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[Let's Play] Fire Emblem : Genealogy of the Holy War


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Lex gonna Lex.

Alec still had the Brave Swords from last chapter, so I made him hold onto it for easy arena cheesing (and Paragon which he finally had enough money to get a pass on)

This is more or less the same promotion Ethlyn got, except no Staff access, but a B rank in Lance instead.


The caps are the same, though. Aka, a bit too middling to be good. Story of Alec's life.

Yeah, figures, after all that cheesing it helped Alec do XD

Hero is another case of a class just being objectively less good than the alternative Swordmaster.


The Speed and Skill caps are still good, mind you, but lower by 3 points. The Strength cap is the same. The Def cap is the same. The only trade off is Magic being a bit higher (as if that would ever make a difference). And you also lose out on the Adept skill. It's still a good class, mind, just... objectively not as good as Swordmaster.

We're pretty far from the GBA and other latter game version of that class, which gets access to axes at promotion and a better balanced statline with better strength and defense...

Arena headcanon! This guy Kraft is the 5th opponent in the arena, and he's a Mage Knight with a Elthunder.

When Reptor and Langbalt showed up at the end of Chapter 3, their armies was mostly made of Great Knights and Mage Knights like this. I figure that's where he came from. He decided he was going to make a name for himself by hunting down the traitor Sigurd and bring him back to justice!!! He went all the way to Silesse for this... but then well. It's a pretty cool land, and he fell in love with someone, and, you know, settled in the place... and now he's earning his money in the arena and he's given up on all that stuff XD

By the way, what's in the Store this chapter. Finally a Wind tome for Azel! The Recover staff is a B rank staves that heal all of the HP of a unit regardless of the healer's Magic. Gonna give it to Lachesis I think. The Return band is gonna get to Aideen as usual.


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Briggid's turn.

By now the Paragon can be swapped around by most of the good units pretty easily so this takes a while but it's also much less painful to make them go through it than it was in the past (at least as long as it's not... Dew or Noish or Sylvia we're talking of).

The Mage Knight's promotion bonus is mostly accented towards physical stats, since it turns a Mage into a mixed class, able to use B rank Swords as well as B rank Anima magic.

Mage Knight8020252222302022

It's got lower caps than the other magic using classes, of course, but it does have that Horse mobility in its favour, making is useful in a different way. 25 Magic cap is fairly decent still, considering (Azel is one point off the cap, given that he's got a Magic ring on him. And Skill ring).

Speed cap met.

Magic cap met.

Still manages to pick up two stat ups even after his got to his two easy stats cap? Impressive :)

Hey, look who also ran into their Speed Cap (Skill cap being already reached)

Still manages to grab some stat ups, nice!

At this point of overleveled, I think that was the only stat up Aideen got from the Arena.

Yeah... Midir, it's a bit too late for you to decide to finally get some Strength...

Let's look at the Arch Knight caps:

Arch Knight8025152323302318

Very typical sort of caps of a Horse class. Which is too say: mediocre.

Midir also reached his Speed cap. Such as it is.

Nice. Too late, but nice.


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Same deal as Aideen, that was her only arena level up.

Her boyfriend is catching up (and has just met his tragically low Strength cap).

Looking nice!

Strength cap met!

*sighs* It's not surprising that he's not picking up Skill with that 10% growth, but it's still disappointing.

Judging by his most recent accuracy in the arena, I think it's time Azel handed the Skill ring to Jamke. (Azel doesn't have a high Skill, but Magic Tomes are more accurate than Bow at baseline).

Arena Headcanon: Nikita is a Peg Knight who deserted because she got tired of all the political bullshit and how it was splitting the Peg Knight corps apart. She doesn't like Daccar or Maios, but Lewyn just ran off, so why should she feel concerned by all that shit? Better earn her own living in the arena.

Maybe she's the one who got together with Kraft, too :).

Even Arden got to try out some Brave Sword cheese. It didn't get him very far, but that's always something.

Erin is finally picking up some Speed, yay! (sadly she didn't have enough money for a round with the Paragon band).

Claude (and Aideen too) had a much easier time with the arena once I gave him the Wind tome. That light weight really makes a difference.

Since he didn't need to promote, we never checked out his Class cap, so let's do that now:

Lord Knight8025152222302218

He's reached his Strength cap, but that's all. He's off two points of his Speed and Skill cap, which he might get to.

The Lord class of this game is a bit underwhelming, it looks just like most of the other Horse classes, not counting Master Knight: middling caps.


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Final state of arena completion:

Only having troubles going farther for a handful of units ^_^

As you can see we also have a few Talks to grab!

Lots of new, promoted sprites in the Castle!

Did some inventory reshuffling so, the crew looks like this now:

tbh didn't know who else to give the Power ring to.

One silver sword of Ayra.


Ayra gave him his gift back because it's sweet but he needs it more than she does.

I don't know I had to give the Return staff to someone. Not sure I won't regret it.

No change, but look at our dancer with +3 Moves and Canto and a magical sword <3

I know I spoil Erin but she's worth it.

Briggid doesn't need much but Yewfelle.

As before.

Now with Skill ring.

Axe!Lachesis ftw! Also with Recover staff because her Magic is a bit crap for proper healing.

Ever the opportunist, Beo grabbed the Wingslayer to supplement his Silver Blade and the Thief Sword.

She traded off the Paragon band for the Pursuit band so she'll be able to double.

I got him a simple Heal staff that he was lacking as well as all his high grad staves.

The leftover units... I'm not going to be using them much anymore. Well, probably a bit of Midir, because Fliers means archers are gonna be handy, but there's not much point giving battle xp to Alec and Noish and Arden anymore, besides ranking.

That's all for today. I probably won't update until next week.
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