, how about a quick battle lesson? Eldigan thought it'd be a big help.

Lachesis: Why, thank you. I'd like that.

And that grants Lachesis Str +2, Skl +2, Def +1; and it's also 100 love points between the two.

Gotta love how quickly Beo figured out "Eldigan" was the magic word. :sneaky:

I make use of the Castle to sell Jamke's Return band, as he won't need it.

Ethlyn grabs one more level in the arena.

Lewyn has a Talk with Sigurd, too.

Sigurd: As I understand it, you're a bard, but you also wield magic? That's unusual.

(Even Sigurd is making fun of Lewyn's made up class)

Lewyn: Something like that. I guess it's a hobby. You're that Sigurd fellow, aren't you? It's obvious what your little hobby is: war! Clearly you've got some spare time, you spend it starting war after war!

Sigurd: Come again? You seem angry, but-

Lewyn: Don't play dumb! Think about the people of all the countries you're flattening! You come barging in, swords flashing, and all you do is ruin the lives of normal folk who're trying to make a living here!

Sigurd: You're right. My apologies, Lewyn... I didn't even think about that, but I can't stand knowing I've done this to them.

Lewyn: Words are just words without actions backing them up. If you really feel so bad, then why not pull your army out?

Sigurd: Mm, you're right... Very well. I'll consult with my troops and arrange a retreat.

Lewyn: Wait, you're serious about this?

Sigurd: Of course. I've been mulling over retreating for a while, already, and you just gave me the answer to all of this. I've had enough of the war approach. I think I'd rather seek a diplomatic answer.

Lewyn: Yeah, no. Trying to get through to Chagall now would be a total waste of everyone's time. Besides, if you lot pull out now, then nothing stands between a peeved king and all the citizens who've helped you so far. Are you sure you're okay with leaving them all hanging like that?

Sigurd: Well, no, but... Er... I...

Lewyn: Ahahaha! Y'know, I guess I was wrong about you. You're alright, Sigurd. Say, why don't I help you finish this fight up?

Sigurd: Er, Okay, I suppose... Who are you anyway?

Lewyn: Who, me? I'm just a wayward troubadour, my friend...

Wayward troubadour, MY ASS.

This is a fairly interesting conversation, both for Sigurd and Lewyn.

We see Sigurd capable of listening to criticism and reconsidering his action, a very big quality; but also perhaps a bit too easily influenced by the latest person who's talked.

There's slight contradictory bit, between him saying that he "didn't even think about that" and when he says he's "been mulling over retreating for a while". But we can take that Sigurd has been unsure about his current direction and thinking about retreating; but hadn't thought about the impact of war on the folks of the country, since that's specifically what Lewyn is addressing.

We also see Impetuous Sigurd very capable of changing completly of course very quickly when he thinks it's not right... and Lewyn very much slowing down things at this point.

Lewyn comes across as both very passionate and heartfelt about his anger... and also full of hot air and a fast talker, since in practice, his advice isn't one he's ready to see Sigurd follow. He's capable of seeing a lot of angles on a situation, especially in term of harm caused to people, and under his facade of nonchalant cockiness, that's something that makes him dither a lot. "Words are just words" indeed.

It's also the first time anything in our narrative puts in question whether Sigurd's actions were anything but righteous.

Anyway, I have Lewyn goes through the arena

That was fast.

Lachesis puts to use her Parangon ring.

Now that we have a dancer, she can heal two people in a turn, she gets one level up from that at this point, I think!


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... you're supposed to be good. :cautious:
He's also supposed to be a troll. ^^

Or at least, a performer has to keep the audience waiting for more.

his full sympathies are for the doomed romance of Prince Kurth and Sigyn.
Yeah, even above sympathizing with bby!Arvis. What gets his attention is the tale of lover forbidden from being together. I wonder if he's consciously reminded of the fact that he and Deirdre are also technically a forbidden match, or if his sympathy is unconscious.

The convo with Filat, as well as the cono with Lewyn, are fantastic as far as characterization and thematics go.

Gotta love how quickly Beo figured out "Eldigan" was the magic word.
Beo is a smart cookie. (And pretty opportunistic - I don't doubt that he's saying the truth, more or less, about this, but he was also all the way across Agustria from Nordion, so clearly he's doing rhetorical gymnastics there, because if Eldigan did ask him to keep an eye on Lachesis it can't have been any time recently.)

I love how Lachesis reacts differently to Beowulf being overly familiar, compared to her convo with Dew. She didn't mind Dew's familiarity, but she pulls rank on Beowulf when he attempts to patronize her. Which then turns into Beowulf pulling out his magic trump card, aka referring to Eldigan, and that works for getting him on Lachesis' good side.

I'm guessing it's still too early for essays about Lachesis' type, huh.

It's also the first time anything in our narrative puts in question whether Sigurd's actions were anything but righteous.
Technically Eldigan also questioned Sigurd's motives in chapter 1... which got the Eldigan seal of approval once Sigurd explained, but seeds were already planted about questioning Sigurd's actions.

(To sum up, like you said earlier, Sigurd's gone from a reactive invasion of Verdane to rescue a kidnapped friend, to an aggressive/preemptive invasion of Agustria to help the sister of a friend, with the idea that he should rescue said friend.)
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