(Let's Play!) Slash'EM Extended, a NetHack fork


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Whew. That troll won't be coming back. XITO also destroys another fog cloud, and I pick up a hilted polearm, a runed dagger and another suit of leather armor. A jackal comes running toward me but XITO quickly kills it, then I displace him to eat the corpse, but another jackal appears and I fear I won't be able to kill it. On the up side, while retreating back into the corridor I find out one of the hobbits had dropped an elven mithril-coat! Quickly, I write Elbereth in the dust to try putting it on. XITO had meanwhile killed the annoying jackal, so I had time to put on my new armor which turned out to be +0; AC 4 now. Fortunately XITO also kills the next fog cloud, preventing it from engulfing me.

Now, however, a dust vortex suddenly appeared right next to me. XITO is too far away to save me, so now it's either successfully write Elbereth or get engulfed. Thankfully it works, sending the vortex away. But XITO is busy in the corridor, allowing the vortex to come back and engulf me, so I'm blind now. Great. Well, at least my darts will always hit the vortex now, but the longer I spend inside, the longer it will take for my blindness to wear off. 16 darts later, the dust vortex still isn't dead, and there's another monster attacking me, too; I ain't got no clue as to what it might be, but it's probably something bad...

Engulfed yet again, and now completely out of darts; this dust vortex seems to be unkillable! Let's throw some daggers at it instead. Finally killed that wretched vortex, whew! However, now the only way to see approaching monsters is my intrinsic warning, which is currently showing another red 1 to the west, and I'll probably be blind for some thousand turns now thanks to spending so much time inside the dust vortex. Or actually it doesn't; after waiting for a rather short time I can see again. There's another fog cloud approaching but I'll just let XITO handle it. He sure missed a lot but eventually that cloud went down, and another hobbit appeared.

The hobbit is throwing runed daggers at me. I'm trying to throw some back but of course don't hit, and the hobbit quickly takes me down to half HP, with his elven mithril-coat blocking XITO's attacks. Let's write an Elbereth in the dust. Okay, XITO just killed the hobbit, so that was unneccessary, but better safe than sorry. The hobbit also dropped another stack of darts, which doesn't stack with my other stack of darts. But I also want to test out that new armor, so I stand on my Elbereth square to take out my current one. It's also +0, and might come in handy if I destroy one of them with an unlucky polymorph (and believe me, this will happen if this game goes on for long enough).

I kick down the door to the south and explore a bit, then encounter another locked door, and while trying to kick it out of my way, the fog cloud flows under the door and tries to engulf me. Of course I quickly retreat and tell XITO to TACKLE it :D. He does, but there's a sewer rat and a dwarf waiting behind the door (eek)! Also a scroll, so I swap places with XITO again to let him handle the monsters. The rat dies to his continuous attacks but then I'm assaulted by a blazing fern spore creeping up on me from behind, and there's still that dwarf running around, too. Uhh... need to use Elbereth. Thankfully it works, causing the spore to flee. Then XITO kills a newt that somehow managed to slip in between him and the dwarf.

While waiting for a long time, I start getting hungry and eat the fortune cookie that I had started with. It read: "They say that a giant gets strong by eating right, try it!" Making my way to the southern room I found a pile of items; they had obviously been from that dwarf that XITO had taken out. It included a cloak and a pair of hard shoes, which I'll try out, but let's pick up the scroll first. Since there is no way to price-identify items in Slash'EM Extended, I use-identify stuff instead. Let's see what this scroll does... "You are being punished for your misbehavior!" :D However, without a free hand, the iron ball isn't going to be of much use to me...

The cloak and shoes are +0, so my AC is 2 now. Then I found a magic whistle in the corridor to the left, which will be very useful if I ever get separated from XITO. Wow, check out the weird room that the downstairs happens to be in:

Can't wield the iron ball anyway, so I just have to take the damage. 20 HP left. XITO is there, too, and I'm in a room with a large box; let's check it out. It's locked, and I'm also beginning to feel weak, so let's eat something first. Now to kick open the lock of that chest...

Argh... told you that was going to happen sooner or later! Lost my armor and cloak, had to drop my boots and helmet, but at least I'm no longer forced to wield that useless sling now. My new killer beetle form has a healthy 98 max hit points and 19 hit dice, so I can hopefully kill things now. Also an AC of -4, which means monsters may actually have difficulty hitting me now, and in Slash'EM Extended it's even possible to wear armor as a monster that can't actually wear anything, but there's a high chance for that to fail and give you some harmful effects instead, so I'll hold off. Besides, wearing the replacement mithril mail would mean it will break if I polymorph into some other large monster next.

Using my new beetle form's kicking ability, I broke the chest's lock, but lacking hands, opening it will be a little bit more difficult. It's still possible to open the chest but with the same failure chances described for putting on armor above, so I'll just pick it up and maybe try to open it later. Since I became hungry yet again, I ate the tin of beefed lichen, finding an anti-magic field in the process, which is helpfully blocking the only corridor that I can use. Well, sucks to be me, I'll just walk over it and hope it doesn't take away too much mana. Down to 33 mana, from a maximum of 37.

Due to the lack of hands, I can't open any doors either, but I can kick them down, so that's what I'll do.

Argh! This isn't going to be anything good. And I didn't even get the chance to fight a single monster while in giant beetle form! And now the game has decided to totally screw me; I'm an aggressive lichen now, which is a very low-level monster with just 10 HP, 0 hit dice and a hopelessly puny melee attack. I'm also extremely slow now, which means that any random monster can appear and quickly kill me. For some reason, the magic whistle is producing a "high-pitched humming noise" now, WTF? Hmm... but sometimes it still produces the strange whistling sound, so this probably means the whistle is cursed. Great, as if I didn't have enough bad luck already.

Since I can't do much of anything, I choose to use the blessing technique, which allows me to uncurse a cursed item or bless an unblessed one. I'm using it on my magic whistle to make sure I can call XITO at any time. Now I'm sitting here waiting to polymorph into something else or get killed by a random monster, whatever comes first. I'm hearing some noises and a blast, meaning XITO probably killed a random gas spore. Got attacked by something, but it seems XITO killed it, saving my skin. Then I use the research technique, which allows me to identify some of my items, so now I know I have a stack of 18 uncursed +0 darts. Finally the game decides to be merciful and makes me transform into a chickatrice, which has 27 HP and 4 hit dice, so I can move on.

Oh, that's interesting. Invisible items are about as rare as randomly encountering a shiny Pokemon in an actual Pokemon game, so I guess I should feel lucky. Unfortunately though, chickatrices cannot normally wear boots, and trying has a chance of giving me a harmful effect instead. Still, they might be a very useful pair of speed boots, so I'll brave the risk in this case. Let me engrave an Elbereth first... oh wait, chickatrices can't do that either! Okay, I just try to put on the boots. It fails once, causing me to be stunned, but works on the second try. The boots are +0, so my AC is 7 now, but a sewer rat appeared that will probably kill me. Can I slay that vile beast? :)

Who am I kidding, of course XITO took it out in one round of combat. I'm also slowly running out of food, which is a bad thing indeed because praying may cause me to revert back to ungenomoldic form, which would be an instadeath. However, I got rid of the stun and caught up to XITO who had just killed a hobgoblin, and of course he ate the corpse even though I had needed it!

Weird, those monsters are all peaceful. Maybe I'll just let XITO kill them all to level him up. Thankfully I managed to force him away from the lamb corpse by using my whistle, so I could eat the lamb myself, but I'm still hungry and low on food. XITO killed a xof in a corridor, and a fox killed itself by biting me, so now I can eat the xof corpse but it will cause me to hallucinate. Still, being out of other types of food, I probably should eat it... or shouldn't I? Chances are the hallucination effect will last for a long time, and xoves (which are basically foxes with a hallucination attack) don't give much nutrition... Oh well, I'll move on. Probably I'll die soon anyway.

Now a baby metroid appeared, and XITO is still busy eating. Let's see if these runed daggers can hit it... well, apparently they can not, but XITO killed the metroid for me. We took out a manes, and I found another box that I can't open. Now I'm fainting, which means that I need to turn up food real quick or I'll have to pray, and the latter may very well kill me. A jackal appeared but unfortunately turned to stone by attacking me, so that's another meal I'll miss out on. I killed another manes by turning it to stone, then leveled up by stoning a deminewt, learning the "ward against flame" technique.

Another monster, another statue; this time it was a kestrel, which would have been a very filling meal (arrrrrrgh). There are more monsters spawning but all of them seem to turn to stone, so I can't eat any of them, and I'm fainting in regular intervals now. Oh hey, there's a random scroll labeled IUSTIO QUE PIS, let's read it and hope for something good! Hmm, magic mapping, and I'm not too far away from the stairs, so I'll go there now. There is a potion in that room which I'm going to quaff; turns out to taste like grape juice, but that probably doesn't help much in this situation. I'm going to pick up my iron ball and descend down the stairs, hoping to find some food.

Or actually, I can't pick up the ball because of its weight. Lost just 2 hit points anyway, and there's a rock piercer. Tried to attack it but fainted yet again, and a dung worm showed up and started wailing on me. When I finally regained consciousness, the worm hit me one last time, knocking me back to ungenomoldic form, and...

The boots had been jumping boots, and I also had a blessed +2 ranseur as well as 11 blessed +2 rocks. The game had even generated an artifact somewhere that I didn't find. Nutrition was -433, which means I was already fainting quite often and being knocked out for a fairly long time.

Ditto, neutral male ungenomoldic Pokemon died in the Dungeons of Doom on level 3, killed by self-genocide

Next up: Elektra, a female lawful elf electric mage.

Andorxor, you may now suggest a new character if you like. Hope you enjoyed the adventures of my Pokemon character! (And I didn't even get to use the poke ball technique... :()


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With the Pokemon character dead (unfortunately), we'll see the next one now. This combo is brought to you by Manzanaro: Elektra, a female lawful elf electric mage. Maybe she will survive for a bit longer. So, let's go and take a look at our starting inventory!

The scroll and potion are crap, but a +2 ring of increase damage will be quite useful for the early game. Electric mages are obviously lightning-based casters, and they start with a shock hound pup, shock resistance and the reinforce memory technique. Lots of weapon skills, all spellcasting skills and also two-handed combat as well as riding are available, too.

After killing some grid bugs, picking up scattered gold pieces and finding the stairs down, I explore a corridor and...

...there's no way this will end well. Probably this will break my armor, or maybe turn me into a lichen or other useless creature.

Well, on the up side, at least this polymorph form is quite strong with lots of hit dice, but now my armor is gone (told you that would happen), and the rowdy dog is a very high-level monster which means I'll revert back to elven form very soon. Found a random scroll labeled PONUS MOSTAS which turned out to be identify, and also picked up a towel, then reverted without being able to fight a single monster while polymorphed. Argh.

A goblin dropped a +0 iron skull cap and a newt created a new studded leather armor on death, but trying it on revealed it to be -2, and of course it's cursed, too. Just great, the RNG is out to kill me again, it seems. At least a random iridescent potion turns out to be gain health, increasing my max health to 27. Making my way down to dlvl 2, I find an engagement ring and pet-test it. Meatdog doesn't complain, so I'm just putting it on. Leveled up, max HP is 39 and max mana is 32 now, but lost some strength for eating a jermlaine corpse (wtf, I didn't know they were poisonous!).

Wow, that's a big general store. Hopefully Meatdog can steal some items for me, but probably he'll eat all the tripe rations first.

While browsing, some very annoying evasive enemy trooper appeared. Meatdog tried to kill it but failed, and now there are more troopers coming from the corridor. But at least Meatdog managed to kill and eat one of them. The other one teleports me away from the shop, so I'm separated from Meatdog now, and there are more enemy troopers firing bullets at me; I'm down to 12 HP (eek!). Resting to regain my health is hard to do now, too, thanks to the annoying troopers wandering into my field of view again and again. Well, let's cast some shocking spheres. Two of them are required to take out one trooper, but I've leveled up and learned the very useful power surge technique.

However, due to stupidity the next trooper brings me down to 7 HP by firing lots of bullets, so more resting is required. Casting many extra shocking spheres finally takes out the damn trooper as well as a goblin, and I've leveled up yet again. Max HP is 60 and max mana is 43. Took out more enemies, including kittens and echidnas, reaching level 5. Max HP 68 and max mana 48. Then, an evasive enemy trooper shows up yet again and teleports me into a room with an emu. Luckily, they're very slow and I can kill them in one hit. Found a secret door back into the room on the lower left, but there's a wallaby! Argh! Where the hell is Meatdog? He's supposed to help me!

Okay, Meatdog actually is in that room, and I've used a shocking sphere and a dust-Elbereth, but I don't know if the wallaby is dead; probably it isn't. There's a covetous hill orc as well as another trooper incoming, too, so I'll spam some more shocking spheres. And... of course the wallaby isn't dead; it as well as several troopers are closing in on me now, and my HP are running low. It's time to burn an Elbereth with my wand of lightning.

My quarterstaff kills a scared echidna and Meatdog rips one of the troopers a new one. Since I'm running out of food, I'll eat the orc corpse now. Found a +1 iron skull cap. Finally I make my way back to the shop where Meatdog stupidly attacks a mimic, and now a gnome thief appeared, followed by a rot worm. Of course my melee attack misses the rot worm, so I'm deathly sick now, but I pulverize it by casting lightning at it and level up. Thankfully I didn't pray for food yet, because I *need* to pray now to have the sickness removed. If that doesn't work, it's game over.

Whew. It did work, and now I need to be even more careful if more rot worms show up. Now there's a tunnel worm digging it's way to me, as well as a wombat??? Wtf? Zapping a lightning spell in their general direction takes out the wombat as well as a larva, but there are more larvas and echidnas incoming. A shocking sphere took out the tunnel worm, and now there's an evasive enemy trooper waiting for me (what else?).

And... another rot worm. This situation calls for a hasty retreat. So I escape down the stairs to dlvl 3 with a spellbook that Meatdog stole from that shop for me. Now I'm greeted by a scroll and a baby green dragon.

Well, at least now I'll recognize that type of scroll if another one appears. Meatdog takes out the green dragon, but eating it reduces my strength to 3, meaning I'll have severe difficulties killing anything in melee combat now until a unicorn horn can be acquired.

Uhh... WHAT THE HELL??? I didn't know that could happen! Why the hell does my character need strength to cast spells, for Thomas Alva Edison's sake? Guys, I'm screwed now! Spells are the only way I can still kill stuff with this character now, and she refuses to cast them!!! :(

Okay, somehow I still manage to kill some giant ants with my staff, but honestly, things are gonna suck for me now. Let's just equip some random pistol and start shooting bullets at those echidnas and other monsters...

Great. Just GREAT. I bet all of my zorkmids (not that there are that many of them) that my DYWYPI screen will tell me the other two pistols were blessed +5 or something! :( The pistol that I equipped is -3, and I have 97 bullets from various sources that are all in a single stack, so they're probably uncursed +0, but I'm restricted in the firearms skill, so I probably can't hit jack squat (or the side of a barn) anyway. Thankfully Meatdog takes out the echidna but takes some hits in the process, and if he gets killed, I might just give up as well.

This would be a great find if I weren't wearing a cursed armor right now. And... it seems the pistol is a two-handed weapon, so I can't do much of anything while wielding a cursed one! Yay! :D Guys, this game is just so much fun. Really. Might try to pray to get it removed, but are 400-something turns enough to remove the prayer timeout? Maybe not, so I'll wait some more, or actually, explore more of this level and probably get killed by a newt or something.

Found some random items, including a healing potion and a stiletto, as well as an unknown tin that stunned me by eating it; probably it was a bat or something. Then Meatdog luckily takes out a leprechaun quickly enough to prevent it from stealing my money.

This is a Slash'EM Extended-exclusive shop type that specializes in ammo. And... the shopkeeper actually offers uncursing services! :) He demands 250 zorkmids for uncursing my pistol though, and I don't have that many. So I just sold all of my remaining bullets (can't sell any non-ammo items to him) and that did the trick. Back to the quarterstaff now. Allowing Meatdog to repeatedly steal ammo and then selling it back allows me to rack up quite some cash, so I also manage to get my armor uncursed and start wearing a +0 set of yellow dragon scales instead.

Finally I read that unknown spellbook, and can't believe my luck.

Damn, this is exactly the spell that I need right now!!! Too bad it's at 88% fail. And even if I take off all of my armor, the game probably won't allow me to cast it due to my low strength. Yep, it doesn't work. Obviously the dev team does not actually think of everything. I mean, come on, I lost six points of strength to poisonous corpses and now I could get them back if only the damn spell would be working! Argh!

Anyway, so I convert an altar to lawful by using a gnomish wizard corpse (luckily nothing dangerous was summoned) and offer some larva corpses to my god. They get consumed, but nothing else happens; I assume this means it's safe to pray. Also identified the BUC status of all of my items.

Uhh... seems that platinum ring I tried on is conflict. Better take it off quickly. Making my way to the downstairs, I encounter some Uruk-Hai and a mountain nymph but Meatdog helps me to take them out, and apparently potions of object detection are milky in this game. Well, not that I'd use them anyway. I do, however, eat the mountain nymph corpse while Meatdog is still busy fighting one last Uruk-Hai, and...

... apparently he tried to bite off more than he could chew. :( R.I.P. Meatdog, without your help I won't stand a chance now...

Well, actually that last Uruk-Hai was an orc-captain, and one hit took him out, so Meatdog had been close to finishing him off... argh... However, he dropped a +1 pair of iron shoes, so my AC is -1 now. Dlvl 5 turns out to be a maze, with some boulders to push around so I can try to re-build my strength, but then I read a random scroll labeled RESURRECTION.

This screenshot is captioned "OMG! Burn a permanent Elbereth RIGHT NOW!"

By the way, the red @ is a werejackal, which is hard to kill and can ignore Elbereth while in human form. If only I could cast some spells at it, he would certainly be much easier to defeat. But as it is, I'll probably zap him with my lightning wand, even if that may mean emptying all the charges. Or actually, the first zap in that direction killed two monsters, and if I'm lucky, one of them was the werejackal, so I'll just wait out the blindness and see what's left.

Okay, so there had been some monsters that were still attacking me despite the Elbereth, but now they're dead and I can see again. However, there are wolves and dogs attacking me now. So I tossed a fortune cookie to a little dog, and name him Andorxor. Unfortunately he doesn't seem to attack the wolf; probably his level is too low. Killed a black mold that was blocking the way by throwing lots of stuff at it including pistols and bows, but then it revived while I was trying to eat it, and it's in a corridor blocking the wolf from reaching me, but Andorxor is behind the mold too and can't get to me. So I need to either waste my ammo trying to kill the mold again, or just go on alone.

Leveled up again by killing an athol, and now I'm on the mall level. There's a gnomish brigand thief and a mountain nymph in the starting room, which will probably rob me blind, so I just use the downstairs and get attacked by a rutterkin instead. The blasted thing is using poisonous melee attacks on me, and I'm not poison resistant, meaning I may get unlucky and be instakilled, and now there's also a giant mummy attacking me. But I make my way to the east and get attacked by a swarm of bat-type enemies, so I zap an unidentified wand at it hoping for something good.

Argh, why couldn't the giant bat and airborne parrot just have died? Great, now I either have to waste another charge, or try my luck in melee, which my character is very bad at. Using Elbereth I made my way into the room to the east and kill the parrot, but the remaining monsters are closing in on me now. Thankfully Elbereth scares them away again. Then the game finally grants me a point of strength for exercising, and also a point of wisdom for being observant. Now I can try to cast spells again, so let's take off all the armor and cast restore ability a gazillion times.

And voila, back to 9 strength! :D But while I was still re-equipping my armor, a dire threat appeared:

Can I possibly survive this encounter with just 36 HP left, or will I get killed in one hit? Let's find out next time! See you all! :)


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I've looked over the notes on Slash'EM Extended and read your games in this thread so far, and I dare say Extended took what I didn't like about Slash'EM and made it much worse. I'll probably stick to Unnethack when I'm feeling the urge to play a Nethack variant.

Probably you should stop read-identifying and quaff-identifying stuff if you want a reasonable chance of surviving. I don't know what Extended did to interfere with price-identification, but use-identification of scrolls and potions is still a terrible idea with all downsides and no upsides for almost any early-game character. Most consumables that are actually any good in the early game will be identified for free anyway when monsters use them in front of you. The bad consumables are very dangerous and will cause an unprepared character to risk a sizable chance of death, and the good consumables that monsters don't identify for you actually aren't usually all that helpful unless you've advanced far enough to manipulate their BUC status. By the time you clear Sokoban and Minetown, Teleportation and Create Monster will typically be identified for free and the largest stack of scrolls remaining will almost always be Identify, so you don't really need price-identification at all.

Good luck with your current character. Probably the minotaur is a chameleon, although if you actually did have a bonafide maze level higher up it could have spawned there and hit a pit trap. Fighting is certainly not going to be winnable, of course.

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Whoa! SLASH'EM was always my favorite Nethack variant, because it was so gonzo. Slash'em Extended looks like even more of what I loved about that game- will *have* to check it out!


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Wow, thanks for all the feedback! If I'm not too tired when I get home today, Elektra's adventures will continue but there are quite a lot of dangerous monsters spawning for her now. So I can't predict how much longer she can survive, and I only have one more character left on my queue. That obviously means one thing: Audience input required! Everyone may pick a role/race/gender/alignment combo for me that will be queued up so I don't run out of characters to play. The full list of all the available choices is in my first post, and every possible combination is permitted and will be played by me.

By the way, KoboldLord (your SporkHack Let's Play was really great, thanks a lot for it!), you're spot on with most of your observations, but I'd like to add the following:
- When I designed some of Slash'EM Extended's features, I was fully aware of the fact that I'm a sadistic programmer (I refuse to call myself "programmeress" because that just sounds weird, even though it is a rank title of the added Geek role, but that one's from another NetHack fork anyway) and some of my changes are probably just plain cruel. But for the sake of it, I'd love to know what specific things struck you as making the game "much worse"; there are also some features that I "stole" from SporkHack (monster generation speeding up after some time, Elbereth nerf etc.) that I seem to remember you talking about in your Let's Play thread as being useful and/or necessary.
- The price identification nerf works in a very simple way: All items of a type have the same base price, e.g. every potion has a value of 300. Trying to sell/buy them will always yield the same prices, so the player can no longer say "ahh this scroll only costs 20-something, so it has to be identify". Yes, I'm aware that use-identifying scrolls and potions isn't always a good thing (unless I happen to find the same one again), but I'm also always afraid of getting hit by fire/cold attacks and losing my consumables without any chance to find out what they would have done. At least if I use-identify them, I can later recognize the same type of item if it shows up again. Identify scrolls also aren't common enough and I rarely have the means to bless them, and non-blessed ones rarely identify more than a single item... :( And I never had a character learn the identify spell with less than 100% failure yet.
- The minotaur is probably a real one that actually spawned on this level; this is a "heck" level if I'm not mistaken, and in Slash'EM Extended they can show up in the main dungeon. Mazes can do that, too, but I've made sure that no minotaurs are spawned in shallow level mazes (maybe this should be done for shallow heck levels too). However, the Gehennom maze/heck levels are definitely supposed to be dangerous, so I'd need to find some workaround to make sure minotaurs are spawned there but not in the Dungeons of Doom... Maybe a future version will address that issue.

Anyway guys and girls, maybe we'll see more of Elektra later, so stay tuned! :) And please suggest some more characters for me to play, too! ;)

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I never play these games, but I find reading let's plays of them oddly fascinating.

So I suggest:

Nightfrost: Male Chaotic Drow Ice Mage


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Yay, another character for me to play! Thanks, James; this one has been added to the queue. Now, let's see how much longer Elektra can survive... :)

Of course Elektra has no business fighting that outta-depth minotaur yet, so I'm heading right back up the stairs. There's an elf mummy, a kobold lord :)D) and a giant bat waiting for me now. Let's spam some shocking spheres!

It would be good to have more hit points left. But first I need to do something about my hunger. Thankfully, prayer works and fills my stomach, so I can try to remove the rutterkin and giant bat now. There's also a kobold lord corpse but I'm not gonna eat that because it would probably just nuke my strength again.

That sure took quite some mana (I used the power surge technique for a free refill and a temporary boost to my max mana). But then I stupidly killed one of them because I had forgotten that I'm stunned! Argh, now my alignment record and luck are probably nuked and I won't be able to pray again. But it gets even worse. There's a giant mummy, and it can kill me in one hit and thanks to the stun I can't reliably get away. Praying will not work, zapping it with the wand of lightning is not guaranteed to kill it even if I hit, and moving is likely to also not work. But there's nothing else I can do, so I'm trying to get away.

Uh... it's even worse. The damn mummy is moving faster than I! Only hope left is to zap the wand of lightning, hoping to hit the mummy twice and kill it, because if I can't take out the mummy in one turn now then I'll be dead.

Do you want your possessions identified? DYWYPI?

One of the orcish daggers had been a random +4 one. The still-unidentified ring that I had been wearing was teleport control (argh, that would have been invaluably useful had I gotten teleportitis from eating that nymph!). There were 5 charges left on the wand of lightning and 7 charges on the magic missile one. I had also transgressed (final alignment -23) and -1 luck. During the course of this game 32 shocking spheres had bitten the dust.

Elektra, lawful female elven Electric Mage died in the Dungeons of Doom on level 7, killed by something while blind and the "something" was a giant mummy.

And... character queue time:
  • Andrensath: Exituko, a female chaotic drow samurai.
  • James Weatherby: Nightfrost: Male Chaotic Drow Ice Mage.
The audience may suggest more characters, which I'll gladly play after the listed two will inevitably meet their doom! :D But first, I'm probably going to make a new version, so the samurai will wait for a little while. The planned update will add more monsters (also some all-new types if I can get them to work), tension rooms which are totally not stolen from ADOM at all :p, some minor fixes (trolls aren't supposed to be able to get fire resistance; convicts are supposed to be pariahs to their own race even if they are of one of my added races) and the aforementioned Heck/Maze monster generation fixes.

Hope to see you all again soon! ;)


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I'm going to suggest... Al Dracul, Vampire Gangster.

A lot of the classes seem pretty interesting but also a bit surprising. Transvestites and Jedi in the same game?


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Man, Slash'EM is weird. I've ascended three times in vanilla NetHack, but I get the feeling that all the additional gonzo content in Slash'EM makes it a lot harder than the regular game. Reading with interest!
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