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[Let's Play] Fire Emblem : Genealogy of the Holy War


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As we start Chap 3, I can officially close Ayra's and Lachesis' Lover poll. No last minute surprise here. We're going with Ayra/Holyn and Beowulf/Lachesis.

Erin's Lover poll is still on going. Lewyn seized a good lead, but Noish also has two votes: https://www.strawpoll.me/18301668

Ok, the fortuneteller tells me Ayra is mostly thinking about Lex (they had a full map together to gather Love Points over Holyn, so it's not a big surprise).

But Holyn's at the same overall stage:

There's a convo worth 100 Love Points for either Lex or Holyn at the beginning of Chap 3, so that should be easy to settle.

For Aideen:

Going according to keikaku.

Both Eirin and Sylvia start with high Love point bases for Lewyn, so unsurprisingly:

(i love that the only way you can tell those screenshot are from different characters is from the Gold the characters have...)

Lachesis is also going ahead with her voted pairing which she already had a conversation worth 100 Love Points with...

Meanwhile, among the already married people, Ethlyn was ready to promote:

The Troubadour promotes in the same class as the Cavalry like Alec and Noish.

Nice bit of Strength and Defense in the promotion bonus!

Let's look at the class caps:


Although Paladin is a nicely rounded class, it does have very average caps in most stats, never getting anything higher than 24. To be honest, it's one of the most lukewarm kind of promotion in the game, especially for a female character, since they traded their C Rank Staff access for only a C rank Lance after promotion. The Sword rank remains at B after promotion (A for Ethlyn thanks to Baldur blood. The same will be true of Lachesis' daughter, thanks to her own Hezul blood).

Also Finn had the Paragon band, so I can send him into the arena to quickly grab enough levels to promote:

+5 Strength is nice, the other promotion bonus are a bit meh.

Let's look at his caps...
Duke Knight8027152222302318

Duke Knight has a nice Strength cap, but the rest, especially the Speed one is rather sad...
They have a A rank in Lance, at least.

One last niiice level up before handing over the Paragon band...

Since we're about the midway point for Gen 1, I'd also like to see how they compare to their average stats.

In Finn's case: He's got 2 more Strength, 2 more Speed, 3 more Skill, 3 more Def, 3 less Luck, and 1 more Res than his averages (I counted the Quan Talk stat boost adding to his average).

Luck asides, that's a pretty damn lucky Finn. XD

Starting from this Chapter, I'm going to start to pass around the Paragon band for the units who have enough money to buy it from the start of a couple of fights of the arena.

For units who can beat the arena, they get 17,500 Gold from it. They need a capital of 40,000 Gold to buy the Paragon Band, but then they sell it for 20,000 so the resale value from it plus the arena reward brings them to a loss of only 2,500 and the Castle seized rewards of the previous chapter should cover that. There's still Weapon repair and buying any useful item you might want them to get, but otherwise, it's a very good value for the XP you get from it.

OTOH, it only works well when the unit can beat the arena easily enough. Some of our units still struggle with it a bit.

The first unit i have it buy it is Jamke.

Stopping this shy of promotion is rather frustrating ;_;

Let's see how he compares to his average growth:
1 less HP, 2 more Strength,1 less Skill, 2 more Speed, 1 more Def, 2 more Luck.

Not extraordinary, but pretty good.
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Like, ok Arden, so your ideal of a soldier is the unit I constantly have to micromanage so he won't get killed off ? It's good to aim high I guess.
I figure Arden is thinking more that Alec is the kind of guy Arden would like to be (easy confidence, okay-looking, and not too shabby with the ladies) than about Alec's prowess as a soldier. Plus Alec is a known quantity to Arden, and someone whose social station is comparable to Arden's own. Not much point in comparing himself to the son of a Crusader bloodline...

We won't be able to use Deirdre as a unit on the map during this chapter because Sigurd decided that she needed to take care of the baby. (Quan would never).
You're so right. Let me quickly add "no maternity leave" to my never-ending list of reasons why Quan is trash. (I kid; trash-talking Quan nevertheless fails to entertain.)

Edit: and on the topic of trash-talk, I don't like Sigurd (which is in part due to fandom worshipping him), but he's a well-written and compelling character, and I have no reason to assume he's not perfectly sincere or perfectly well-meaning. Your analysis is pretty on point.

The manga is fun. (And spoiler-filled. ^^) For instance, giving us a clearer image of Alvis' childhood and relationships is fantastic. The cutting of characters is less so - though with the pairings the manga embraces, cutting romantic loose ends might be for the better.

Also, yay! The title of the chapter = more Nordion goodness. I am basking in bias.
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Lex doesn't need a Paragon Band to enjoy the Paragon skill, so I used him to alternate numbers with some characters who have a bit of harder time going through the arena. But it went fast.

I will take that Strength and Speed.

Great Knight8027152222302518

Very similar to the Duke Knight class, but with 2 more Defense.

The last arena opponent is basically Lex' evil twin, another Great Knight with a Brave Axe.

Well he's certainly not stopping Lex. One does not just stop Lex.

Compared to his average, Lex has 1 more HP, 1 more Strength, 2 more Magic (lol), 1 less Skill, 3 more Speed, 3 more Def, 1 more Luck.

Very nice.

Next on the Paragon train is Quan:

He failed to beat Lex' evil twins in the arena, sadly and was stuck at the arena level 7.

Compared to his average growth, he's got 1 less HP, 3 more Strength, 2 more Magic, 3 more Skill, 1 less Speed, 4 more Def (!), 2 more Res, 2 more Luck.

I mean... wow.

Since he's in the Duke Knight class, same as Finn, you can see he's already getting close to some of his stat caps, in Strength and Def, despite being only level 17.

Noish and Alec don't have enough money to get a pass on the Paragon band until they have gone pretty far ahead in the arena. And they're not going to beat the arena yet either.

TBH, Chapter 3 is usually the point when I start to stop using them unless I plan to get them paired up with someone.

Well, we're not set yet on that (especially not for Alec, whose two predestined option we haven't had a poll on yet). Let's see how they shake up compared to their average growth:

Noish has 2 more HP, 1 more Strength, 1 less Skill, 1 less Speed, 1 less Def, 1 more Luck. That's kind of a fairly mediocre Noish :(.

Alec has 2 more Strength, 1 more Magic, 2 Less Skill, 2 more Speed, 1 more Def, 1 Less Luck. That's pretty decent. I'd worry about the Skill, but it's not like he's got any Skill based Skill to proc with it and swords are fairly accurate.

As usual, Dew struggles a bit with going any far in the arena, although at least i can have him borrow the Paragon band for "free" (and some of the stat ring currently in the bargain bin also help).

In term of average stats, he's got 2 more Strength (bless), 1 more Magic, 1 more Skill, 1 more Speed, 4 more Res (!!!), 2 more Luck.

So at least that's a good Dew relative to himself!

Ayra needed a couple of round of arena before she reached 40,000 Gold and then she went to town:

Like Jamke, stopping frustratingly close to promotion :(.

Compared to her average, she's got 3 more Strength, 1 more Magic, 1 more Skill, 1 more Speed, 3 more Def, 2 more Luck.

Very good :)
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BTW I forgot to show you what was in the item store this chapter:

This is from Lachesis point of view. Nothing is darkened because all of those weapons are weapons she can use as a Master Knight. :cool:

In fact I did give a majority of these weapons to Lachesis. The Axe (Lex doesn't really need it more than the Brave Axe and no one else can use Axes) and the Sword (Sigurd already has a Silver Sword, Ayra is going to soon get a Brave Sword... and as a result I just sold off her Steel Blade to Holyn so I'm sticking to that for him for now), definitely. I could also give her the Elfire (Only her or Azel can use it, and given the weight of Fire tome and that Azel relies a lot on Speed, it might be better for her - not entirely sure yet). The Silver bow is for Jamke, though. And I'll give the Silver lance to Finn now that he's promoted so that he can hand over the Brave Lance - actually he already did so Quan could advance in the arena, but in the end, it's for Erin.

Since she can sell off the Knight band we recieved for keeping the Knight Trio alive right away, Lachesis has more than enough money to a pass with the Paragon band too. The arena is, err, not much of an issue at this point for her.

I do love using an axe with Lachesis. The accent on brute power really suits her. I rather agree with C Contraire that the Hezul bloodline should be associated with the Axe instead of the Sword for better even handling of the physical weapons among the Holy Blood lineage. :3

Compared to her average growth (and taking into account the stat boost from Beo's Talk), Lachesis has 2 less HP, 1 less Strength, 1 more Magic, 2 more Skill, 4 more Speed (!!!), 1 more Def, 2 more Res and 2 more Luck.

So we've got a ridiculously Speedy Lachesis on our hand, and just all around great.

Holyn didn't have enough money for the Paragon.

Compared to his average, he's got 1 more HP, 1 less Strength, 1 more Def... otherwise, pretty much right on his average.
I'm a bit reassured because I was a bit disappointed with his level ups so far, but seems he's not gone bad yet. Just need to take up a bit more Strength, though.

I was careful for Beo to get enough money for the Paragon, but he wasn't able to entirely beat the arena, making it... well not an entire waste, but a bit disappointing.

He failed against the level 6 opponent, a duke knight with a Brave Lance. Possibly Finn under a disguise, taking revenge for not letting him use his best chance for a pair up? ;)

Since we're pairing him up with Lachesis, it's the first time I find myself really needing to train Beowulf up though, so I'd like to give him some nice bit for the next chapter to help out. Probably the Spd Ring.

In term of average growth, he's got 2 more Strength, 3 more Skill, 2 more Speed, 1 more Def... so at least he's shaping up pretty good!

Even though she can't be deployed on the map, Deirdre can still fight in the arena (I guess baby Seliph is cheering from the audience)

Not that she got more than one level up from it. It's harder when you can't yet set up some Miracle abuse for her.

Average wise, she's got 1 more Hp, 1 less Strength, 1 more Magic, 1 more Skill, 1 more Speed, 1 more Def, and 1 more Res. A very nice Deirdre!

You can give gold from the Home Castle! It does take your turn, so I only have Deirdre do it after she's got as far on the arena as I think she can for now, but then she passes off her money to Sigurd (after Sigurd helped her do a lot of Staff abuse, the turnabout is fairplay).

That way, Sigurd can pay himself a turn on the Paragon, too:

Yay, we can prom-wait he's already promoted :p

How's Sigurd shaping up?
2 more Strength, 1 less Skill, 3 more Speed, 2 less Def, 2 more Luck.
I guess this is a Sigurd that decided to invest in Avoid more than in Def? Far from bad overall, though I wouldn't mind if he picked up that Def.

To my regret, I didn't think to pass Ethlyn the Paragon band until it was a bit too late in the arena although she had some money in reserve. She hasn't yet completed it (not sure if it was because she couldn't or because I decided to wait to see if i wouldn't still have a go with the Paragon band at the end of the chapter anyway).

Average wise, she's got 3 more Strength, 1 more Magic, 4 more Skill (!!), 1 less Speed, 1 more Def, 4 more Res (!!!), and 1 more Luck. Mostly good!

At least selling off his Pursuit band allowed Arden a round with the Paragon band (a short one, because he can't beat much, but a level up is a level up).

Average wise, he's got 3 more Def, 1 more Res and is otherwise perfectly average. The Def is nice, I guess.

Not much xp for Aideen in the arena without Paragon band and she couldn't go very far.

Compared to her average growth, she has 1 less HP, 2 more Strength, 2 more Skill, 3 more Def, 1 more Res, 1 less Luck. I think she's trying to help out her son ahead of time :D


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Lewyn didn't have enough money yet for a Paragon.

Compared to his average, he's got 1 more Strength, 1 more Magic, 2 less Speed. An average start. I'd get worried about the Speed if he wasn't very likely to cap it off... then again, managing to miss two level ups at 90% growth rate does take some effort =_=;

Azel beat the arena, but it took some work.

Actually our mages, both Lewyn and Azel, had some issues completing the arena because at level 5, there's a dark mage. Dark magic, just like Light magic, has Triangle Weapon advantage over the anima magic they use, and since they rely a lot on dodging it took triggering a very specific combination of numbers for them to beat the guy.

This is the guy, Doma, one time when I tried to use the Elfire to see if Azel had a better shot with it against him (he didn't; but the Elfire animation is pretty!).

I have a headcanon for him: he's been sent by the Lopt sect to spy on the Sigurd crew for a while, so Manfroy could keep tabs on them. But well, given how much he spent observing the crew, he's got all sorts of opinions about the group (and is probably having some ships too) and in the end couldn't resist getting out to meet them up in the arena.

In the end, for Azel to beat him he needed to succeed a 6% dodge once (pictured here), without missing any of his three hit on the guy at 82%... well it worked out in the end.

When it comes to average growth, Azel has 2 more HP, 3 more Magic, 3 more Skill, 1 more Speed, 1 more Def, 1 less Res, 1 less Luck. Pretty nice overall.

Midir was stuck against the Archknight with a Brave Bow that replaces Lex' evil twin in the archer arena. Maybe at the end of the chapter... No money for the Paragon either.

Average wise, he's got 3 more HP, 2 less Strength, 2 more Magic, 1 less Skill, 3 more Speed, 2 less Def, 1 more Res... a fairly mediocre Midir despite the nice Speed. I feel Strength always turns out to be an issue with Midir (even though he's got 30% growth, same as a lot of other unit) and well... :/

Erin was the last unit I had reserved a spot with the Paragon (since I specifically planned for her to visit enough villages so she'd have enough money for it, because she arrives a bit underleveled).

(not a lot of issues passing the arena, although the Horseslayer she stole from Zane did help out against the Finn look alike)

Average wise, she's got 3 more HP, 3 more Strength (yay!), 1 more Magic, 1 less Skill, 1 less Speed, 1 more Def, 1 more Res, 1 more Luck.
I'm not yet worried about Spd and Skill although, it'd be good if she didn't lag too much beind on either but the Strength advantage is really nice for Erin.

In the end, this is what the arena stat of everyone looks like:

Sylvia couldn't pass the first arena opponent, but we'll try again when she'll have a full chapter worth of Dancing xp. She's seriously underleveled for now and Miracle can only get you so far. (She's taken few enough levels I'm not sure it's worth checking her average yet, either).

Pay also attention to the money, because next is loot distribution:

Those are the items currently in the bargain bin.

Moreover, Erin currently has the Paragon band. I can either keep it on her, to allow her to finish catching up. Dew might also enjoy it, in order to finally grab a few level ups. Quan or Ethlyn might also be options for it, because this chapter is the last we'll see them for a while, but since they're at least already promoted, that's a lower priority, I think.

The Knight ring, i'd like to give to Sylvia, she doesn't have enough money yet, but it works out if Dew gives her all his money. (But then, it means Dew doesn't keep enough money for the Paragon band right away; and not enough for the Pursuit band either).

I could try to get Sylvia the Knight ring right away and leave the Paragon band on Erin just for now, then shift to Dew after she (and a few others) hopefully promote. There will be a spot in Chap 3 which should be good for Dew to grab levels, but it's not right away.

As I said, I'd like to give the Speed ring to Beowulf, to help him out catch up, but don't hesitate to mention someone else if you've got another idea. Beo could pick up the Shield ring instead.

I wouldn't find giving the Barrier ring to Erin to help her fulfilling the Mage killing role of a Peg knight, and the Brave Lance also belongs to her.

That leaves the Shield ring... it can be useful to a whole lot of units... I could maybe give it to Ayra (who has enough money to spare and can be used more offensively if she has less to worry about Def), or just keep it on Dew to help him out survive while gathering more money.

We also have the Pursuit band. We could give it to Lex (not like he needs money for the Paragon band) to send him on his own as a one man army; or to Dew (but then, Sylvia won't have enough for the Knight Ring). Noish sadly comes short of the money.... or we can just keep it in the bargain bin for now.

And at last, there's the Armorslayer (Erin also got the Horselayer which she could sell, which unlike the Armorslayer is a C rank weapon, so a Cavalry class unit can use it as well). One way to give Alec and Noish a niche might be to give those weapons to them, so they can rely on effective damage at least. Mind, if we do so, it'll decrease the money they might potentially rely on to get a turn with the Paragon band next chapter, though. But it's only 5,000 Gold so it's not the same as buying the Pursuit band lol. Lots of other units might like it, though, especially the Armorslayer since there's a lot of sword users; and we could also keep the Horselayer on Erin.

The thief sword i think try to get to Sylvia if she has enough money for it. It'll be very lucky for her to manage hitting with it, but she does need money to properly power up. Alternatively, I could give it to Beo, who'll swing it with much less issue, to try to keep helping him with Stat rings and still preserve his chances at grabbing the Paragon band next chapter.

There was also the question of whether to give the Elfire tome to Lachesis or Azel.

That's about it! Anyway, that's a lot of choices and options and too complicated for a poll, but don't hesitate to comment if you've got thoughts on those. If not, I'll just go ahead and do however I feel is best...


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Sorry I haven't been able to update more, lately. Took me longer than I expected to play the next stretch of the game.

Not sure how long I have to post, right now, but I'll try to do the most I can.

Chapter 3 map: http://anne.elisa.free.fr/fe4/chapter_3.png

We start from the middle bottom Castle which is the Agusty capital we seized last chapter.

The chapter 3 theme is another of my favorite theme of the game. Really, Agustria has the best music. Must be why it attracts Bards and Dancers to travel there ;)

Here's the arranged version:

The Agustria Castle town tune, since we start in one to start of:

OK that's less good.

I did most of the inventory choices that I mentioned. After buying the Shield Ring, Dew gave his money to Sylvia so she can buy the Knight Band. (Didn't regret it, either. Having it on the Dancer really is the best choice).

So we're starting here. There's two roads that lead outside of the Castle because of the cliff, and I'm never entirely sure which one is faster lol.

The map starts as we are besieged by a whole series of small armies spread across the map.

To the west we have a group of Cavalry, mostly armed with lances. I sent Lex on his own to deal with them.

To the East there's a group of Armor, with Javelins. I sent Ethlyn and Quan against them.

Maybe I should have sent Alec with them so he'd get use out of his Armorslayer but I didn't think of it (and Quan needs XP too).

To the north, right ahead on the road, there's another group of Armor, armed with Axes. Flanked on their right is a group of Bow Knights.

On the north-west in the forest, you've got a small mage groups, with Fire tomes. You can also see a number of pirates in the sea that are going to target all the villages. I send my mages over there, as well as Erin to mostly deal with pirates.

And the Madino Castle has it's own mixed group of defenders, with Jacoban, the mercenary hired by Chagall as its miniboss. The rest of the group is going to deal with them.

To the East, Eldigan's forces remain neutral and bar the road to Silvail castle.

Anyway, it looks like a lot of ennemies like this, but they're actually small fries and easily dealt with.

I never gets tiresome!

Paying attention to range...

After a couple of turns, I remembered that Ayra needed to get her Brave Sword.

Holyn: This thing's only get harder from here, yeah? You burn through blades so fast, you could do with a spare or two. Look after yourself out here, okay? One day I might not be here to watch your back.

Ayra: Holyn... Thank you. I promise I'll put it to good use.

(I'll show you the Talk you could have had with Lex instead latter)

Have you noticed, Brave Weapons are always gifted? In various circumstances, but I think it's kind of cute.

Ethlyn and Quan dealt with the armors without issue.

When there were only one or two left, I sent Ethlyn north to rescue one of the village from pirates.

Effective weapons working as intended.

I'm not sure I explained about effective weapons yet, actually. Obviously, as usual, effective weapons are more powerful against a specific class of ennemies. In FE4, it actually translates to an automatic Critical strike against that class of enemy every time you hit them. Critical do 3x the amount of damage you usually do by the way.

Because of this, that means your character isn't able to trigger a Critical on top of that automatic one. It also means that Nihil, which protects against most proc skills such as Critical, prevents Effective damage (as I mentioned when I said that with Alec as a father to Erin's kids, you get a Peg Knight daughter who doesn't suffer effective damage from Bows).

There's a similar "automatic skill trigger" effect with Brave Weapons by the way: they work as an automatic Adept trigger, and because of that if you have a character with Adept and a Brave Weapon, they will never trigger Adept on top of the automatic Adept trigger that is the two consecutive blow of the Brave Weapon. Just something to keep in mind sometimes, when doing item distribution.

Erin murders one of the mage in passing towards the pirates.

I mean, I'm glad she's taking as much Strength as she is, but I'd like it if she would pick up some other stats too?


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I am SO GLAD I gave the Thief Sword to Beowulf. Not necessarily for gameplay reasons but because it feels so in character for him.

I haven't really discussed the fact that the Physic staff drop we got last chapter is a very nice Staff upgrade for Aideen, since it allows her to heal at 10 space away (away from danger and without getting too distanced by the cavalry). It only has 10 uses as a tradeoff, but it's really nice (and of course worth a lot of xp).

As you can see the enemies didn't last long...

OK pretty basic staff animation.

Nice. Even though he doesn't really need more xp.

moving forwards...

Lewyn plays against the Magical Weapon Triangle, so has a much lower hit than usual and a hard time dodging.

(Azel, however, is at advantage with his Thunder tome).

One of the nice thing about the Brave Lance on Erin is it allows her to very efficiently delete Bandits that threaten villages. (Once you've got a Peg Knight, rescuing villages is SO MUCH SIMPLER).

There's some ballista on Madina. It's mostly worth taking into account to not leave Erin in their area.

Almost cleaned up here too.

Moving on the castle defenders now...

yeah, ok.

Yeah, we can promote him!

nom nom staff xp.

Sigurd dodging the ballista.

Beo robbing a priest.

Dancing xp!

Once he dealt with the lance cav (they never stood a chance), Lex tries to talk to Eldigan's men.

...okay then...

(you could talk to some of the neutrals in Chap 2 too, but it's a bit complicated to engineer and the conversation are even less interesting so I didn't bother. But well, cute it exists?)



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Lex rides back...

I return Jamke.

Nice! Gotta love that Strength. Wish he'd pick up more Skill at promotion but 2 is nice.

The Sniper class caps:
Fairly nice ones overall, lots of 27 in key stats. Shame nothing goes to 30 for a infantry, one weapon specialist class.

Jacoban is a bit of a threat. He's got Pursuit as a class skill and a decent speed. Good Strength, too and can also attack with a magic sword at distance, which is also fairly deadly since few of our units have a very good Resistance. And he's got a good Avoid too.

Even with Magical Triangle Weapon advantage (which applies, when a magic sword is used at range!) Lewyn had a hard time with that one...

.... she's picking all the spd guys I don't even know how.

Ended up giving the kill to Dew (which was my second choice, but my first choice was Sylvia and that was just... not doable...) which did take a little bit of work.

Magic swords are pretty good on Thieves, since it allows for stealing at range, more or less safely. And they're one of the best C ranked swords you can get, too, which Thieves are limited to before promotion.

And that's all I have time for right now, we'll go into the consequences of Seizing Madino next time...


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So, I'd just left you as Dew was killing Jacoban.

and Beo killed one last pirate off the northern peninsula and grabbed a level up from it.


And we can Seize Madino.

Sigurd: His Cross Knights are the last remains of Agustria's army. At this rate, all should be well if we can subdue them, but...

Two green units arrive!

Claude: Prince Kurth is dead. Somebody murdered him en route from Isaach.

Sigurd: What?! This can't be... Who could have done this?

Claude: Lord Byron was once constantly by His Highness's side... Yet, ever since his murder, he has been nowhere to be found. I regret to say this, but... As it stands, Lord Byron - your father - is the prime suspect.

Sigurd: W-what?! That's impossible!

Claude: I regret to say that there's been naught but horrid rumors in Grannvale lately. Among them are those which allege that you and your father worked in concert to assassinate the prince... Alas, His Majesty's anguish at the affair has rendered him dreadfully ill.

Sigurd: My father was already the prince's closest confidant. What could he have possibly gained from the prince's demise?! Surely, shouldn't Reptor, Langbalt or the others who opposed the prince be the likely culprits?

Claude: I am of the same mind, but we've no evidence tying either to the crime. And Reptor and his minions currently hold a great sway over the royal court.

Sigurd: What about Lord Arvis, His Majesty's aide? Do you know where he stands on this?

Claude: I cannot say for sure. He seems to hold no enmity towards you, but I am loath to consider him an ally...

Sigurd: Hm... I'm worried for my father. If I could I'd head home now and do what I can to help, but my orders haven't changed. I still need to hold Agustria. Please, Your Grace, do you have any idea what I should do?

Claude: I am on my way to the Tower of Bragi, on the island to the north-west of here. As an heir to the great Saint Bragi, if I pray to our sacred tower, then the truth shall be revealed to me alone.

(Grannvelian politics intensify! It's interesting to see that even though we know Kurth's death happened before Sigurd seized Agusty and before the 6 month timeskip, he's only learned of it just now. Even if we take into account time needed for the information to spread, it must be because he's being stonewalled by the Grannvalian authorities who give him orders and administer Agustria. Which shows how politically isolated Sigurd currently is.)

Sigurd: But you're Duke Reptor's daughter, so...

Taillte: I just can't wrap my head around Father's schemes, y'know? Besides, I love the priest!

Claude: Gods, give me the strength to cope with this child... Anyway, I'll rendez-vous with your group once I've learned the truth. I pray we'll both return home this day.

Sigurd: As do I, Father Claude. As do I. I can't thank you enough.

... and off they go.

Although we haven't recruited him yet, Claude is indeed the character I've mentioned before, the Priest who was a possible pairing candidate for Aideen and Erin. He's also Sylvia's last predestined character I was waiting for to put up her Lover poll, so in a moment, I will go on and chat about those.

For now, we're not yet done with the consequences of Seizing Madino.

Deirdre: I know. I want you to look after Seliph while I'm gone.

Shanan: No way! I'm just a kid. I can't look after a baby all by myself.

Deirdre: I won't be long. I promise. Please, Shanan... I implore you...

Shanan: Okay, fine. I'll look after him. Just be careful out there and get back here as soon as you can, okay?

Deirdre: Thank you, Shanan. I'm sorry, Seliph. I'll be back for you right away.

Warp Staff are powerful, even for the enemy.

Deirdre: Oh? Who are you? Wait... How do you know my mother?

Manfroy: Kehehehe... The day of your rebirth is upon us. Through my black magic, the slate of your life will be cleansed, paving the way to your true husband... Your fate was written the day you were born. There is no use in fighting destiny.

Deirdre: Wh-what are you doing?! Stop it! No!! ...Aaaah... Sig... u... r...

(I feel like I always have a random unit during that scene standing right by Deirdre. I remember having Lex here in the past but here it's Jamke. Jamke! Do something! Don't stand just right here! Show some Verdanite solidarity!!)

Too late!

Stupid Warp staff!!

... and at the end of the turn...

Meanwhile on the west side of the map...

Chagall: Ah, but that's your plan, isn't it?! You're part of their plot to destroy Agustria, traitor!

Eldigan: Your Majesty... How can you say that?

Chagall: What's this? Do you dare to be displeased? To think, you've forgotten my father's favor, all to idly staff for time... You're a disgrace to the knighthood!

Eldigan: There's nothing more I can do to convince you... Very well, Your Majesty. My men and I will move out post-haste. I am proud to be a paladin of Agustria. If I must die, it shall be with sword in hand! By your leave, Your Majesty.

Eldigan: I count myself the luckiest commander there is for your years of loyalty to me. The fatherland's fate hinged on this final battle. Do not let Agustria down. Cross Knights! MOVE OUT!

Chagall: Eldigan's finally moved out, has he? Pumpous twit... The rest of you, fortify the defenses! I'm in command now!



so to recap:
- Grannvalian politics are starting to take at turn for the worst, with Chalphy being blamed for Kurth's murder and Byron going missing, while Sigurd is both politically isolated and stuck dealing with Agustria.

- Deirdre got kidnapped by the Lopt Sect.

- Eldigan, aka, guy with the awesome Holy Weapon and the 5 leadership stars and also Sigurd's best friend, has taken the field with his army of elite knights as an enemy against us.

This is fiiiiiiiiine.


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The situation is getting dire, let's talk about romance instead!

Sylvia and her children

Sylvia's kids are a daughter who is Dancer, available from mid game; and a son who is Priest, available at a very, very low level at the tail end of the late game/right before endgame.

Because they are mainly supportive units, the priorities for them are slightly different. They kind of need help for their training more than they need help into being a better offensive unit. Although, making them better offensive unit does also help them for the arena, which itself helps with training; so there's not exactly only one way to go about it.

Sylvia's two skills, Adept and Miracle are pretty decent. Her growth stats, however are fairly dismal, despite Minor Bragi Holy Blood.

Her predestined pairings are with Alec, Claude and Lewyn.

You've seen one of her Talk with Alec and her intro with Lewyn, so I think you can assess the kind of way those pairings play out. Narrative wise, the discussion with Claude she will have access to is interesting and sweet, but plays in a very peculiar kind of way as a basis for their pairing. If you don't mind knowing a bit more about it, I'd rather tell you ahead: Claude has a long lost sister who was abducted who would be about Sylvia's age. Sylvia is an orphan with the same Minor Holy Blood as Claude's family. The narrative logic would have that she's, in fact, his sister, however the plot thread is completly abandoned as soon as it was raised, neither confirming not denying any such speculation. Words of God has been ambiguous on the topic. Personally, I kind of really hate this situation. I don't mind most of the ways that incest is addressed as a theme through FE4 (and there's a lot of that XD), but I do mind the wishy-washy "maybe it's incest maybe it's not it' s up to you tweeeee!" attitude of the narrative about this. And I actually really like that Conversation between Sylvia and Claude, but not as a basis for their pairing. So there, warning over.

Gameplay wise:

- Lewyn is not great in term of Forseti inheritance, but okay in term of Sylvia's kids, since he'll give them Critical (Adept is redundant), good growth rate, and can transfer Staves up to B rank to the priest son to help him training.

- Claude is also a pretty good option. The son priest is the last of the two possible son who can inherit Claude's unique Holy Weapon staff which can resurrect dead units (which, again, is kinda very useful but also kinda very useless, depending on how you play.) Since they have the same Holy Blood, both kids will have Major Holy Blood (in fact the son will technically get both the Major Holy Blood and the Minor Holy Blood on top of that added to his growth rates, for x3 the total of Holy Blood bonus to his growth rate. Bragi Holy Blood, if you forgot, boosts HP, Magic, Luck and Resistance). The biggest advantage of the pairing, IMHO, is that with direct inheritance from Claude, the priest will have access to many A rank Staves from the start, which can greatly help training him quickly, because high grade Staves are worth a lot of XP per uses. I feel the pairing doesn't serve the Dancer daughter quite as well, though.

- Alec is a not awful but not great option. He mostly gives Pursuit, but for once, that's not what the kids need most. Still, Pursuit is always nice, and might help them more in the arena, which does also help a bit with their training.

There's a couple of fairly good gameplay options if you look outside of predestined Lovers:

- Lex. In this case, Lex's Paragon is the greatest argument for the pairing, it will help both children pick up level ups more easily, which should be what they have the hardest time with. Paragon multiplies all xp intake, including from Healing and Dancing (also the formula does cap at 100xp/one full level up in one go). Neir blood helps with Defense, which is also always a nice boon to survival and helps a bit with their growth rate.

- Dew. Bargain can be a very useful and flexible tool and especially by Second Gen, we'll have much more items to take advantage of with it to help the Dancer go through the arena -- and Bargain is always a healer's best friend because staves are expensive and being able to abuse them for cheap makes training easier too. Dew's overall great growth also compensate well for Sylvia's bad stats. The dancer daughter is also one of the few unit who can actually inherit Sol from Dew, being an infantry sword user.

If you're okay with leaving Sylvia Single/killing her off, her substitutes are also an option:

LayleaDancer324401134143000Dance, Charm

and in term of growth:
CharacterHPStrMagSklSpdLckDefMdfHoly Blood

In this case, they're decent to use. Sharlow picked up Paragon on his own to help with training and does have good Magic growth, which is the main thing for a healer. Layla has decent growth in Speed and Strength, and has the Charm skill to prop up her supportive role. You do lose on Sylvia's fairly good skills, though, her Bragi Holy Blood and, most importantly, any inheritance.

In fact part of the fandom does sometimes recommend going with the substitutes over Sylvia's kids. Part of arguments put for them is that they give access to two items you wouldn't get without them: the Barrier Sword (a sword which raises the Resistance of its user) and the Berserk Staff (a staff that makes an enemy unit attack their own ally for a few turns -- which is funny to use but also a way to get another unit to steal your xp). However I feel the people who argue for them being better than Sylvia's kids strongly underestimate the value of inheritance for a Dancer, especially. With Sylvia's daughter, we're going to be able to have her start with full 9 moves and Canto access from the start, because she can inherit the expensive items that allow her to do that directly from Sylvia. With Layla she'll need a bit of time to gather the money to do all that as well.

Still, they are usable.

There you go, you can vote for Sylvia's pick Lover: https://www.strawpoll.me/18354590

A note: there's only two more Lover polls to put up and I will probably put them up during my next update, in case you'd like to have better visibility before voting.
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