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[Let's Play] Fire Emblem : Genealogy of the Holy War


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(ETA: I forgot to talk about Ayra's Love Growth with the various characters... I'll do that tomorrow. Too tired now.)
Turns out there is not much to post. Ayra has an even 0 base +2 Love Point per turn with everyone currently in the army. She's got 50+2 with the characters we'll recruit during Chap 2; and 200+2 with the character recruited in the middle of Chap 3. How very fair minded of her.

Her Brave Swords conversation gives 100 Love Points to either Lex or Holyn as well.

Our castle is starting to fill up nicely. Like how Deirdre's sprite is at Sigurd's side.

I think this is the most painful moment for arena, because we transition from the Chap 1 arena we need to finish at the end, when lots of units still struggle a lot with it, to a Chap 2 early chapter arena, when a lot of units also struggle a lot of go through it, even if it's starting to be easier.

As the game progresses and you train up your units well, and equip them with better loot, each arena should become a bit easier to complete, even as their difficulty level increases (at least for the units you do invest in).

Anyway, the arena level ups:

(I really forced Finn to pick up some Speed and it was a bit painful)

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Putting their state of arena completion at:

(the little star means they've beaten the full arena roster for the chapter)

Holyn's replacement in the arena is a promoted Myrmidon called a "Forrest" (for unknown reason) which is the class that Holyn will promote to (Ayra however promotes to a slightly better Swordmaster promotion) who is much more difficult to beat than Holyn. As you can see, a lot of characters were stuck at the 7th fight as a result.

Well they've got the entire map to get good enough level ups to beat him :)

So we're starting at Evans as before.

And we need to follow this road west.

Up to the Nordion castle with Lachesis and her three knights.

Here's Yves, and the two others are identical.

And here's Lachesis. A Princess.

Who's going to get attacked by an army coming from the north-west.

Here, led my Elliot.

Who will drop a Silver Lance. Only Quan can use that in our army right now, so either he'll get the kill or buy it later from someone who needs money.

Eliott has picked up a lot of levels since last time we saw him. Must have gone through some training from hell. He still has pathetic stats for his level though.

There's an Armored contingent of the army who'll stay put, led by another mini boss:

Who drops a Return band. It's a ring that grants the same ability of the Return Staff to one unit. Unlike the other Skill Band, the Return ring is worth only 20,000 Gold probably because they acknowledged it's only occasionally useful. I think I'll have it grabbed by whoever needs money the most. I kind of like it on Ethlyn in theory (can Return everyone then Return herself with it) but in practice, it doesn't make a bit difference.

A bit beyond their starting point is the Heirhein Castle, with Elliot's dad, Bordeaux.

Who drops a Barrier Ring, which increases Res by +5. No particular idea on who to give it to, so you can give input. It's nice on Mage killers, but barely anyone has any Res so far so it barely makes a difference. It might help Azel duel with other Mages too. Likewise on one of our archer. (Deirdre has so much Res already i don't think there's much of a point giving her more).
Or I'll just give it to someone who needs money because there's a character we don't have yet that could enjoy getting it.

Or for the larger map of the situation:

The beginning of Chapter 2 is a race against the clock. We need to Seize Heirhein within the first 11 turns. OR ELSE we gonna lose a precious piece of loot.

For this reason, our Cavalry are going to rush in and the Infantry troops will follow at their own rhythm, resulting in a split army.


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I'm officially closing the Aideen's Lover poll. Congratulations to Jamke for winning with 4 votes. I'll start working on pairing them up from now on.

Don't forget to vote on Ayra's Lover poll, too: https://www.strawpoll.me/18257218
Right now there's a four way tie between Arden, Holyn, Lex and Noish!

Chap 2's main theme is one of my all time favorite track from FE4. It is so very melancholy.

Anyway the clock is ticking. We have a Castle to seize within 11 turns.

Turn 1, I get that talk between Deirdre and Ethlyn.

Deirdre: Everything will be alright. I can feel it. So long as I'm at Sigurd's side, our happiness will see us through.

Ethlyn: I don't think I've ever seen Sigurd as happy as he's been since he met you. He's practically a changed man!

Deirdre: Ethlyn... Here. I'd like you to have this. I've been meaning to give it to you for a while.

Ethlyn: Oh?... Is - is this a light brand?! Wow... These are so rare and hard to come by! Are you sure you want to give me this?

Deirdre: Of course. I know that it will serve you well.

Ethlyn: I can't thank you enough, Deirdre! I'll always treasure it!

The Light Brand is our first magic sword, the one associated with Light magic.

They allow sword users to make an attack range, using their Magic attribute. However in this game, a Magic Sword used in Melee (or in Arena) will still be a physical attack.

Besides how useful it is to get ranged attack for a melee unit and to be able to target Res, Magic swords are also good because they have a low rank of C, making them very accessible to any Sword using Class; yet have pretty good Might of 12. They're a bit heavier and lower in Hit that your average Sword, though, but most of the time it's a good trade off.

The Light Brand is also the best of the Magic Swords, because of being associated with Light. I haven't mentioned it yet but Magic has its own Weapon Triangle that works independently from the physical weapon triangle. It goes (and Heroes has made it so much easier to remember thanks to its color coding): Fire > Wind > Thunder > Fire.
But, in this game, both Light and Dark magic have a Weapon advantage over all three Fire, Wind and Thunder magics (Dark and Light are neutral to one another). So when fighting against magic, the Light Brand also has the Weapon advantage against the three anima type.

As a mixed magical & physical unit, Ethlyn is obviously a very good pick for it, even though she's not a great offensive unit.

By the way, if you ever want to try to solo Gen 1 with Sigurd, it tends to rely on giving Sigurd the Light Brand (as well as most of the Rings he can get).

Lots of traffic this time of the day on the Agustrian roads. Someone should look into a public transportation scheme.

He is such a charmer, I can't figure how she's been able to refuse him so long...

I wish I could say this was the last time there was threat of sexual violence in a female character's introduction in this game, but at least I think I can say it is the last one of Gen 1.

If you look again at the whole map of Agustria, you may notice the whole center is made up of villages within sparse woods, separated from the road we're riding on by a cliff we can't cross. Well, that's where they're going, planning to pillage them all.

"Release the brigands on the villages" strike me as one of the dumbest moment of petty villainy out of the whole game (and that game includes some really dumb petty villains). Most of the times, when you're got bandits looting villages, it is implied to be part of a conqueror's army, or, indeed, random independent brigands. This guy manages to order bandits to loot his own people, the guys who, we should assume, owe him taxes and stuff that make him wealthy.

Or maybe the village are dependent of one of his fellow lords, the bulk of the villages are closest to Mackily after all; that might be the most plausible explanation for this otherwise dumb move. But the game doesn't really explain it out.

And Mackily decides to not move a finger for now, so... that may leave its villages undefended.

As usual the game plays fights between NPCs with real numbers.

At least it takes them a while properly reaching those villages.

It only took one turn for Elliot's forces to reach Nordion, but in those two turns, our cavalry is also reaching it, just barely.

Turn 3, we start killing them off.
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Lex is in great shape!

Unlike in Verdane, where most of the enemies carried axes which gave all the sword fighters a significant advantage; Agustria has ennemies with much more diverse weapons; and a large amount of lances. That means that Lex, Quan and Finn are going to start to be much more crucial to the battles. (Alec and Noish can also make more use of those Iron Lances I gave them, but Iron weapons are starting to be pretty low quality compared to other characters' weaponry at this point).


Empty level up :cry:

End of turn 3, there's only a few of them left.

Turn four, I clean up most of the rest...

He's finally reaching some decent levels of Speed ;)

Turn five:

So long and thanks for the Silver lance!

Then Sigurd can go chat with Lachesis.

Lachesis: Yes, he's still in Agusty... It's as if all the lords of Agustria have turned on us. Please, sir Sigurd, lend us your might. No matter what it takes, my brother must be saved.

Sigurd: Of course. I've no fondness for bringing war to foreign lands, but in this case we've little choice. His Majesty, King Azmur, is aware of King Imca's assassination, and of Chagall's hand in it. He's received word of Chagall's ambitions to invade Grannvale itself, and has already approved military action. His Majesty also believes Eldigan's rescue to be vital if we're to put an end to hostilities. Rest assured, Lachesis. I swear that I'll save Eldigan...

Hmm interesting. So we're not just intervening to defend Nordion and rescue Eldigan, it's also a pre-emptive strike from Grannvale against Agustria's increasing hostility.

And with that, we've recruited ourselves a Princess.

Lachesis arrives at what's now a pretty squishy level, with decent, but rather spread out bases. She has only one skill, Charm, which increases Hit and Avoid for allied units three spaces from her. Which is very nice for our army, but doesn't do much for her.

Lachesis40 (60)20 (40)51020402010

Lachesis has only two good stat growth: Strength (thanks, Hezul blood) and Luck.

Her class makes her a Sword infantry that also gets access to C Staff; in another classic way of the game to give all female units they can get away some healing utility.

But make no mistake: Lachesis is not a dedicated healer. Although that Staff is very handy to allow her to level up safely.

Looking like this, she's not exactly good. She can't double. She doesn't have offensive skills. She can heal, barely, but that Mag growth won't take her far and it's not like she has Ethlyn's movement. Charm is a nice support skill, but that's it.

Except Lachesis has access to the most ridiculously OP promotion of this entire game: the Master Knight.

How ridiculously OP exactly? Well it's a horse class, grants Pursuit as a Class Skill, has the highest stat cap of any Cavalry class, and gives no less than an A rank in each of all Physical weapons and all the Anima magic and Staff. But only a C rank in Light magic, aw. The promotion bonus are nice too.

So, you know, it's ok.

So we do want to level her up quickly to get to that point.

One problem: The three knights, Yves & co are still tagging along around her. And like all allied units in Fire Emblem, they're kind of suicidal. They will rush to any enemy in range if given the opportunity until they die.

We do not want them to die. There's good loot to get if they survive this chapter.

So it's really nice we can use her Staff to level her up for now!

Anyway we've still got a clock to race, so off we go.

Healing the wounds left by Elliot.

Phillip's armored army has some ballista, you can see their range. They don't hurt a lot, but sometimes it makes the difference, you know?

Note that Nordion remains allied, not conquered. That means we can't use it for Warp staff, which can be annoying (i don't think we can access the Castle Town either from it but i'm not 100% sure).

Murdering healers is an Archer's job, right?
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That's certainly a level up from religious killing.

Those armored units are a bit harder to kill. I end up with a pretty badly wounded army and a bit scared for some of them, but the IA is thankfully pretty dumb.


Thankfuly the ballista are both very easy and very gratifying to kill.

Woohoo! Finn is fired up!

I did almost lose Noish though.

Turns out we can indeed reach Heirhein without killing Phillip. Mobility is still a huge advantage.

(I wanted to leave some xp for the Infantry - and move quickly of course - almost turned out very badly for me, actually).

Dew has a Talk with Lachesis, which I grab.

Dew: It's called a Thief's Sword. Wanna gut the bad guys? This thing's yer best friend.

Lachesis: Er... Thank you. Although, why are you giving this to me? I'm hardly complaining, but surely you need a decent sword?

Dew: Nah, I'm not bothered. There ain't any point in me keeping it. Let's just say it does a lot more than just stab... Heh. See ya around!

The Thief sword is handy to let any sword unit use the Steal skill. However, it has a very low Hit, making it a bit of a gamble whether you manage to land a blow. Lachesis does need money, but with her very low Skill growth, she's not really the ideal fit for this either. Too bad.

I think the main thing that saved Noish's life was everyone ganging up on Ethlyn. Good thing she kept the Speed ring for now.

Holyn did reach far enough to grab a kill (and a mediocre level up).

Getting pretty tense, as the looters rampage.

Why not.

Midir as a ranged unit managed to reach already to Heirhein, but barely did any damage and took a heavy blow.

I still need to kill those Armors to properly reach him... Or attack with ranged weapon, but there's not that many of them in range.

First I send Lex over.


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Yay Lachesis, yay Nordions!!!!

He might never admit it, but Lachesis has always been dear to Eldigan. The loss of Lachesis would gravely wound him...
The previous translation goes like this: "Eltshan would never admit it, but he cares for that sister of his more than anything. If he ever lost her, there’s no telling what he’d do."

Which I find a bit more understandable. Why would Eldigan "never admit" that his sister is dear to him? That's pretty normal. By making Sigurd emphasize the intensity of these feelings, the fact that he loves Lachesis above anything else, it's a bit easier to understand why it might not be something Eldigan would say. It might be an overtranslation, but I think it works a bit better. (The second sentence is more debatable.)

How ridiculously OP exactly? Well it's a horse class, grants Pursuit as a Class Skill, has the highest stat cap of any Cavalry class, and gives no less than an A rank in each of all Physical weapons and all the Anima magic and Staff. But only a C rank in Light magic, aw. The promotion bonus are nice too.
Fair. And. Balanced. How else might she keep up with people with major Holy Blood?

(Heroes did the Nordion siblings extremely dirty - Lachesis more so than Eldigan.)

"get Lachesis her promotion asap" is definitely a thing, and it's only a game you realize is played when you know what kind of a promotion it is. Otherwise, you're not exactly lacking in swordies and she is fairly squishy and flanked with three babysitters intent on throwing themselves on top of every enemy weapon waved in the vague vicinity of Lachesis.

Meanwhile: Deirdre working those "mysterious desaturated-hair maiden" vibes, what with her vague feelings. I like that Sigurd, after dismissing "superstition" in Chapter 1 when it came between him and the woman he'd just met whose name he didn't yet know but who had left carrying his heart with her, listens to Deirdre's feelings because he loves her. It's not because he believes it, either, or at least that's not why it matters to him; what he pays attention to and what gets him reacting is that she reminds him of the lovers' vows they exchanged. It's a neat way to show where Sigurd's priorities lay.


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Lex' out of move so can't Canto away.

So I send Midir to finish him off.

I figure Ethlyn should start putting that Light brand to good use.

It's nice to target Res against an armored unit.

Lover's Critical! Quan was right by her side, and there's that cute little animation I've mentioned earlier.

The Light spell animation is funky.

Leaves him with 1 HP.

Ok. Quan can finish him off with a Javelin.

Another Lover's Critical!

And that's how Quan and Ethlyn defeated Bordeaux with the Power of Love! :D

But wait, I've got a problem now...

See, Philip's still here. And thanks to the trio of suicidal knights surrounding him, barely any of my units can even reach him.

If I have Sigurd seize Heirhein, all the troops still associated with that flag will disappear off, including Phillip. And then I lose that Return Ring until Gen 2.

Or I could wait a turn, since it's only turn 10, but there's a risk the Knight trio will kill him themselves.... and then I lose that Return Ring until Gen 2.

At least Jamke can reach Phillip.

Shouldn't be enough to kill it, but I could get lucky?

... then Jamke triggers Duel for a whole flurry of blows... and leaves Phillip at 4 HP.

So close, yet so far.

But wait! There's still two Armors in front of Heirheim and I have some units left. I can reload this turn's saved state and have them attack to change the numbers, see how that goes. I get Finn to attack one and Alec to finish it off, getting a level up. And I get Jamke to try again.

... then Jamke triggers Duel for a whole flurry of blows... and leaves Philip at 4 HP.

At this point I'm pretty pissed off. I could reload a earlier saved states to deal with Philip before I move and try to prevent the Knight Trio from surrunding him the way they did. But I don't want to, because that dual critical for Ethlyn and Quan was too cool to erase from history.

But wait, I can still change the numbers a bit. I have Finn attack one of the Armor, like before, but before Alec finish him off, I have Jamke try again.

Unlike with the swords Skills or Critical, you don't get anything different when Duel or Adept triggers. No special animation.

You just need to count the hit.

Pavise is so annoying. No damage.

Third hit. Could be Adept.

Fourth hit. Could be Adept triggering twice.

Fifth hit. It has to be Duel.

The two previous times, it left Philip there between Pavise triggering and even some dodging.

But not this time.

The man, the legend, reliable Jamke.

He triggered Duel in three different combinations of numbers. And one of them was enough to finish the guy off.

What are the odds?
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One last thing: there's a couple of item drop in the next segment of play I'd like to get some input on.

First there's a Paragon Band drop. That's a band that grants the skill of doubling all XP gain. In the future, we will pass it around, but for Chap 2, someone will pick it up. There are two units that really enjoy getting it: Finn and Lachesis.

Lachesis, well, I think I've made the case already. She needs XP to get OP. However, it's much harder to make the kill with her.

Finn is because he has a lower availability than most of the rest of our troops. You see, Quan and Ethlyn are here to help out Sigurd, but they also have their own home to take care of, and they won't be able to stick around forever and when they go they will take Finn back with them. Quan is a pre promote and Ethlyn can staff spam, so they don't need XP as much, but Finn has no such advantages and would very much like to promote at the end of this chapter or early next chapter.

If you wish, you can make your case for yet another alternative for this drop.

I've put up a poll here: https://www.strawpoll.me/18262649

The second drop is a Shield Ring, which increases Def by 5. Lots of units would enjoy that, of course. I've no specific units in mind for it right now, but i'd rather give it to a horse unit given how our army is split right now.

In case that helps, this is the highest def units in our army right now:

Just suggest whoever if you want to.


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The trio of suicidal babysitters surrounding her means getting the Paragon for Lachesis is a exercise in frustration even after she gets her hands on it.

I'm tempted to vote for Dew, but in the interest of efficiency, I'm going to vote for Finn to get the ring for the rest of the chapter and sell it so Lachesis can grab it for the arenas of chapter 2 and 3.

Unless you're planning on giving her the Return Staff so she can get some worth out of her Chapter 2 Paragon?

Edit: and if Finn's not getting the Paragon Ring, I'm voting he gets the Shield Ring. His Def looks hilariously high to me and pushing it over the top sounds great.
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