[Let's Read] Eclipse Phase

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Name: Lora Makinzy, Ex-23
Physical Age: Young Adult
Background: Lost
Faction: Scum
Morph: Fury
CP: 850
Motivations: +Adventure, +Hedonism, +Wangst

COG: 10 (+5)
COO: 15 (+5)
INT: 20
REF: 20 (+5)
SAV: 10
SOM: 20 (+10)
WIL: 10 (+5)

MOX: 1
TT: 5
LUC: 30
IR: 60
WT: 12
DUR: 60
DR: 90
INIT: 90
SPD: 2

Academics: Anatomy 50 +15
Academics: Psychology 50 +15
Art: Dancing 50 +20
Disguise 40 +20
Fray 60 +25
Free Fall 10 +25
Freerunning 40 +30
Infiltration 45 +20
Interest: Criminal Activity 50 +15
Interest: Smoking Apparel 40 +15
Intimidation 30 +10 [+10 Physical]
Kinesics 20 +10
Languages [English] 70 +20
Networking: Autonomists 40 +10
Networking: Scientists 30 +10
Perception 10 +20
Profession: Escort 70 +15
Unarmed Combat 50 +30 [+10 Implant Weaponry]

Psi (Level 2), Mental Disorder (ICD, Violence), Mental Disorder (Addiction - Cutting Self), Pain Tolerance 2, Right at Home (Fury), Second Skin, Addiction (Smoking, Minor), Edited Memories, Enemy (Jovian General), Social Stigma (Lost), Tough 2 [Morph].

Psi-Chi: Downtime, High Pain Threshold, Predictive Boost, Unconscious Lead

@-List: 50
The Eye: 50

Armor: Body Armor (Heavy) [13/13]
Primary Weapon: Cyberclaws
Starting Credits: 5700
Implants: Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, Bioweave Armor (Light), Cortical Stack, Cyberclaws, Enhanced Hearing, Enhanced Smell, Enhanced Respiration, Enhanced Vision, Medichines, Neurachem (Level 1), Temperature Tolerance, Toxin Filters.
Gear: Backup Insurance (5 Months), Comfurt (1 dose), Muse (Logan), Orbital Hash (1 dose).

Few of the Lost Generation survive to this day. One of them is Lora Makinzy. She emerged into the real world amid a bath of blood and screams - and that blood never washed off, and those screams never fell quiet.
She survived by sheer, basic human desperation, using her hands to strange and muffle those who would stop her from escaping the murder-filled hellhole from which she emerged. As part of an experiment, she was sleeved not in a FUTURA morph, but into a fully-loaded combat Fury, which is probably what allowed her to survive for so long, and had many of her memories edited. Why? Who knows, but her memories feel like swiss cheese.
Unfortunately, her continued survival and evasion has attracted the attention of a Jovian General who would like nothing more than to use her as a precision instrument against her own kind.
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All of the Lost were infected, and the general assumption is that they do get both levels of Psi, given they have 2 mental disorders and the sample Lost character has Psi level 2 with only the 2 mental disorders required by being of the Lost.
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