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[Let's Read] AD&D 2e Spelljammer Monstrous Compendium Appendix


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I find this a bit crass as it was when TSR was sue happy. The gammaroid was bad enough, but to use character and item names straight, sheesh.
TSR was also good at ripping themselves off. One monster (the name sounded a bit like jacuzzi) even had its pose copied from another TSR space RPG.


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Ah, one of my personal favourites: The survivor. The survivor is a highly intelligent human, demihuman or humanoid who fell into the stream of the phlogiston and remained there for many years (up to centuries). His skin is greyed and the is very weak when found. He can only communicate via whispering and eat light food. The survivor's defences are quite strong (30% MR, 10+ HD) though his physical attack isn't (THAC0 = 20). But that's not how he fights anyway.

The survivor has been alone for so long that he thirsts for sensory input. When brought aboard a ship, he starts taking over the crew members, starting with the one with the lowest INT. The mind-controlled slaves act rather normal unless they get direct order from the survivor. If they are freed, they only remember that there was something wrong. By the way, the maximum number of slaves is 10INT. As survivors have an average INT score of 15 to 16, that a small harbour town.

One aspect is strange: The alignment given is Neutral Good. Good? Enslaving several dozen people isn't good. That's Chaotic Neutral at best, or rather Neutral EVIL. Plus the mind control can be breached by Dispel Evil. Not by Dispel Good. IS there a Dispel Good spell, anyway? I think I remember one.

Anyway, I really like the survivor. While his whole premise can be summoned up in one sentence, I like the He Came From The Phlogiston back story. That'll add some creep to your campaign. It can also make it harder for the PCs to find out who the real enemy is.
There is a dispel good in 3e, not sure about 2e.

But yeah, Survivor being Neutral Good has to be a typo, because in no way shape or form is its behavior even close to good.
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