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[Let's Play] Vous êtes Napoléon (You are Napoléon)


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Unfortunately I don't know Cohen's oeuvre very well, so you may have to misquote it, jd. jd. before I get the joke. (Wait, is it "First we take Malta, then we take... Alexandria"? No, that doesn't scan.)
Even more unfortunately, you have gotten the joke all right. Such as it is. I just remembered the song's title from wherever, wanted to conclude my post with "Do we take Malta first?" and then it clicked somehow. I had to go to azlyrics to even find the verse you refer to.

So apologies to everyone for inflicting such a stupid line on you.
I am extremely tired right now but I feel like this line of reasoning is ironclad.
You do sound the part indeed. (Hi, I'm a pot. Are you a kettle? You look like your name is black.)
The knights of Malta are a feudal relic that must be swept aside in the name of Napole... I mean the people!!
Yes, indeed. The people rule. Always the empepeople. Of course.


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I agree to take Malta, but only because the water supplies are low. (It's a distraction, and one escaping fishing boat can tell the English where we are...)
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