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[Let's Play] Fire Emblem : Genealogy of the Holy War


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End of turn after seizing Anphony...

And you know, unlike some of the other scumbag lords, this guy is not entirely cast in a greedy and ambitious light. He failed to take any stand before, but now he just wants to stop the invasion of his country.

Pegasus Knight: I need to find Prince Lewyn as quickly as possible. You said you know his location. That's the only reason I'm here.

Chagall: Apologies for the delay, knight, but I just received words of a lead for you. I trust you've noticed we're currently contending with a Grannvale invasion? They have taken Prince Lewyn captive! My scouts report that their army is arresting and executing anyone and anything which stands in their way. Your prince is being held in Evans Castle. Reports say that he is soon to face the axe.

Pegasus Knight: No... I can't allow this! Thank you for your assistance. We'll leave to rescue him at once. Our queen, Rahna, cautioned us against clashing with other nations on our mission, but we may have no choice. Should Grannvale's troops cross our way, they'll be confronted without hesitation.

Chagall: Oho... This is even better than I'd hoped! Best of luck on your hunt.

Pegasus Knight: I'll be on my way, then.

So we've got a Pegasus Knight army, and a Cavalry army, and they're both going to make for our home Castle of Evans. Our troops are, of course, on the other side of the map.

That's why I said you might want to prepare for it before Seizing Anphony. However, you can make it without that.

Aideen gets the Return band.

And we start to Return and Warp our Infantry.

Beo grabs a very good level in the arena before leaving.

It is really frustrating that we can't use Nordion was a Warp point, before it's much more usefully situated. Gotta be Evans.

Lachesis is getting more levels.

Dew gives his money to Deirdre.

Some so-so level ups...

Sylvia's first level.

With two teleporters and a dancer, it doesn't take very long to transport most of the infantry home. I keep Dew and Aideen here, because they have a date with some villages.

Also you can see the Knight Triplets left behind by Lachesis' getting Warped off. They'll start rushing towards her at once, though, so we sadly won't lose them that way.
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Meanwhile the traffic jams on the roads of Agustria continue to be a nightmare. They really should hire a urbanist. Maybe once we get to Castle Agustry we could suggest that to them.

Making the most optimal use of a dancer to move units quickly along. That's true Fire Emblem playing!


At this point I remembered I'd forgotten Arden on his beach.

Almost there, with my units at each very corner.


Dew got to the first village. (I send Dew to collect the money because he can re-distribute it, like the socialist he is).

Villager: I wish I could kill 'em with my bare hands!

It's okay, he's dead already.

To be honest, even with the warping and all, the infantry units barely got the taste of the xp action.

Well, some people did get a bit.

Villager: Y'know how Lord Eldigan has a lil' sister, right? Well, lookin' at 'em, wouldn't ya say there's more to it than that? If ya know what I mean... Ohoho! I love me a lil' bit of gossip! Hmm? I've better things to do than run my mouth, y'say? Fine, then.

Yeaah, even villagers are talking up about Eldigan and Lachesis' incestuous subtext.


I'm getting some very good Lachesis level ups. Especially in Speed.

It doesn't take too long to kill all the cavalry.

But we've still got the peg knight. That's why I left Lewyn up there to Guard the Castle.

Well, you're not wrong.
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I don't want to deal with the next Castle and its ballista yet, so I'm staying put for now and just have Lachesis heal up the least amount of HP for xp.

Villager: It's an unusual sort, innit? They call it an armorslayer. In the right hands it'll cleave right through the thickest armor. If your hands aren't the right hands, though? Maybe it can make ya a quick buck at a pawnshop in town.

Naively I thought if I gave the Armorslayer to Dew, it might help his issue with the arena. But I'd forgotten they were B ranked weapons so no go. Quick buck it is.

The IA is set up so that the peg knights will attack Lewyn (with a 5 Hit against him, he's pretty safe) who will slaughter them all but the leader.

Slaughtering our own people gives good level ups, I see.

It's kind of awful when you think about it, but hey! it's free XP!

If you have Lewyn wait a little bit higher, instead of on the Castle, you may have a shot at talking with the leader without murdering all the peg knight, but it's much more risky.

(At some point I should make a pause to chat about all the different ways one name has been transliterated over the years in either fan translation and official material.

Her name has often been transliterated as Fury (or sometimes Ferry). The current official translation (per Heroes polls) is Erinys. The Project Naga translation, way ahead of those polls, decided that Erin made sense both as something that sounded like an actual name and as a way to allude to the reference. I like Erin, but I think I still more often refer to her as Fury.)

Lewyn: What, this? I'm a bard now. You know, walking the land, spreading songs and cheers? What do you say: perfect, or perfect?

Erin: Er... Perfect? But why, milord... Aren't you supposed to be held captive at Evans? I got here as fast as I could, but...

Lewyn: I'm imprisoned at Evans, am I? Where d'you hear that one?

Erin: King Chagall of Agustria said so...

Lewyn: Chagall? Hah! Hate to break it to you, Erin, but you've been tricked! It's nice and all that you're so ready to trust, but you wouldn't last ten seconds out there in the city! It'd eat you and your innocence alive. You might even end up like Sylvia...

Erin: Sylvia, milord...?

Lewyn: Oh, Sylvia's... Er, it's not important. Point is, what are you doing all the way out here?

Erin: Isn't it obvious? I'm here to find and bring you home, milord. It's been two years since you fled Silesse. Her Majesty is gravely worried about you. Please, milord. Come home with me.

Lewyn: Do you have any idea what that'd do to Silesse, Erin? If I go back, I'll have no choice but to take the throne. It's my late father's will, but my uncle would never accept it. Just one false step and we'd have a civil war, just like here. And it's always the common folk who suffer for it! If there are people who want to be kings or whatever, great! Out here, though? I'm free, and I like it that way. I don't want a thing to do with that throne. For the good of Silesse, just give it to one of my uncles.

Erin: I can't allow that, milord. You know as well as I that the kings of Silesse must bear descent from Forseti, the wind god. You, milord, are the sole living scion of his lineage. Neither of your uncles bear it. You milord, are Silesse's future! Yourself and your uncles aside, all Silesse wishes to see you claim the throne. And... and your mother, the queen, was in tears when she sent me... Please, milord... Come back.

Lewyn: Erin... Ugh, don't you start crying too! Give me a break, I can't stand to see a woman in tears... Okay, fine. I'll think about going home. Just... Give me some time to muster the nerve, alright?

Erin: Thank you. In that case, I'm staying with you until you're ready, milord. I'll send a messenger back to Silesse to report that you're safe.

Lewyn: Wow, you're persistent, I'll grant you that. All right. I think I'll stay with Sigurd's army for now. He's a pretty neat guy to work with, not to mention his army is full of beauties! Hey, Erin, you could stand to get to know some of the ladies here. Maybe their stylishness could rub off on you a bit.

Erin: Yes, milord...

Lewyn: Hey, I'm just kidding, Erin! Relax a bit! Don't take everything so seriously! ...Heh, nobody in the world's as sweet as you. Don't you ever change a thing.

Erin: Y-yes, sir... I mean, no, milord...

Well that was certainly a recruitment conversation filling us in on backstory and that casts a certain light on Lewyn's comment on the Agustrian civil war.

And yay, we've got a flier! That's gonna make rescuing villages SO MUCH EASIER

Peg knight is a pretty sweet class in Genealogy. You get access to both swords and lances at base. Upon promotion, they add up Staves to that (because FE4 will never fail to give staves to a female unit they could get away with), and Adept class skill and they have very nice caps. And of course they have all that move, not impeded by the ground.

Erin starts with a great Spd and a rather good Defense for a Peg knight as well as a good Resistance which is more classic but she's less likely to put more of. She has no holy blood but makes up for it by having Pursuit as a personal skill.


Her growth are a bit so-so, with decent Spd and Def; but her Strength in particular is a bit weak. However, she's very worth investing because she's got a unique niche as a flier.

Meanwhile Aideen also reached her destination. The village that was sooo hard to save.

And one Bargain Band for Aideen, granting the Bargain skill to its wearer!

I don't think there's any better fit for it than your main healer. Staves are expensive to fix and Warp and the other Staves are soooo useful.

Lachesis got a couple more level ups...

And Aideen Warped Dew home. (The rest of the villages, I'm leaving for Erin).


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You have a more positive view on the king/lord of Mackily than I do. The dude did let Sigurd's army rampage through Agustria instead of trying to stop him. On the other hand, Chagall didn't exactly issue any ordre, so the organizational fuck-up runs deep in Agustria. But admittedly he is depicted as not as much of a scumbag as the rest of the Agustrian kings, Eldigan aside. And also admittedly, his deciding to stand against Sigurd is the moment he's the most sympathetic.

They'll start rushing towards her at once, though, so we sadly won't lose them that way.
Imagine, if you will, the trio turning a greenish kind of white and then galloping away at full speed. "I took my eyes from her one second! One! Second!" "And that's what you'll tell King Eldigan when you tell him you lost his sister? You think Princess Lachesis is going to wait until we're here to join the fray?"

At this point I remembered I'd forgotten Arden on his beach.
The original "Kellam is invisible" joke.

Yeaah, even villagers are talking up about Eldigan and Lachesis' incestuous subtext.
As usual in FE4, villagers are all-knowing. The game really wants the player to know that the ambiguity is on purpose.

Slaughtering our own people gives good level ups, I see.
In a more recent FE, Lewyn and Erin wouldn't be able to attack each other, probably.

Hey, Erin, you could stand to get to know some of the ladies here. Maybe their stylishness could rub off on you a bit.
Lewyn: Hey, I'm just kidding, Erin! Relax a bit! Don't take everything so seriously! ...Heh, nobody in the world's as sweet as you. Don't you ever change a thing.
Lewyn: Master of the Mixed Message. :ROFLMAO: I don't even know what to call it. Beyond "certainly something".


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You have a more positive view on the king/lord of Mackily than I do. The dude did let Sigurd's army rampage through Agustria instead of trying to stop him. On the other hand, Chagall didn't exactly issue any ordre, so the organizational fuck-up runs deep in Agustria. But admittedly he is depicted as not as much of a scumbag as the rest of the Agustrian kings, Eldigan aside. And also admittedly, his deciding to stand against Sigurd is the moment he's the most sympathetic.
No, what you say is what I was trying to convey, just using different words. "not as much as scumbag as the rest" and all that.

Imagine, if you will, the trio turning a greenish kind of white and then galloping away at full speed. "I took my eyes from her one second! One! Second!" "And that's what you'll tell King Eldigan when you tell him you lost his sister? You think Princess Lachesis is going to wait until we're here to join the fray?"

We were about to take on Mackily

The main difficulty level here is the presence of Ballista and the fact that our opponent as a Sleep Staff (which he drops), with a far ranging area of effect. Also a few mages in his army, the first we're facing off against. The Myrmidons in his army as also pretty damn fast.

Mages means I can use Silence against them.

Which remains the best way to level up Deirdre.

I don't want anyone in the ballista zone, especially not Sylvia.

So I checked the range so Sylvia could dance people just at the border of it.

Very tasty level up for Ethlyn

which I sent ahead, making one last use of her Speed ring to Dodge tank.

Meanwhile, Erin is getting closer.

Speaking of which, I wanted to link to the music of the Talk she had during her recruitment which I posted last time but couldn't find it. Well I've found it, since:

I'd really like to be better about posting the tunes of the game, because I feel it has many great music themes; but since I play ahead of posting it's a bit difficult sometimes to track back the right music by name...

Ethlyn did her job pretty damn well.

And as expected Clement used his stupid staff against our biggest tank.

Deirdre was targetted by most of the ballista (unsurprisingly, her tome is super heavy and really makes her avoid crap) but they don't hurt too much so they're not gonna one shot her, and they'll put her in Miracle range before it becomes too dangerous. Anyway, she only took one blow during the first turn.

Aideen was left all alone in the villages after sending back Dew. So I made use of that Return Staff, during one of the few occasions when it is useful.

Gotta love that animation. I guess she hitched a ride from aliens.

Quan is asleep for 5 turns. I'm sure Ethlyn is used to it.


More staff abuse to great effect. Woof!

Gotta love dancing all four units. Almost done now.

I thought : "well the sleep staff has only one use anyway" but I naively forgot the enemy units do not care about Item uses. They always use them as if they were infinite! So Finn followed his Lord into Sleepdown.


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Second turn the ballista did manage to trigger Miracle in Deirdre.

So to go more in depth about how that works: Miracle increases your unit's Avoid in the turn it is brought under 10 HP, by [(11-HP)x10].
Here Deirdre is down to 5 HP, so she's currently enjoying +60 to her avoid. So they don't actually have any chance to hit her anymore.


Good for Sylvia.

One last use of Silence for Deirdre.

Gave the kill to Beowulf because more money from the sale of the Sleep Staff will make it easier to train him.

Getting there.

The Ballista could be pretty dangerous to a Peg Knight, but they'll disappear as soon as we Seize the Castle they depend of.

Some people still need to rejoin our main army and can't fly.


Chagall: Y-you! Manfroy!! If it weren't for your schemes, I wouldn't be in this mess! How in the blazes will you fix this?!

Manfroy: Heh heh... You exagerate my role. All I did was advise the removal of the king, obstacle to your ambitions as he was. All else was your choice. Can you doubt this?

Chagall: I... Damn it all! How is Sigurd's little army this strong? This isn't fair! Manfroy, I'm begging you... Help me. What am I supposed to do now?!

Manfroy: As I said, this isn't over. As a last resort, I do believe you have a fellow of use imprisoned here... Yes, I speak of Eldigan. Eldigan and Sigurd have been associates for years. Sigurd will unquestionably listen to Eldigan's counsel. Of course, Eldigan can't do that while locked up, can he? Go apologize to him.

Chagall: Er... Y-yes, of course! Surely, Eldigan is the answer! Now, if you'll excuse me.

(Well, shit, that escalated quickly. I blame Sigurd for going all on "what if somebody happened to Kurth, we would be f-ed up" just last Castle)

Manfroy: With Kurth's death there remains but a single scion of Naga's holy lineage, and that old fool hardly needs our help to die. And then all that will remain is the restoration of the dark one, and then the world will belong to us...

(This is the first time to game informs us that the Naga lineage is the one of the Grannvale's royal family. Which is funny, given that we have a Major Holy Blood of Naga in our army...)

Random Loptian: What of Duke Arvis, Your Excellency? Is he in agreement with your plan?

Manfroy: Why, of course. As a bearer of the dark one's blood, what choice does he have? Not even one of Arvis' stature can afford the wider world learning of his dark heritage, lest he be burnt at the stake. Could a man as prideful as Arvis bear to meet such an end?

(... so.... you blackmailed him?)

Random Loptian: So he will betray his king and style himself emperor, and...

Manfroy: Indeed... But that will not be enough. Arvis alone cannot restore the dark god. We still need one more person... That woman's daughter.

Despite his words, for once in this map, the next army will stay put until we reach a certain threshold getting closer to Agusty, so we can finally catch our breath: let the guys who'd gotten to the Home Castle rejoin us, wait for the Sleepers to Awaken, have a few Talks and Visit a few villages. And finish staff spamming Lachesis to promotion.

For a start Erin reaches Sigurd:

Erin: My name is Erin. I'm a royal knight of Silesse. I wish to join your army, so as to keep an eye on Prince Lewyn.

Sigurd: Er... Prince Lewyn? What are you on about?

Erin: My lord Lewyn is the rightful heir to the Silessian crown. He's a scion of Ced, the Wind Crusader, and the sole inheritor of his power.

Sigurd: Wait, THAT Lewyn? Heh... I knew there was something odd about him, but I'd never have thought him to be Silessian royalty. Any idea why he's pretending to be bard?

Erin: That's a long story, sir, and I'm hardly the most qualified to tell it. Perhaps try asking him latter, but for now...

Sigurd: Fair enough. It's hardly my business, anyway. I'm glad you're here, Erin. A pegasus knight among us would be a great help. Would you mind helping us in battle?

Erin: Yes, sir! I'll do my part!

(Poor Sigurd, blocked from gossiping!)

Remember what I explained about the Miracle skill? Well it works also in the arena (but not when you reenter the arena at 1 HP after losing, only when you get there after taking a blow during it) and then it works indefinitely, because the arena works as an infinite turn!

Lachesis arrived equipped with a Miracle sword, which grants its holder the Miracle skill. It's a pretty good sword, actually, it has similar Weight, Might and Rank as a Magical sword, making it pretty good for a C rank Sword, and the skill is obviously useful to force someone through the arena. The sword does have a limitation, though: only female units can use it. Otherwise, I'd love to hand it to Dew to help him out pass the arena. Although you can circumvent the issue, but first you'd need the weapon to end up Broken (the game will let a male unit buy a Broken weapon and then fix it up to own a Miracle sword), and I never seem to make enough use of it to remember to do that.

Here Lachesis has got a virtual +80 Avoid and has become untouchable. :3

I'll finish posting the end of chap 2 tomorrow, hopefully.


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So we were catching our breath at Mackily Castle, and visiting the remaining Villages with Erin.

Villager: Folk in the big city like Agusty an' Mackily certainly seem to think so. Every year they do these huge hunts for Loptyr's spawn. They arrest a ton of people, then burn 'em all at the stake, even if they're innocent... Madness, I tell ya!

Wow guess Manfroy wasn't kidding about Lopt blood accusation being a good cause to threaten someone with. And sounds like there's regular mass murder as a result, at least in Agustry, but probably not limited to it.

Deirdre can still go another round of staff abuse.

Erin starts her turn on the arena...

Ethlyn finishes hers.

... and she can now sell that Speed Ring.

Arden tries out the Pursuit Ring in the arena.

But it doesn't help him much, so then he sells it off.

And Beo does another round too.

Lachesis finishes leveling up with Mend+Paragon.
Always glad when she grabs some Skill, she has a pretty low growth in it.

Villager: He wields Hezul's old weapon, Mystletainn, the demon blade. They say it's as strong as Isaach's Balmung and Chalphy's Tyrfing... The three mightiest blades in all of creation.

There's the nickname of Mystletain as the demon blade; and they also give the Odo Holy Weapon its name. I think Tyrfing was already mentioned though.

Villager: That's gotta be why he was locked up. Please, for the good of all Agustria... Help Lord Eldigan!

Eldigan sure is popular.

Villager: He's barely been buried for long and his son Chagall's already runnin' the country into the ground! If Lord Eldigan had a claim to the throne, somehow, then we wouldn't be in this mess...

Chagall sure is unpopular.

All that time gives Sylvia a level up too!
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And the last Village...

Villager: That dastard wield a magical staff that they call the Sleep staff. If you're not careful, you'll find yourself snoozin' and wide open to being attacked.

The warning comes a bit late, but thanks. (While units under Sleep can't act, move or counterattack; I'm pretty sure they can still dodge, funnily enough.)

Since Lachesis has reached level 20, which means she can now promote, she can sell off the Paragon band.

So the next order of priority, Finn, can get. However he doesn't have enough money for it without selling off the Shield ring. Sad he got so little use out of it.

In term of ring exchanges, Dew's Bargain means he can pretty freely use the pawnshop to grab the good items in there presently to try to pass some arena levels more easily.

Not many, but it's still something.

Also I had a couple of Talk left.

Sylvia: Come on, sir! Don'tcha know who I am? I'm Sylviaaaaaa! You can call me Sylvie if ya want, though!

Sigurd: Look, I'm sorry, but I really don't have the time to look after children. Be a good little girl and run back to the castle, alright?

Sylvia: Rrrgh... Good little girl?! Look at me! How d'you look at someone this hot and think "little girl"?! What is wrong with you? Never thought ya'd be such a borin' old stiff, just like everyone else 'round here...

Sigurd: Enough! I have work to do.

Sylvia: Sigh... Oh, well. Back to being a lone, delicate flower, sprouting in a battlefield... My beauty is nothing to the tide of bodies...

Sigurd: Ugh... What in the world is...

Thank god, Sylvia doesn't listen to Sigurd and we do keep our Dancer. Sigurd really sounds like a condescending ass here, although there's also Sigurd's usual concern for children in the war under that, too.

Actually, Dew (the most young looking unit in our army) never gets a Talk with Sigurd, so I bet he was smart enough to always avoid Sigurd's oversight in order to keep sticking around with all the kind healer ladies.

Alec: Heh, I guess I'm the only decent guy around here. Glad I found you.

Sylvia: Thanks! Me, too!

Alec: I guess we'll be here a while, so how about dinner sometime? Bet that'd be nice.

Sylvia: Ooh, yeah! Maybe I'll dance for you, too! I've got a special one that nobody's seen yet. It's kinda embarrassing, 'cause it's VERY special. Maybe I'll show it to ya, though.

Alec: Y-you will? Oh, I can't wait!

These little convo gives 100 love points between the two. You might want to skip it in a playthrough where you don't plan on pairing Alec and Sylvia up (Sylvia's got a +3 Love Points growth per turn and arrives early enough her pairing up behind your back when you're not looking is often an issue). I still got it because i like seeing Sylvia get some appreciation.

Lachesis gained that tOK! bit on her data sheet which means she can promote, but we need to wait to get her to the Home Castle before we can do that, though.

And with that we can move on towards Agusty Castle.

This isn't the easiest of fight. We've got to deal with some Armors around the Castle, and Ballista, and especially a mixed Cavalry army which can rush in and Canto away to let other attack until they whittle us down to death. And their leader carries a Horseslayer, which has effective damage against our Cavalry which make most of our good tanky units up.

Also I probably rushed in a bit too much, and there's also the Green Trio ready to suicide if you don't keep the enemy ahead of them (which often result in me rushing a bit too much...)

I let Ayra and Holy welcome most of the charge...

Not like they got a lot of xp during this map...

Gloops. Ayra ended up on 5 HP.

Death to archers is the cry of Peg Knights everywhere! Good level up! :D

Then I put her two spaces in the cliff where none of the Bow Cav can reach her, mwahaha.

You still need to be careful of the ballista, though. They count as effective damage against fliers as well.

Silence staff works against any magic using unit, including staff users (if they carry a staff), so Deirdre can use it against the Troubadours in that army.



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Scary Horselayer range. That asides, they're not actually too hard to kill off.

Noish doesn't really get many good level ups :(


Very Holyn.

Reliable Jamke.




And then Zane, did that thing miniboss sometimes do in this game when most of their squad is dead, which is to retreat to the Castle to grab another army.

I actually tried to trigger this once or twice during this map (and it didn't work out), because it's a nice source of additional XP (theorically, you can get it to work indefinitely) And it doesn't feel as tedious as boss abuse.

The horselayer is annoying, but we could use more xp, so I let him do it.

What I didn't expect was how when he got his army out the next turn, they would attack right away everyone I put in range.

All things considered I got a lot of death screens from this battle. Thanks reloading saved state.

Actually, if Ethlyn or Quan gets to 0 HP, neither die, but they both leave Sigurd's army.

They seem to be leaving Finn behind, amusingly enough...

When he did attack us, it was with the Javelin. Go figure...

A few more nice level ups...


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Reliable Jamke left Zane with 1 HP. How handy. And you can see how crowded the reinforcement army is with us XD (actually after I killed them all, there more reinforcement units popping one at a time for several turns. It was pretty weird and I think it may have been a bit of a bug).


Wanted the Horseslayer for Erin, since besides Finn and Quan, who aren't going to stick around for very long yet, she's our main Lance user.




Oh my!

Only a few more left...

ok. Another unit we can promote :)


Good. Love how well Erin is picking Strength, I gotta say.


Here's Chagall. Baron is one of the many class derivated from the Armor class, but, you know, classier. It also gives him access to all sorts of weapons as you can see, he's got a Silver blade and a Physic staff (which is for us, thank you kindly). He can't strike back at range, so he's hardly dangerous and ripe for boss abuse him (I didn't, but perhaps I should have. Then again boss abuse bores me a little too much).

The fact he has a Staff means I can have Deirdre tell him to shut up.

That's... good but a very unusual level up for Deirdre.

Erin has a boss convo with him.

And so did Lachesis.

Lachesis is a great trash talker <3 You can see how Clarine was based on her (and from there on the Haughty Troubadours (and Herons) FE archetype was born)

Also we stole his lunch money...

And then we partied!
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