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[Let's Play] Fire Emblem : Genealogy of the Holy War


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The new patch: is not making Midir any less unpleasant than he was in the previous ones. What really makes him so is Briggid's reaction, imo. It would read very differently if she were amused/curious/literally anything else than "what are you mumbling under your breath, you strange little man" to "gtfo".

I really like Briggid's voice in this patch, as well. It's distinctively rougher than the others - maybe even more brusque than Jamke. You get the impression that her education as pirate was very different from the others.

Briggid: You must be that Grannvale man... Sigurd, right? Guess this is it. Come on. Just get it over with.
Briggid is so very dashing, and I for one love her for it. For all that Jugdral is a pretty sexist setting, the game isn't cheap with well-defined, interesting, diverse female characters.

Case in point:
I've searched for you for years. I never lost hope that we would meet again.
Aideen's primary motivation of looking for her sister. Technically I'm not sure this convo would serve as another Bechdel test pass - they do namedrop their father and brother - but it's very much not the focus. It's a fun thing to consider, especially when contrasted with the fact that Aideen is very popular with the guys, and that several of her love interests have "in love with Lady Aideen" as one of their primary motivations or interactions with the plot: that's not what interests her.

he's taking out his frustration about Travant flipping him the bird on his way out of the Augustrian sky on them, isn't he.

I didn't know there was specific text if you entered the arena without a weapon. Nice.

On the topic of Claude, he's clearly the archetype of the Fire Emblem Fey Blond Bishonen, as later exemplified by the likes of Elphin, Lucius, the herons, and Libra, but tbh I find him tragically lacking in charisma for such a role. Maybe it's because he joins so late, or maybe it's because the otehr two characters joining at the same time are so much more striking? Claude is very reserved.

Remember how I showed you the convo you get from that village before you fight against Eldigan and the Cross Knights? Yeaaaap. I really like that touch of changing the discussion.
If memory serves, if you don't pair up Lachesis, it's implied in Gen2 that one of the substitutes is in fact the daughter of this NPC and her boyfriend.

Which brings me nicely back to Nordion meta, spoilerblock'ed in case you didn't read the manga scans earlier, for something not yet mentioned in game.

Spoiler: Show
In the Oosawa manga, the existence of Eldigan's wife and child is already known to the reader. In the game, the fact that Eldigan is married with a kid is revealed to the player by a villager in Chapter 3. No-one mentions it before - not Sigurd, when he talks about Eldigan's "most important person" or whatever, not Eldigan himself. Obviously, Eldigan's wife and child weren't in Nordion by the time Chapter 2 starts, because Lachesis is the one acting as the mistress of her brother's castle, and there's no mention of a wife. Even Eldigan's dying words if you talk to him with Lachesis are for Lachesis alone.

So Eldigan was not exactly the husband-of-the-year type that Quan is.

This serves two purposes:

First, it enhances or legitimizes the subtext between Eldigan and Lachesis, and it shifts it from the latter "little sister a bit too much obsessed with her elder brother" to a two-way obsession. Lachesis gets a lot of flak in certain circles, as though the incestuous undertones were entirely her fault. She is the one most outspoken about it, as she is about everything else; but while Eldigan doesn't say nearly as much, how he acts and what he doesn't say are also telling.

It's in keeping with the rest of their characters: Lachesis shows a certain disregard for rules, as opposed to ideals, and especially for social rules. Most of her predestined lovers are decidedly beneath her social station, for instance - Beowuf's a mercenary, Dew's a thief, Noishe's only a knight, not a one of them is a landed noble and not a one have a drop of Holy Blood. Lachesis also repeatedly speaks out against Chagall's rule. (All of which makes Heroes' decision to stat her as a healer with no access to Fury, and a dialogue completely devoid of ideals the greatest betrayal since the prologue of Awakening.) For Lachesis, social rules are a constraints to ideals, and sometimes these rules must be broken for a greater good.

Eldigan, on the other hand, is all about pursuing an ideal through following these rules - and if Lachesis confronts him, finally, he gives in to her point of view. I have an interpretation of Eldigan following closely the rules as a reaction to his out-of-line, has-no-place-in-society love for Lachesis. The more the perfect knight, the perfect king he acts, the less that feeling will be counted as a sin. It's the one way he can be worthy of Lachesis' regard and not have it be a sin, as well.

If Gen1 is a tragedy, Eldigan's love for Lachesis is his fatal flaw.

Second, by not mentioning the little fact that Eldigan is already hitched, the game plays with the player's expectations. It's easier to imagine Eldigan being recruitable - in chapter 3, for instance, especially if you do send Lachesis to recruit him - if you don't know he has a heir somewhere.

Which is a pretty nice touch.

I'm still enjoying the Let's Play immensely, Demoiselle, sorry for not making more comments recently! I'm glad you managed to get through the many many turns of moving people around and visiting villages. Next time in the land of pegknights!
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The new patch: is not making Midir any less unpleasant than he was in the previous ones. What really makes him so is Briggid's reaction, imo. It would read very differently if she were amused/curious/literally anything else than "what are you mumbling under your breath, you strange little man" to "gtfo".
Yes, it's Briggid's reaction that shifts it to a man hitting on a woman in the metro who would rather be anywhere but here and OMG would you just leave her alone? Although the fact that Midir is basically calling her "another Aideen, but prettier!" doesn't help either.

I really like Briggid's voice in this patch, as well. It's distinctively rougher than the others - maybe even more brusque than Jamke. You get the impression that her education as pirate was very different from the others.

I also feel Briggid's insecurity (which is a bit of character trait of her) is made clearer here, or maybe i'm paying more attention to it.

If memory serves, if you don't pair up Lachesis, it's implied in Gen2 that one of the substitutes is in fact the daughter of this NPC and her boyfriend.
To be specific, if you don't pair up Lachesis, her substitutes are outright said (in the epilogue) to be the children of Eve, one of the three Cross Knights who followed Lachesis around in Chap 2. I'm not sure there's anything to call back to this village maiden, beyond the fact that she's the girlfriend of a Cross Knight, so could very well be their mother, and she looks a lot like the daughter. If anyone can confirm there's more of a callback to it than that, i'd be grateful.

In the game, the fact that Eldigan is married with a kid is revealed to the player by a villager in Chapter 3.
No, none of the villages in chap 3 mention that. This is a fact still not revealed to the player at this point in time. I thought it was, too, but it must be from a latter convo.

(Not that your analysis is wrong, otherwise, it's just you're telling facts that haven't been made clear in the game yet.)

I'm still enjoying the Let's Play immensely, Demoiselle, sorry for not making more comments recently! I'm glad you managed to get through the many many turns of moving people around and visiting villages. Next time in the land of pegknights!
Thank you \o/ your comments and reactions give me life!!
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No, none of the villages in chap 3 mention that. This is a fact still not revealed to the player at this point in time. I thought it was, too, but it must be from a latter convo.

You want me to edit/spoilerblock my post, or is it okay as is?


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You want me to edit/spoilerblock my post, or is it okay as is?
Maybe under a sblock? Leave the readers to decide themselves. It's not exactly a spoiler in the sense of being a twist event, but if people prefer knowing stuff as the same speed as the narrative, they can not look at it?


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It's nice to see this LP resumed. Looking forward to the Dance in the Skies.
Aw, thank you for saying so <3

so one good news is the view has shifted to an exact count which makes me feel much better about feeling like people are reading even when they don't comment...

the bad news is I'm hosting the pics on tumblr and who knows how long that'll remain a viable option XD

All right, I have a bunch of pictures to post in between the chapters, because the manga stretched to two volumes more or less for chap 3.

But let's start by showing what happens when you do attack Eldigan instead of sending Lachesis to talk to him.

His generic boss convo...

Lachesis has a special one, of course. (Then he attacks her anyway because they didn't develop the technology to prevent units from attacking one another for characterisation reason until Radiant Dawn)

... and he critiqued and killed her. Way to go Eldie!
That our super awesome promoted Lachesis with ridiculously good stat ups getting one shotted... The Mystletainn is no joke.

And when we kill him.

I already showed the Sigurd special convo. Sadly Quan doesn't get one.

Oh and apparently I didn't have the patience to grab this one:

The Turn After Eltshan Dies (If You Killed Him)

“Why!? Why’d he have to die? What have I been fighting for…”

“Sir, there’s nothing you could’ve done. Don’t blame yourself. We must stay focused on King Eltshan’s hope of returning peace to Agustria.”

On to manga scans...

Deirdre is a character that manga fleshes out a whole lot.

Then they have the Castle get besieged by some mages as a reason for her getting out (leaving her vulnerable to Manfroy seizing her), which makes the whole thing looks a bit less dumb.

Also Shanan gets involved

... I find that whole sequence hits pretty well.

For something less depressing, Taillte's dramatic entrance (way before her official recruitment XD):

I think she thinks she's in Slayers :). Would that she was.

Childhood trio reuniting:

^_^;; the manga really goes to weird place with sexual harassment at times i must say.


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One of the only good thing the Heroes Lachesis has is picking up on this theme in one of her lines: "One wonders—if you served a foolish ruler, would you obey without question or defy his will?"

Rightly so, since that's one of the main theme of chap 3.

The manga storyline whitewashes Sigurd in most of that sequence a great deal (Eldigan never righteously yells at him for invading his country; and there's no voice of the narration talking about how Grannvale administrators are mostly here to profit from Agustria) but one interesting it does is to put forth explicitly that Eldigan could try to put himself up as a King instead of Chagall, to try to salvage the situation on his own.

Doesn't mean that he would have succeeded if he had been willing to do that but that's an interesting point to make about the whole situation, although then Sigurd might have been the one more obviously stuck with wrongful orders to obey. More about this later, i think.

So much drama!!

When news of Eldigan's death reach them

Travant's chara design is a bit different here...

The manga makes sure to give us a scene with Travant and Quan :)

Introducing Briggid

Baby!Briggid being super cute (flashbacks continue to be my favourite thing about the manga...)

There's something about the whole plot of Briggid having her followers turn against her/abandon her that reminds me of Lyn (especially since their personalities aren't too different.) Lots of different circumstances in there, though.

There's a whole shifted plot about Briggid being a prisonner and Aideen replacing her and then a duel of luck being put forth which resulted into this little William Tell sequence.

And the flying cavalry arrives!

Nordion family:

(not point in trying to keep the whole Eldigan has a whife and child thing hidden at this point since I'd already posted a panel where they're mentioned even if i had forgotten it ^_^;;)

And the last of the Grannvale nobles now that they're all introduced...

And the Thracia peninsula folks!


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Another lore drop from Treasure:
Bridgette’s Disappearance

The Tower of Blagi was a place where large amounts of wealthy people traveled for pilgrimage. The faithful and wealthy Lord Ring(ring being the name) of Yungvy was also heading towards the Tower along with his children once again. However, the ship got caught in a storm and was in danger of sinking. The calm second daughter Eden and the scared first son Andrey stayed next to Lord Ring, but the energetic first daughter Bridgette was playing inside the ship and her whereabouts were unknown. Having no choice, Lord Ring takes the two children and evacuate the ship. Afterwards, they made best efforts to find Bridgette in all directions, but she could not be found…….

10+ Years later.

At Orgahill, Eden and Bridgette were finally reunited.

In truth, after Lord Ring evacuated the ship, the ship did not sink but rather hijacked by the Orgahill pirates. These Orgahill pirates were one of the pirate gangs claiming the seas around the Tower of Blagi as their territory, and they are categorized as one of the honorable pirate gangs. These seas where countless pirates targetted ships on their pilgrimage to the Tower were territory of the country of Anphony. However, the morals of this country’s army was lacking and they accepted bribes from the pirates in exchange for pretending not to see anything. This is where these honorable pirates came in, and they took fees from ships in exchange for securing the seaway. They defended the ship from pirates attacking with the intent to take over, and that’s how they made a living. However, even though they were honorable pirates, they were also infamous for mercilessly attacking ships that would not pay fees.

Bridgette, who was crying alone in the storage room at the bottom of the ship, was then picked up by the leader of the Orgahill pirates and was grown as his daughter. Luckily, the leader of this pirate gang that saved Bridgette was one of the most powerful and honorable pirates. And thus, she inherited her foster father’s will and was eventually called a honorable pirate even better than her father.
I'm not shifting name translations but Yungvy is Jungby, Eden is Aideen and Bridgette is Briggid of of course.

And from the Player guide... because it was mentioned but not much more developed (and i don't believe the game even ever addresses it exactly):

Q: What was the Tragedy of the Gaebolg?

A: Noba married a knight who was friends with her brother Dain and lived a happy life with him. One day, her husband and King Dain fought each other over some dispute. Noba tried to stop the two fighting, but accidentally killed her beloved husband (the weapon that took his life was her lance). That was the beginning of events, Later, Nova committed suicide and King Dain died a mysterious death. Afterwards, within the Lenster Royal Family the legend was passed on that “the Earth Lance and Heaven Lance call to each other” and “the Earth Lance is a lance that causes love and sorrow”.
Noba being the Crusader who's the ancestor of Quan's line; and Dain the ancestor of Travant's line.

Q: Why is it that the Nodion Royal Family can wield Mistolteen and not Agusty’s leader?

A: Black Knight Hezul founded the Agusty Royal Family. He had many children and one of them, his youngest daughter who possessed the holy markings, was married off to the Nodion family. From then on, the successor of the holy markings appeared within the Nodion Royal Family and they were allowed to take the Demon Sword Mistolteen if they swore an oath of loyalty to the Agusty Royal Family. In terms of bloodline, the rulers of Agusty were Hezul’s direct descendants.
And we're back to Eldigan's situation.

Agustry does have the specificity of not having the Holy Blood wielder being the ruler of the country, and that's partially because it's one of the few documented cases where the heir to the Major Holy Blood was a younger child. The end result probably was a situation were there was a strong pressure for the Nodion line to be loyal to their King, given the direct power imbalance it must have created.

Eldigan is the Fire Emblem franchise's most successful "Camus" archetype, in my opinion. This is largely because the reasons for his diehard (literally) loyalty isn't just "patriotism!!!" (like many other Camus) but because his intentions spring also from a genuine worry about the consequences of war for the common folk, and because we can see Grannvale and Sigurd are in the wrong as well. Agustria had its bellicose scumbag aristocrats, but the voice of the narration also tell us that Grannvale does have imperialistic reasons to want to maintain its occupation of Agustria (despite Eldigan and Sigurd's optimistic cries of "but we were so close!"). The whole thing creates an obviously impossible situation for them, which makes the tragic issue feel natural instead of forced by a stubborn refusal to join the good guys.

And of course, you don't even have to kill him in battle. He's a "Camus" the player can dissuade to keep fighting, an end result which is enshrined as more canon by the gameplay mechanics rewarding you with an additional item if you go with that road.

I do feel that the only thing Eldigan "does wrong" in that situation is to not try to oust Chagall, as his leadership might have at least give a chance for a peaceful resolution (probably only temporary, though, until Reptor and Langbalt accomplish their plot against Sigurd)... but betraying this outrageously his lord was too obviously anti chivalrous ideals.

I also like that we see him talk very sternly to Sigurd, but when he's on his own, he's very obviously distressed at the thought of fighting against his friends.

Anyway, I think he has a lot of interesting nuances <3

Although he's a petty smug snake, Chagall's obvious inferiority complex and jealousy feels very believable to me. He's not one of the game's good villain, but he's a character I find very credible despite how self-destructive and outrageously evil all his choices are.


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Starting Chapter 4 narration:

Sigurd is now a traitor in the eyes of his beloved Grannvale.

It lies under the watchful guard of the valiant pegasus knights and wind mages, and so for over a century since its foundation , Silesse has maintained itself as a neutral nation and resisted all invaders.

However ever since the death of its king, several years ago, the royal family has been plagued with strife over its inheritance, and shades of war creep over the peaceful land.

and has confined himself to Zaxon Castle in protest.

has set to work raising an army for himself at Thove Castle. Out of disgust at his uncles, Prince Lewyn left Silesse to travel the world years ago.

Is there no end to the duke's avarice? Their lust for power will condemn Silesse, a beautiful and majestic land, to the searing ravages of a brutal war.

Rahna: I know Sailane is perhaps too small to house all of you adequately, and I'm sorry, but please, bear with me for a while longer. I'm doing all I can to hasten your liberty. I've sent letters to Belhalla to advocate for your innocence. As of yet, however, I've still heard nothing at all from King Azmur.

Sigurd: This... This has to be Reptor's doing! First, he betrays my father, and now he's stopping all your letters! He must be!

Rahna: Calm yourself, Lord Sigurd! I know well the pain you're feeling, but you cannot let your grudges rule you. Your anger will not save your father. Hatred will only destroy you from within. I swear to you, I can and I will find a way to set this to rights, but you must be patient.

Sigurd: You're right... I'm sorry, Your Highness. I really appreciate all you've done for me.

Rahna: It's alright, Lord Sigurd. Oh, before I forget... There actually has been some good news from Grannvale of late.

Sigurd: Good news, you say?

Rahna: It took King Azmur only a glance to recognize her true heritage. She bears the brand of Naga, the proof of a true heir to House Belhalla. There is no doubt. She is Kurth's child.

Sigurd: I see... Thank goodness... At the very least, this means the royal lineage won't go extinct.

Rahna: That's not all. The princess and Duke Arvis are in a relationship. King Azmur has given his blessing, and a magnificent wedding will soon be held.

Sigurd: Arvis? Really?

Rahna: All who've seen the happy couple eagerly attest that this beautiful princess and Duke Arvis are perfectly matched together. To say nothing of how happy the couple is said to be! Young love is wonderful, isn't it? ...Oh. Lord Sigurd, I'm so sorry. I forgot. Your wife is still-

Sigurd: Deirdre... my wife's still gone, yes... It's been over a year since she vanished. She's missed an entire year of watching Seliph grow up.

Rahna: I'm so sorry, Lord Sigurd, but cheer up. I know you'll reunite someday.

Sigurd: You're right. I feel it, too. I can't give in to sorrow just yet. I can't give up on finding her.

Rahna: Ah, of course. I'll be with you in a moment. Lord Sigurd, one last thing... Beware of Duke Maios of Thove. I regret to say that my brother-in-law has long hungered to claim Sailane for himself. It's only a matter of time till he goes so far as to attack you. I wish I could provide you with reinforcement, but...

Sigurd: ...I know. The capital is under the very same threat from Duke Daccar of Zaxon. You cannot afford to weaken your own guard. Daccar will pounce upon you given even a hint of weakness. Don't worry about it, Your Highness. There's nothing the Thove army can throw at us that we can't handle.

Rahna: Ah, of course. I should be more confident in such veteran heroes as yourselves. Oh! I've been talking for so long, I lost track of the time. Take care, Lord Sigurd.

Sigurd: You, too, Your Highness. Thank you.

Lewyn: You've just chatted for hours and hours with Sigurd, yet you can't even acknowledge your own son?

Rahna: My son? The one who abandoned me two years ago, going gods know where? How do I talk to someone who's clearly not here?

Lewyn: Heh heh... So this is how it's going to be, is it? You're still mad at me, then?

Rahna: Of course I am! Do you have any idea how hard it was without you, and how worried I've been after you? That my own son could be so cold-hearted... I thought I knew you better than this.

Lewyn: Look, I know you're upset, but I had my reasons for all this. But, come on, I'm home safely! Surely that counts for something and you can forgive me? I swear I'll make up for it and be the very picture of a good son. Hey, how about I give you a shoulder massage to start?

Rahna: Oh! What nerve! Treating me as if I'm an old crone... Look, Lewyn, there are more pressing matters which we need to talk about, and soon. Come to Silesse as soon as possible. Do not forget! Do I make myself clear?

Lewyn: ...Sigh. I thought she'd never stop.

Mahnya: Indeed, she hasn't been anything as cheerful as this as since before you left.

Lewyn: Thanks, Mahnya. Knowing you're at her side is a big relief. Look after her, okay?

Mahnya: Yes, sir! Rest assured, I will protect the queen with my life, on my honor as the captain of the Silessian pegasus knights.

Lewyn: Thanks. Oh, one more thing... Are you gonna leave Erin here with Sigurd?

Mahnya: Oh. Eavesdropping, were you, Erin?

Erin: You were about to tell him too much, so...

Mahnya: Ah. My apologies, Erin. There are things he shouldn't know just yet, of course... Erin, I'll be leaving with Queen Rahna and returning to Silesse Castle shortly. You'll stay here and keep an eye on Prince Lewyn. Best of luck.

Erin: Thank you, Mahnya.

Quan: Rest assure, we'll be back, this time leading the full military might of Leonster to your aid. May that day come soon, my friend.

Finn: Don't give up, sir. One day, I know, the charges against you will be cleared and your good name restored. I know you can do this.

Sigurd: Thank you. You've got quite the journey back to Leonster ahead of you. I wish I could do more to help you on your way. May your journey be a safe one!

And off they go...

Ffff that took a long while and there's still enemy dialogues to go through. But let me start on a few commentaries:

Chapter 4 is the first time when I feel the game's tendency towards portrait recycling is starting to hurt it badly. We'd had recycled portrait of Bike Bandits before, but given the depth of such character, that didn't hurt the narration as much.Queen Rahna looking exactly like the Lady of the Lake in Verdane, at least, is amusing, because I tend to headcanon that Lex is always a bit freaked out around her and nobody understands why, which I find amusing. However, Lewyn's uncles looking just like that asshole Elliot and his father from Agustria, right away, prefigures the depth of writing that will go into them (aka, not much); which is a shame given the background of family infighting does warrant a little bit more pathos, IMHO.

Queen Rahna is such a Jewish mother, I love her. XD She really establish herself as such a warm presence with only a scene (although, she doesn't kid about talking too much).

Gotta love the dramatic irony about the announce of Arvis and his fiancée, the long lost daughter of Prince Kurth. Sigyn must have been very pretty, because her children are quite beautiful indeed.

I'm not sure I love how this translator render the little dialogue between Erin and Mahnya. I think it should come across more as teasing banter between siblings than it does here. Mahnya almost sounds more like she's hinting about important plot thing instead, which, err... not exactly?

This is that bit in the older translation:
“Thank you. Also… are you going to leave Fury here?”

“Yes… I ask that you keep her at your side. She…”


“Oh, Fury. You were there?”

“Don’t tell Lord Levin any more than necessary…”

“Oh… Sorry, you’re right. I should have kept quiet. Fury, I’m returning to Silesia with Lady Lahna. So make sure you protect Lord Levin, alright?”
I think the subtext does come across a bit better. (Fury is Erin, in case you forgot).

We've got about one year added to our timeline. I tend to figure that the Leonster group left earlier than they are shown here, because it makes little sense for them to stick around so long doing nothing. Just a way to have the narrative conventions flow better?

Silesse is the place where most of the pairings of Gen 1 will occur, especially some of the crackier one you might do. They spent a whole year there, on this northern countries so that makes sense. The nights of Silesse are long and cold. That would certainly explain a lot of hook up ;)


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Maios: Very well. Relay my orders to Cuvuli: move in on Sailane! Dithorba, I trust your pegasus corps are already briefed on your mission?

Dithorba: Yes, sir. Our task is clear. My squadron is to raid the enemy from above, disrupting their tactics.

Maios: Good. Now get to work! Grannvale will owe us a handsome reward for bringing them the heads of their infamous traitors! Heh heh heh...

At that's it!

By the way someone else took a Lover when I wasn't looking:

Good, good.

Taillte still had the Paragon band at the end of last chapter, so I make her the first to go through the arena.

As before, Wrath is fairly easy to abuse to give her level ups. Almost to promotion already!

Also we'd left Erin ready to promote at the end of last chapter:

A decent promotion, with mostly a huge boost in Magic (to allow the Staff rank it opens up to be useful) and Resistance (which is even higher here, because she's got the Barrier ring).

Let's look at those caps:
Falcon Knight8022222530302127

30 Spd is very nice, and 25 Skill is decent. The Str and Def caps are a bit low, but that's hardly the sort of things Peg Knights usually shine for. The promotion also comes with A rank in both Swords and Lances, a C rank in Staff, and the Adept skill. Overall, the Pegasus Knight is one of the best class of the game.

Note that the Res cap is also very high, especially for a physical class. I don't think you usually get units able to exploit that unless you go for an Erin/Claude pairing, though.

With all that unlikely Strength level ups and the +3 Str from the village, she's almost to her cap already ^_^;;

Anyway, it's time for Lewyn to grow up a little now that he's back home. Let him do that by going through the arena...

(he's not picking up Spd anymore because he's already capped it, by the way)

Very nice promotion. Gotta love all that Magic, and the Skill, Speed and Res sure aren't hurting either.


I've mentioned a couple of times before that Sage is the best magical class of the game. That's largely because it's got the highest caps in Magic, Speed and even Resistance. It also grants the Adept skill (okay, Lewyn already has that so no diff here for him) and a B rank in Staff, all the Anima magic and even Light magic. It's also got one more move over the High Priest class. The High Priest class got really badly screwed up in comparison :(

Man, I'm gonna miss the Bard costume. This new one looks like a 70's superhero costume for a Cosmic title.

I think that was the only level up I managed to get Dew in the arena. At least it's a good one?
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