[Let's Read] 4e's Faces of the Planes


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Question; would the sample Warlock Patrons from Dragon #381's "Performing the Pact" count as falling under the scope of this thread? It covers Yorgrix, Weaver of the Poison Web (Dark Pact, a spider-daemon who ate an entire drow city), The Eochaid (Fey Pact, a satyr-like archfey concerned with magic and nature), The Prisoner in Iron (Infernal Pact, an elder diabolist who is so powerful he can seek aid outside of his prison in the Nine Hells), Ulban, The Messenger (Star Pact, one of the "elder stars"), and The Bleak Guide (Vestige Pact, a psychopomp who could use a hand in preserving the flow of death).

...Actually, come to think about it, what about the articles on the Elder Stars, the Mythosian living stars/aberrant gods detailed in #366's Wish Upon a Star (which introduced them) and in #403's Warlocks: Strange Constellations (which adapts several Elder Evils to join their ranks)? Are those worth covering?
I really liked some of the powers in these, we had a lot of fun with them.
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