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[Let's Play] Vous êtes Napoléon (You are Napoléon)


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230. Two Thirty. Tooth Hurty. :)
'Hurty', to say the least. Ouch. (Painful as it turned out to be, thanks for the explanation.)
Whatever's easier really. We can certainly have comments on choiceless progressions.
(My vote would be to retain your polished format, btw)
Note that the format will remain polished either way — it's merely a question of posting more in one go, or less in several. I still won't post anything if I'm not happy with the translation.

Does anyone else have an opinion on the matter? So far I have more or less one vote in each direction — though Sirharrok, I would ask you to vote again on the matter in light of my (hopeful) clarification.


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Dine with the Grand Duke, but bring the tester along.

(PS with the clarification, jd, I'm happy and grateful for your efforts either way)

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There are other ways to show boldness than on the battlefield- accept, and don't insist on a tester.


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86. This could get us killed, but undue paranoia may offend the Grand Duke and make us look bad.

Take chances.


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Dine without special precautions. That level of fearfulness seems unbecoming and likely to make a bad impression.

I've just been following along in chunks every now and then, so I like the big chunks spread out rather than less but more frequently.


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86. We are bold, and should we be slain, the retribution will be swift and filled with flames.


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Decline. I don't see what we can gain even assuming he's a harmless nice guy. Maybe when we're done smashing his country's armies, but not until then.
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