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[Let's Play] Fire Emblem : Genealogy of the Holy War


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Taillte and her children

Taillte's kids are one Mage, available from early game, who promotes into a Mage Cavalry (I think this translation went for Dark Knight for it, to fit the Awakening name) with access to both tomes and B ranked swords; and one Mage, available as a slightly underleveled unit from midgame, who promote as a Mage Fighter, which gives her access to B ranked Staves and C ranked Swords as well as to magic, and to the Adept Skill on top of that.

So that's two of your main magical units, but they have a lot of flexibility after promotion.

Taillte gives them Wrath, which is a great skill; but not Pursuit. Her magical growth is also average enough that it can become an issue for her children if the father doesn't pick up the slack.

Her predestined pairings are with Azel, Claude, Lewyn and Lex.

- Azel is the simplest way to help out Taillte's children. He's the only potential father who gives both high magical growth and the Pursuit skill. His nice Speed growth doesn't hurt either, and, of course, tomes inheritance won't be an issue. With that, you're set with Magical kids that are painless and fun to use. Writing wise, I also really like the pairing. Azel, Lex and Taillte are all childhood friend, and their Talks reflect that intimacy.

- Claude is a difficult case. On the one hand, the growth rates he'll give to the children are really good; on the other hand, the fact that he doesn't give any Skill really hurt the gameplay potential of the pairing, especially if you don't allocate the Pursuit band to one of the kid. At least he raises the Staff rank of the daughter, after promotion, so she'll be able to use the best of Staves. Note that the son never gains access to Staves in his promoted class, so won't be able to use the Valkyria Staff even if he's the one who inherit it. Writing wise, you can judge the tone of the pairing from their introduction.

- I've already addressed most of the points with Lewyn's pairing already. It can also be a very good pairing, especially for the sake of having Forseti early and with great mobility. It definitely won't hurt the daughter either, with Lewyn's speed, Adept and Critical, even if that won't be as reliable as a Pursuit. She'll also get a Talk with a +5 Magic right before the endgame. Narratively, there's much less material for it, so it requires a lot more imagination to figure out their dynamics.

- With Lex, you go in a totally different directly for the kids; since he will give them neither Pursuit nor much magical growth. The pairing can still have on interest though: Vantage, in combination with Wrath. Once they're at half HP, both activate so they'll hopefully kill anything that looks at them the wrong way. It's a bit of a gimmick, but with the good defensive growth from Neir blood and Paragon helping them leveling quickly; it can be very fun to play with. That said, their low magical growth does mean they'll start falling behind in late game; although at least they can shift to physical weapons and magical swords after promotion to compensate. B rank sword also allows the son to use a Brave sword to compensate for the lack of Pursuit after promotion. Like with Azel, I like the writing for that pairing. It's also an interesting dynamic that Lex and Taillte both belong to families enemies of Sigurd.

There's not a lot to go from there outside of Predestined pairings for Taillte. You can pick any physical father that also gives Pursuit as a fallback option. Of those, I'd say Finn is probably the one that could help out the kids the most, because Miracle does have synergy with low health even if the trigger is different from Wrath, so you could play with that. Like Lex, low magical growth does mean the kids will fall behind in late game though. Note that, because of Finn's low availability and the fact that Taillte only arrives after you Seize Silvail, this can be a fairly hard pairing to pull off.

As for their substitutes:
AmidWind Mage22911110146493000Adept
LindaThunder Mage3260111292275000Wrath, Paragon

CharacterHPStrMagSklSpdLckDefResHoly Blood

This pair of substitute kids does have the same Tordo Holy Blood as Taillte's kids, unlike with other subkids. They also start in slightly different classes (the promotions are the same though), being specialists of one type of magic instead of generalist mages.

They both have good magical growth and decent speed. Neither have Pursuit but Amid does has Adept; and Linda has both Wrath and Paragon, which are pretty good skills. They seem to be useable, and in case you really struggle with getting one of Taillte's most optimal pairing, may be decent alternatives.

Here's the poll to vote: https://www.strawpoll.me/18361833

Sylvia's poll is still here: https://www.strawpoll.me/18354590

I haven't closed Erin's poll yet because there's still been movement on it in the last few days, even though Lewyn never lost the lead: https://www.strawpoll.me/18301668

Might as well close all the remaining polls together in a few days.
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Eldigan's death is weird. I mean, the whole chapter is named after him, yet it feels anticlimactic.


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Eldigan's death is weird. I mean, the whole chapter is named after him, yet it feels anticlimactic.
You think so? It felt pretty dramatic to me. Then again, right after it happens you return to the game as before, which does feel weird.

I tried to take a break to let you all vote on all the polls, but I haven't seen much movement in the last few days, so I guess I should return to playing. Consider this your last call to vote if you haven't done so yet.

Temporary result:
Erin: -> Lewyn (https://www.strawpoll.me/18301668)
Briggid: -> Lex (https://www.strawpoll.me/18361407)
Taillte: -> Azel (https://www.strawpoll.me/18361833)
Sylvia:-> Lex or Claude, which means Claude since Lex is taken by Briggid (https://www.strawpoll.me/18354590)

Also since all the characters concerned by pairing for children have been introduced, I can now post the big table of Love Point growth for reference:

Noish50 +20 +250 +2120 +30 +30 +250 +4
Alec50 +20 +250 +2120 +30 +30 +250 +4
Arden50 +20 +250 +2120 +30 +30 +250 +4
Finn50 +20 +250 +2180 +100 +30 +2180 +10
Midir50 +20 +250 +2120 +30 +3120 +1100 +3
Levin50 +250 +2210 +2120 +3200 +250 +250 +4
Holyn50 +20 +250 +2120 +30 +30 +2150 +3
Azel50 +20 +250 +2120 +30 +3120 +1150 +3
Jamke50 +20 +250 +2120 +30 +3250 +1150 +3
Claude50 +3200 +2100 +3180 +3190 +1150 +350 +4
Beowulf50 +250 +250 +2120 +30 +3100 +250 +4
Lex50 +20 +250 +2120 +30 +30 +250 +4
Dew50 +20 +250 +2120 +30 +30 +250 +2


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Sorry for the lack of update. Seems I really lost my momentum :(

So the polls did shift after my last post; but then they shifted back to pretty much the same result. If I had posted on schedule, I might have had to go with different pairing, but as it is, we'll keep to Lex/Briggid and Claude/Sylvia as well as Azel/Taillte (which was never really in balance).

Last time we'd just recruit three new units who were isolated on the northern islands and we had Pirates attacking from the north of where we'd left our infantry units.

The pirates attack is one of the last and best opportunity to train up Dew. Since we're not pairing him up, I don't feel as much urgency to get him to promote, but it's still nice for him to grab some xp and money off them.

That's right, this is the moment we've all been waiting for.

Each pirates have 5,000 gold, which is on the large sum side for enemies.

But well, I haven't watched a lot of Black Sails episodes, but one of the few I did had pirates politics resolved by buying votes in Captain election, and given that they just ousted Briggid as their leader thanks to Duvall's influence, I think I know exactly where that money comes from!


Much better!

Nice, and another unit ready to promote!


For now we're simply moving Briggid west, closer to Claude and Briggid.

Taillte is moving so as to block the pirates from attacking Claude (who can't strike back, as he has no tomes).

Taillte is squishy, so you don't want her to risk getting hit more than once, though.

However when she's hit only once... well she's hurting...

But it only makes her angry...

... and you wouldn't like her when she's angry.

Wrath is a joy of a Skill :cool:

If you keep her in Wrath range, she can easily one shot the pirates. But if she risk getting hit while in it, you need to have Claude heal her up. If you're careful about positioning, it works out pretty well to give Taillte a few level ups that she needs badly.

I also had Alec visit a village that was in an awkward place.

Villager: Don't think there's been a war lately when someone or other didn't hire 'em. They're like a pack of hyenas descendin' on fresh prey brutal and indiscriminate. Nothin' survives in their wake.

Warning is a bit late but it's my own fault for trying to keep the villages for latter and newer units when in fact after all I can't be that much bothered to drag them around the map.

A bit more filler information on the Thracian dracoknights and how they're commonly hired as mercenaries.

Running away from pirates is no reason not to kill a bandit attacking a village on the way!!

I'm just gonna keep Taillte in Wrath range for now.

Also Erin doesn't take longer to join them as reinforcement...

She still has the Paragon band so i'd like her to at least get her last level up to be ready to promote.

Briggid gets another opportunity kill while running away.

Man that background landscape makes me want to get a transat out.

And this is how we're positioned in only a few turns.

Dew's still holding the bridge against the pirates.

By the way, their leader, Pizarre, drops the Leg ring, which increase move of any unit by three. I want that for Sylvia but it's not super easy for her to get the kill.


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Azel continues to get everything he needs;

I mainly used those guys to reduce his HP without killing him to set Sylvia for the kill XD

It left him at 2 HP but Sylvia wisely triggered Adept and hit him twice (for one ping damage each) so that came out nicely. (It's nice cause she'd have gotten one shot if he'd hit her and he has a 50% chance to do so....)

Urgh, but who cares.

That's what matters!


By blocking with Briggid, who can't reciprocate at melee range, we create a nice buffer for Taillte to kill units safely. Some of the pirates have handaxes or bows though, so I need to be careful not to put her right behind Briggid when one of them can finish her off.


(I was careless once and...)

(thanks the magic of saved state)

Yesss, all that ranged of movement Sylvia has after Dancing to either keep moving or stay behind the front-lines. <3

Ethlyn Returns Ayra home.

There are two possible promotions for the Myrmidons in Genealogy. Which it is is predetermined by the unit themselves, sadly, so it's not a choice we can do. One of them, Swordmaster, is just all around better.

Woot! Those are some very nice stats.

Let's look at her Class caps:

Sword Master8027153030302218

As you can see she's already capped her Skill stat and is only 2 points off her Speed cap and 3 off her Strength cap (not that any stats ever go above 30 in Genealogy; so having a cap of 30 in Speed and Skill as well as the high 27 in Str is one of the reason the Swordmaster class is so good. On top of that it gives the Adept skill as well.) Very nice Ayra overall!!



I think Lachesis is trying not to cap her Strength stat this playthrough. How unusual of her.

Going nicely...


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At this point I was really starting to panic about how many villages I had left to visit. It's one thing to keep them to distribute money strategically, but it's really boring to drag people around to get it.

So I just started to give it to whoever was handy.

Villager: We could've sworn that boss of theirs was a good lass.... Briggid or something, was it?

More foreshadowing that comes too late ^_^;;

So I have all these guys who kinda have to cross the island to get to our new units (+Erin)

And here we have the remaining Castle of the map, guarded by just three guys.

So that part of the chapter is pretty boring. Almost no enemies left. We still have a bunch of Convo to get, but we need to walk units around to grab them, there's another Secret Event that needs to drag a unit pretty far too... and we still want many people to finish the arena, including all the newcomers.

This is the real pitfall of the large size of the maps in FE4... that moments when you're just dragging units left and right taking turns for it. Even with the Return and Warp staff, it's rather boring. Mind you, it's also largely a problem of map design.

Woot! some Magic!

She took some Speed! And she can promote, yay!

Villager: They call it the wingslayer. It's enchanted to be lethal to sky-riders. If it flies, this sword'll bring it down.

Haha, this is so obviously set to help you against the Dracoknight earlier ^^ Should have gotten Holyn to grab it.

prompting a rare menu drop. I send it directly to the inventory, aka, with Anna. Aideen will sell it later when I'll have Holyn or Beo buy it.


(he one shots them)

Getting there....

Villager: Why are you even here? We've absolutely nothin' to do with Agustria or Grannvale! Look... If you've really gotta fight, take it somewhere else, you thoughtless sod.

.... yes ma'am.


Almost done!

Oh, look who got hitched while I was looking? Mazel tov!


Woot! Good level up for Sylvia :D

... could be better.

Guess it's time to start working on those pairings...


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So we've got another Secret Event that requires to get Dew all the way to the Tower of Bragi

Which takes a little while.

Once you make him Wait right at the bottom of the tower...

*no soundtrack at all*

Thief... dungeon... I guess it was to be expected...


Ladies & Gentlemen: Dew. Even when he's getting found by a god? while trying to steal from a holy place, he's getting lucky.

The sword is the Wind Sword, yet another magic sword for us, joining the Bolt Sword that was recently dropped, Ethlyn's Light brand and the Earth sword that Eldigan gave Lachesis just before going off to die.

Actually I didn't take the time to talk about the Earth sword, as it is a bit different from the others. It's got the Nosferatu spell on it, which in FE4 is Light magic, and allows its wielder to heal up from how much damage they do. That can be very useful, of course, however it's got only 10 uses, so it's to be used sparingly and it's also rather heavy.

(Obviously that's why Lachesis and her daughter start up with an Absorb staff in Heroes, not that the way they were done by the game isn't a complete and utter travesty, especially in the case of Lachesis).

And we got some unit close enough to start getting those Talks:

Midir: Oh, sorry! You're not her. My mistake. But then, that must make you...

Briggid: What's this you're mumbling about? Speak up, you weird little man!

Midir: Er... May I ask your name?

Briggid: I'm Briggid.

Midir: Briggid... You're gorgeous...

Briggid: Excuse me?! You've gotta be joking!

Midir: I must be dreaming... There's another one... And she's even more beautiful!

Briddig: Ugh... That's it! I'm out of here.

A romance for the ages. This convo is worth 100 Love points, inexplicably enough. I didn't save after it, so as not to make pairing up Briggid and Lex anymore complicated. And this, right here, is the main reason I do not like Midir. Because wayyyyy to come across as a creep.

Let's continue grabbing those Talks.

Sigurd: The villagers told me of a woman who leads the pirates of Orgahil, and of her devotion to aiding the poor and weak. That would be you, correct?

Briggid: You must be that Grannvale man... Sigurd, right? Guess this is it. Come on. Just get it over with.

Sigurd: Ahahaha! Oh no, you're mistaken! I'm certainly not here to kill you. I just want to talk to you, Briggid. I'd like you to ally with us. We'd love to add your strength to our own, to help us better fight the pirates. What say you?

Briggid: Wait. You really want me, of all people?

Sigurd: Certainly! You'd be a tremendous asset.

Briggid: You're a strange little man, Sigurd...

Claude: I'm glad Taillte was close at hand. We may not have survived, if not for her magic. More importantly, Lord Sigurd, my prayers to Saint Bragi were answered.

Sigurd: You have the truth of all of this, then?

Claude: That I do. As I thought, Duke Reptor is behind all this. On his orders, it was Duke Langbalt who killed Prince Kurth. The two then successfully framed your father, Lord Byron, for the crime.

Sigurd: Just as I thought...

Claude: The pair's treachery runs deeper still. The murder of Isaach's King Mananan was also the handiwork of Lord Reptor. He feared a peaceful end to the war would end the sole excuse for the conquest of Isaach, so he secretly had the king killed.

Sigurd: Is that so... Reptor's grubby hands are all over this mess...

Claude: Not quite. In the shade of his avarice, there's something else at work... Something unsettling and terrifying. Not even Lord Bragi could scry this evil presence, obscured by its power as it is.

Sigurd: An evil presence? Could it be that dark priesthood... Wait! What of my father, Claude?

Claude: Lord Byron yet lives, but is injured and weak. I fear he is not long for this world...

Sigurd: Father... This can't be happening...

Claude: I'll hasten back to the capital. His Majesty needs to hear the truth. Lord Sigurd, for the time being, stay here and restrain yourself from rash action.

Sigurd: Understood. I can't thank you enough, Father Claude. I beg of you, do everything you can. Save my father and his good name.

Claude: Our fates lies with the mercy of the gods...

Alright. There's not a lot of surprises in there.... but confirmations of a lot we could suspect/know from other discussions we've seen. But it does feel like our guys are always a step or two behind the bad guys, here.

And last but not least...

Aideen: Surely, you recall me?

Briggid: What? How do you know my name? Hang on... You look just like me! Aideen, huh... It sounds kinda familiar... But where from?

Aideen: Briggid, listen well. I am your twin sister! We lost you to pirates years ago, when you were just five years old. I've searched for you for years. I never lost hope that we would meet again.

Briggid: This is all so sudden... No. Weird feelings like this is aren't enough! I need proof!

Aideen: Proof, you say? Here. Draw this bow.

Briggid: Huh? Okay, that's a nice bow and all, but what's it gotta do with anything? Guess I'll humor you. So I draw it and- ...Whoa! W-what's going on?! The hell is this...? I... What's this weird feeling boiling within me... Are these... memories? Ah... my heart is on fire... Aideen? Yes... I remember now! You're Aideen... my sister.

Aideen: Oh, thanks the gods! You remember! That bow is your birthright, Briggid. It is Yewfelle, the sacred bow of Jungby. Legends tell that the exalted weapons of this land, such as this one, can only be wielded by a single heir per generation. For House Jungby and Yewfelle, that rightful heir is you, Briggid. I trust this proof will suffice?

Briggid: Oh, Aideen... Come here... Let me get a good look at you... How's our father doing? And our brother... André, right?

Aideen: I've so much to tell you, too... Briggid... My sister.

shiny weird animation

And second Holy Weapon get! (and unlike Quan, she's not going away as soon as she gets it).

Yewfelle is actually one of the worst Holy Weapon, imho, at least it got screwed out of one +10 stat boost (all the other Holy Weapons have a total of +30). It does have the Renewal skill tied up to it to compensate, but while nice it's hardly life changing (and some weapons have Skills on top of the +30 so anyway). At least +10 to Strenght and Speed is undoubtedly the best places to have a boost. Still as a Holy Weapon it's very powerful compared to any other weapon.


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With all the Talk done, I'm starting to Warp/Return people home (if they still need to do the arena)

I'm glad the arena guy is just as judgy as I am towards Claude's complete's lack of weapon.

(I got Taillte to sell off her Thunder tome to give him one).

Unsurprisingly he failed against Doma. Our protagonists aren't very good at facing off the Lopt sect :p

I'm still giving Sylvia xp via dancing people as I bring Dew back.

Briggid has a Boss conversation with Duvall, of course, which I get before I Return her to do the arena.

Actually, I forgot, he also drops the Power ring, which boosts Strenght. A very nice ring, of course! Not a bad things to get to Briggid, even if just for sale value. We now have a complete collection, btw, since there is no Luck rings (we'll get some stat rings in double latter, too).

Warp xp.

In the end I sent Erin to get the +3 Str to that village not because I still feel she needs it (she's on track to capping her Strength anyway) but because I didn't have the wherewithal to send one of the other unit who might need it all the way to there. (tbh not that many other units might need it. Ayra or Beo got enough Strength. The like of Alec, Noish and Dew aren't getting paired up, so I won't invest in them anymore. Holyn might like it, maybe.)


Return xp...

Get Erin to sell the Paragon...

I did send Claude to the last two villages. One of them has a Staff drop, you see, and as a healer he'll enjoy a bit of additional money.

Remember how I showed you the convo you get from that village before you fight against Eldigan and the Cross Knights? Yeaaaap. I really like that touch of changing the discussion.

Yeah I really spammed it for all it was worth...


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Finishing Warping people off and then warping away. (I continue to love the Return ring little animation :D)

Ah the joy of abusing Holy Weapons in order to cheese the arena!

We'll take it...

Not much of a challenge for Briggid, although she did use Yewfelle against the last opponent, too :)

Villager: We can't thank ya enough, but mayhaps this magic staff'll help ya out. They call it a Restore staff. If yer allies've been put t'sleep or silenced, one cast of this staff'll get 'em back on their feet. This oughta be a big help for ya.

Last village! And that guy pretty much explained that Staff's deal so yeah.

I had Noish borrow the Brave sword to try to cheese the arena with it, but he only managed to beat that one guy with it. Still, a level up is a level up.

It took a while but with the help of the Power ring and Paragon, Dew was able to get lucky enough to beat another opponent of the arena and grab a nice level up out of it.

And then he threw out all of his money at Taillte (well not all, I did some strategic selling so he'd give her over 40,000 Gold though).

Because she needs a lot of XP.

Underleveled as she is, she easily gets one level up each fight with Paragon.

And thankfull Wrath makes for easy Arena cheesing.

Once it started a bit harder, well I just keep sending her at 1 HP, so with Wrath activated, against the guy, hoping she gets the two consecutive 37% avoid she needed to survive and finish him off eventually.


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Which she did, eventually.

And then the same against the next (and last) guy.


We gonna keep that Paragon on her for the next chapter's arena, too, of course. Hopefully that'll get her a bit farther as well.

Ethlyn got one last level up off the arena too, and I yet again forgot to give her Paragon for it. :/

We need most of her staves for Claude, she sells them off, keeping her swords only.

We're not going to see them for a little while, so say goodbye to this fabulous couple.

The Return band is here because of Reasons (there's another one in the chap 4 item shop, so don't worry).

Did a bit of Miracle abuse with Sylvia... Also got her to buy the Bolt Sword (as a C rank Sword it's one of the best she can access at this point, and she does have more Magic that Strength to use it too... although sadly that only counts for fights outside of the arena).


Alec also borrowed the Brave sword to try to cheese the arena. It worked a bit better for him, and he eventually managed to beat it.

Final state of arena completion.

And this all brought me up to:

Just above the turn 50 limit. *sighs*

Sigurd: Oifey, would you please gather our troops here? Now that this is all over, I'd like to ensure that everyone's alright.

Oifey: At once, sire.

Langbalt: Seize these vile allies of Byron, accomplices to his murder of Kurth and his bid to take over the kingdom! It is the will of His Majesty! No mercy for enemies of the state!

Reptor: To think, he personaly put an end to that miserable prince and nearly killed Byron for putting up a fight... I've never seen such a bold ploy! And with Arvis using His Majesty's trust, it all worked flawlessly! Convincing the king of anything is hardly a challenge, but to succeed with a tale of this scale takes quite the storyteller... And here we are, with the entirety of House Chalphy framed for the crime! Heh heh... Our victory is all but assured. The throne of Grannvale shall be mine, one way or another. I'll leave no pest who dares interfere with me alive...

Sigurd: I'm a traitor now, and a Grannvale legion now waits at our doorstep to arrest me?!

Oifey: Sire... and to think, the war here was over at long last, and you were about to go and search for Deirdre.

Sigurd: Gah... How could His Majesty have fallen for Reptor's lies? How could he possibly believe that my father, of all people, would kill Prince Kurth?! Aah... If only Father Claude had gotten back to the capital before they struck... Why?! Why is this happening?! I fought a pointless war, I let Eldigan die, and now this! What have I been fighting for all along?!

Oifey: Sire...

Mahnya: Queen Rahna bade my corps and I to come and retrieve you. We invite you and your subordinates to retreat with us to Silesse, until your good name has been cleared in Grannvale.

Sigurd: ...Queen Rahna of Silesse, you say? Why is Silesse willing to give aid to an alleged traitor like me?

Mahnya: Please, sir. Time is of the essence. The Grannvale assault is sure to begin at any moment now. My pegasus knights will escort you across the sea to safety in Silesse.

But Mahnya, there's no Rescue-Drop mechanics in this game! How can you carry them?!

Okay, that concludes Chapter 3.

I hope you guys are still enjoying this, even if Sigurd is clearly not.
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