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[Let's Play] Lone Wolf IX: I Can't Believe It's Not Lone Wolf


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With Book 21 of the series, Voyage of the Moonstone, perhaps realizing that another rank of powers would be far too many, Joe Dever decided to do something different, and move on to the tale of a new hero.

Fortunately, we don't have to start out as a Kai Initiate again...

The Story So Far … 

You are a Kai Grand Master of the New Order of the Kai—the warrior élite of Sommerlund.

It is the year MS 5083 and thirty-three years have passed since the First Order of the Kai were almost wiped out by the Darklords of Helgedad. These champions of evil, who were sent by the Dark God Naar to destroy your fertile world of Magnamund, have since been destroyed. The leader of your illustrious fighting order—the legendary warrior Lone Wolf—was the sole survivor of the First Order of the Kai, and as a young initiate he had stood amid the burning wreckage of the old Kai Monastery and had vowed to avenge the massacre of his comrades. In the year MS 5070 he was to keep his pledge when alone he infiltrated the foul domain of the Darklords and destroyed the base of their power—the infernal city of Helgedad.
See Books 1-12.

With the fall of Helgedad, chaos befell the Darkland armies who had, until then, been poised to conquer all of Magnamund. Quickly their disorder escalated into a mutinous civil war which allowed the Freeland armies of Magnamund time in which to recover and launch a successful counter-offensive. Against all odds, a swift and total victory was secured over the feuding armies of evil.

Following the demise of the Darklords, peace reigned in your homeland of Sommerlund. Under the direction of Lone Wolf the ruined Monastery of the Kai was rebuilt and restored to its former glory, and the raising of a New Order of Kai warriors was swiftly reestablished. You are one of this new generation of Kai recruits. You were born in Sommerlund in the year MS 5063, during the era of war against the Darklords, and you were sent by your father to the Kai Monastery at the age of seven to develop your martial skills and the latent Kai abilities which lie dormant in some Sommlending. During the years that followed, your skills were nurtured and honed to perfection by long hours of study and rigorous training. Your exceptional talent helped you to master all of the Kai and Magnakai Disciplines and you rose swiftly through the ranks of the New Order to become one of only five who now hold the high rank of Kai Grand Master. It is an achievement which has brought great honour upon you and your family.
Five Grand Masters actually seems like quite a lot, given that it was the highest rank possible in the old order, and everything Lone Wolf had to do to reach that rank.

I wonder what the new us has done to get that high.

In the year MS 5077 your skill and courage were put to the test when an attack was launched upon the Kai Monastery during Lone Wolf's absence. By means of a Shadow Gate (an astral corridor between the physical world of Sommerlund and the many ethereal domains which lie beyond it) the Dark God sent forth a host of dragon-creatures to besiege the monastery and lay waste to all Sommerlund. He had chosen his time well, yet his evil plan was thwarted by the tenacious defence that you and your brethren maintained until the siege was raised by Lone Wolf and the King's army of Sommerlund.
Book 18. I guess that's something. Even if it's a little weak compared to what Lone Wolf did before even being a Kai Master.

The defeat of his minions enraged the Dark God and inflamed his lust for vengeance. Three years later he created and sent to Sommerlund an evil champion called ‘Wolf's Bane’ who was the very image of Lone Wolf. While your leader was engaged upon a quest overseas, this impostor terrorized your homeland in his guise and sought to destroy the reputation and the honour of the Kai. He would have succeeded had not Lone Wolf returned home and pursued this enemy to an ancient necropolis in the Sommlending city of Tyso. There, deep within a subterranean crypt, he and his evil alter-ego were drawn through a Shadow Gate to the Plane of Darkness—Naar's stronghold—where a deadly duel ensued. Lone Wolf vanquished the foe and discovered that Naar had in his possession the fabled Moonstone of the Shianti. This wondrous artefact was created many thousands of years ago by the god-like Shianti, whose presence upon Magnamund had heralded the dawn of humanity. This stone of power contains the combined might of all their magic and wisdom, the sum of all their knowledge. So significant was the creation of this stone that all time on Magnamund has since been measured from the date of its creation. It had long been held that the Moonstone's location was a secret known only to the remnants of the Shianti, who dwell upon the mysterious Isle of Lorn in Southern Magnamund, yet the evidence of Lone Wolf's eyes had told him that this mystical artefact had somehow fallen into the hands of Naar.
Book 19. Maybe we'll find out what happened to Grey Star in these books...

Lone Wolf realized that the Dark God had been using its legendary powers to generate Shadow Gates within the world of Magnamund, at locations and times of his own choosing. Such power had enabled him to send his loathsome champions to your home world, while the forces of the Gods of Good, Kai and Ishir, had been held at bay. Only Lone Wolf and the New Order of the Kai had stood in the way of the onslaught of Naar's agents since the demise of the Darklords.

Lone Wolf successfully escaped from the Plane of Darkness and returned to Sommerlund, yet he knew that the fight against Evil had not been won outright. He realized that he would have to return to the Plane of Darkness and retrieve the fabled Moonstone. Only by doing so would Magnamund truly be safe from Naar's legions of darkness. Two years ago, with the aid of his most trusted ally, Lord Rimoah of Dessi, Lone Wolf fulfilled his vow by journeying to the Dark God's domain and retrieving the Moonstone of the Shianti.
WAIT WAIT WAIT. Rimoah is our... uh, Lone Wolf's most trusted ally? Man, we can't leave Lone Wolf alone for a second before he starts making stupid decisions.

At least that means Banedon is open to be the new us's BFF!

Upon his triumphant return, Lone Wolf placed the Moonstone in the Vault of the Sun—his personal chamber located deep below the fortified citadel of the Kai Monastery. He had hoped that the fabled artefact could remain there indefinitely, to be guarded by generations of Kai who would keep it secure from Naar's minions. Retrieval of the Moonstone had denied the Dark God's champions ready access to Magnamund, yet Lone Wolf knew that there were many lesser agents of Naar upon Magnamund waiting quietly in the shadows for the chance to do his evil bidding. Undoubtedly they would stop at nothing to retrieve the Moonstone for their fell master.
Man, that chamber has a crazy amount of artifacts. What with the Lorestones, presumably the Book of the Magnakai, maybe the Sommerswerd when Lone Wolf isn't using it...

Within a year of his return home it became clear to Lone Wolf that his wish could not be fulfilled. At first the presence of the Moonstone seemed greatly beneficial to Sommerlund. Crops grew abundantly, incidence of disease and illness became increasingly rare, and the newly-born were uniformly healthy. Even the offspring of the impoverished who, in normal times, could expect only one in three of their infants to survive longer than a month after birth, were all in good health and exceptional in their physical and mental development. The Sommlending called this extraordinary period of providence ‘the Blessing of the Moonstone’, yet this time of good fortune could not last. The power of the Moonstone was a great force for Good, but it was also greatly disruptive of the natural order of Magnamund. Soon death itself became a rarity in Sommerlund, and the four seasons of the year were slowly transformed into one unending spring.
Man. That's... damn powerful.

Lone Wolf was deeply concerned at the changes wrought by the Moonstone and sought the counsel of his closest friend—Guildmaster Banedon, leader of Sommerlund's Brotherhood of Magicians. Banedon entreated him to relinquish the Moonstone before the effects of its power became irreversible. To right the balance of nature the Moonstone would have to be taken to the Isle of Lorn, in the southernmost reaches of Magnamund, and delivered back into the hands of the Shianti. Only they, its creators, could prevent its powers from disrupting the natural order of your world.
Aw, I guess Lone Wolf and Banedon made up. So sweet.

Lone Wolf agreed with Banedon—the Moonstone would have to be returned to the Shianti. The physical effects of its presence were beginning to attract the unwelcome attentions of those who secretly sought to enact Naar's revenge upon the Kai. When one of Naar's agents was captured by a Kai patrol within a few miles of the monastery, Lone Wolf felt he could wait no longer. He resolved to act immediately. Preparations were made for a long journey and, especially among the lower ranks of the Kai, rumours were rife that Lone Wolf himself would take responsibility for carrying the Moonstone to the Shianti. Indeed, this speculation seemed to be confirmed as fact when it was discovered that he had secured the use of Guildmaster Banedon's famous flying ship—Cloud-dancer.

It therefore came as a shock when, early one morning, you were summoned unexpectedly to the Vault of the Sun. In strictest confidence, Supreme Master Lone Wolf informed you that he had decided to entrust you with the task of taking the Moonstone to the Shianti. The elaborate preparation he was undertaking was simply a diversion, a bluff designed to draw attention away from the vital mission that he wished to entrust to you—the most talented and courageous of his Kai Grand Masters.

But who is this most totally awesome Kai and just how awesome is he?

First, we have some dice to roll...

Combat Skill: Random Number... 3 + 25 = 28!

Ouch. Not a good roll, there...

Endurance: Random Number... 6 + 30 = 36!

A little better.

Next, we get to pick our name.

You all can either vote for a name, or vote for a randomly generated name from this table.

Choose wisely, cause we'll be stuck with it for a while.

All text from Lone Wolf books in this thread is Copyright (c) Joe Dever, used with permission. Online text is courtesy of Project Aon.


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Hmm, the way the storyline describes our quest...

That implies Grey Star never got back the Moonstone after the conclusion to this epic battle and that this ending is no longer canon, since the Shianti are still around...

I suspect the Moonstone fell into Naar's realm somehow after Grey Star chucked it into the portal, which makes Books 19 and 20 make more sense.

Anyways, according to Wikipedia, the canon name of our new Grand Master was originally supposed to be Black Hawk, who actually has made canon appearances in Books 18 and 19. I'll vote for this as our name, otherwise, I'm fine with a randomly-generated name (for the lulz).
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Picking from the table, I like Sword Friend. Our sword is our best (and only) friend. It keeps us from having to talk to anyone else.


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I got Moonfire which sounds absolutely faerie and pretty. Any objections if we play this as a girl?


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I pick Swift Shield, because he will be the ever-present defender of Magnamund. If he's the greatest of Lone Wolf's students, he must really be awesome because he's only twenty years old!

They are right to want to get rid of the Moonstone. Based on what it is doing to Sommerlund, everyone will soon turn into very lazy zombies.

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Well, now we get into books I haven't read, so I hesitate to keep following the thread, but still, it could be fun.

Rolling on the table, I got... Wise Dancer. Well, could be worst.

Black Hawk, well... I would rather avoid all the "Down" jokes.

Swift Shield, why not...


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One way we can do this is to go along with our own names. so the new Grand Master can be Sword Hawk to some, Moon fire to me and Swift Shield to others.

This will either satisfy everyone or we'll just drive Anowack nuts! :D


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Whoah, the new dude already starts off as a Grand Master? Along with the whole "five new Grand Masters" thing, that is surprising... With LW practically being the hand of the sun god by now, I thought the stuff after Grand Master felt like it should be available for him only. Well, guess we'll see how it plays out.

I don't have any real suggestions for the new Kai name, but I liked when someone pointed out Firestone from before, so I'll vote for that.
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