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[Let's Read] Acquisitions Inc: An Outsider's Perspective


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Acquisitions Incorporated is the newest official splatbook to emerge from the mysterious depths of Wizards of the Coast. It is centered around playing 5e campaigns in the vein of Acquisitions Incorporated: a D&D podcast that began in 2009 that attempted to merge D&D with "dark office comedy". Which is all well and good, but... what if you're somebody who has no idea what Acquisitions Inc. is? Or doesn't like it? Does this book offer potential wider than that - say, advice on players running businesses as part of their campaigns, or maybe using the J-Fantasy icon of the Adventuring Guild in your campaign? Or is it just a fandom-grabbing tie-in?

Well, if folks are interested, we can explore that together. Because I just bought my copy of Acquisitions Inc, and I have neither any idea what this book is supposed to be about, nor am I a fan of the original podcasts. This is not me edition warring; a new 5e book always makes me excited, because it's something new. But, as a rural Australian, podcasts have never been on my media list - even now, in 2019, Australia ranks about 42nd on the list of Countries by Internet Quality. And when it comes to comedy... my tastes are probably best described as "virtually non-existent".

So, are folks interested in a critical, but willing to be open minded, investigation into this new book with me?


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Very interested to see exactly what’s in this. At first glance it looked to be too comedy based to be useful in more serious campaigns but there may be some hidden gems inside.


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I'm interested! I've just started playing the adventure from this book, but I had no prior knowledge of Aquisitions Inc.


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Very much interested. I just can't get into D&D podcasts. I've tried. I've listened to episodes, and watched videos, but watching people roleplay seems so inherantly boring compared to actually doing it, that they can't hold my interest.


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As a noted Insider - I too would be stoked for such a thread.

Usefulness to all was a consistently referenced goal for the project, but did they succeed? And how much of the book could I employ for non fan players? Here, now in this thread, maybe the answers to these and other q's shall be revealed!


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All right! In the face of such enthusiasm, how can I refuse? But before I begin, let's discuss breakdown: this is the (summarized) Table of Contents for the book, so how do folks want me to break this down?

Chapter 1: Acquisitions Incorporated
  • Real-world Acq Inc history.
  • In-Universe Acq Inc History
  • Fast Franchise Generator

Chapter 2: Growing Your Franchise
  • Franchise Advancement
  • Company Positions
    • Cartographer
    • Decisionist
    • Documancer
    • Hoardsperson
    • Loremonger
    • Obviator
    • Occultant
    • Secretarian
  • Franchise Tasks and Downtime

Chapter 3: Player Options
  • New Backgrounds
  • Class-by-class breakdown of each class's role in an Acq Inc game
  • New race: Verdans
  • New Spells
  • Factions and Rivals

Chapter 4: The Orrery of the Wanderer, a complete Acq Inc campaign in 6 parts (plus epilogue)

Appendix A: Acq Inc, statblocks for the characters from the official Acq. Inq podcast.
Appendix B: Monsters
Appendix C: Vehicles
Appendix D: Orrery of the Wanderer and Components
Appendix E: Trinkets


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Starting from the top seems the best bet. I - and a lot of other people here, it seems - don’t have a lot of knowledge about Acquisitions Incorporated, and would like to see how it’s introduced here.
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