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Let's Read: Elves of Evermeet


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It begins.

Previous review of The Drow of the Underdark here.

I don't remember when exactly I bought this book, but I think it was before I bought the 2nd edition Forgotten Realms boxed set (and I may have actually bought the FR boxed set because of this book). As you might imagine, it left me really confused about where all these places were, though I did get some use out of the mechanics in the back, which we'll get to eventually.

Unfortunately, I didn't get much out of the rest of the book because, well, Evermeet is a utopia. The Glorious Elven Paradise is probably a pretty fantastic place to live, but when I was younger I hadn't latched on to the potential for political intrigue. Especially around how the gold elves are being ruled by a moon elf. Again. At least they aren't breaking out the assassins this time or compacting with demons.


There's not much here. ValinorEvermeet is the land far over the western ocean where elves can live close to the gods and free from the persecutions of the lesser races. Indeed, they aren't even allowed on Evermeet's shores! Well, until now:
Until now, Evermeet has been reserved exclusively for the elves and officially closed to humans, dwarves, and other races. But this product will help you work Evermeet into your campaign and allow other PC races to visit, or at least interact with, the mysterious island.
I never figured out how to do that, but maybe one of you fine readers had better luck.

Oh, it's not entirely elves. There's also faerie dragons, centaurs, pegasi, unicorns, sprites, and other fey creatures. Also, no drow, though I imagine that goes without saying.

The rest of the intro is just breaking down what other sourcebooks are useful, which I will do in this bulleted list:
  • The Complete Fighter's Handbook: Elves are fighters, therefore it's useful. Appropriate kits: beast-rider, cavalier, savage, swashbuckler, wilderness warrior.
  • The Complete Thief's Handbook: Thievery is not looked well on in Evermeet, but "many of the skills described for thieves can be applied to elven scouts, spies, and hunters." Appropriate kits: acrobat, adventurer, scout, spy, swashbuckler.
There's really a kit called "adventurer"? There are multiple swashbuckler kits?

The kit index says yes. Also, there are multiple acrobats. I can see why people started complaining about kits towards the end of second edition. Then we got prestige classes. The more things change...
  • The Complete Priest's Handbook: Since religion is of vital importance to elven society, this is a useful book. Appropriate kits: barbarian/berserker priest, pacifist priest, prophet priest,savage priest.
  • The Complete Wizard's Handbook: Elves have the best magic ever, so this is a good way to make them even better than that. Appropriate kits: militant wizard, mystic, savage wizard.
  • The Complete Bard's Handbook: Elves can't be bards (which makes no sense), but this has an elven minstrel kit that fits. Plus it has enchanted musical instruments, which would be pretty useful.
  • The Complete Book of Elves: Do you even need to ask?
  • Arms and Equipment Guide: It has weapons "suitable for elven use," plus detailed info on elven chain and drow armor.
  • Monster Mythology: See the above about the vital importance of religion. Since this book has info on the elven pantheon, it's useful. It sure would have been useful to me when I was reading EoE and trying to figure out who all these deities were.
  • Drow of the Underdark: There's no attempt to tie it in. It just says it's about the drow.
  • Pirates of the Fallen Stars: Get it for the naval combat rules. Though with Evermeet's defenders, I wonder if it has kraken-to-ship combat rules.

There's also suggestions to get out the novels Elfshadow and Ruins of the Coral Kingdom and the Ruins of Myth Drannor boxed set. Of those, I only have Ruins of Myth Drannor, which I bought because of the elf connection and then never got to use it.

That happened a lot to teenage me. Maybe that's why I eventually flipped the D&D table and defected to Vampire.

The intro's only a page and a half, so that's all for now. Next chapter is much longer and more exciting, and also paints the gold elves in a much better light than anything else I've ever read about them.

Next up: Chapter One: Evermeet and Her People!


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There's also suggestions to get out the novels Elfshadow
The elven aristocracy measures it's selfworth in the blinginess of their family's hereditary magic sword. Elven Daily Mail Readers (Mostly Gold Elves.:) ) get hot and bothered when a half-elf inherits one of the most powerful and it still works for her despite her being an adventurer.

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"Buy all our stuff!" Some of those sound like they're really reaching to create a tie.

I enjoyed the last two threads, so I'm looking forward to another round. :)


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Ah very good. I haven't read this one in a long time. For some reason I occasionally re-read the Magister and the Seven Sisters one. Probably those two along with this one had the least traditional, I want to say "playability" and that seems wrong. Better folks than I ( or perhaps worse, DM's with evil campaigns could have mined them for ideas ;) ), made use of them.

Any road, looking forward to your next thrilling installment. :)


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This should be interesting. I always wondered about the reason for Evermeet, unlike, say, Valinor.

When I was looking at the FR setting for 4E I considered having Evermeet as an island within the mortal realm, but whose entire interior was located in the Feywild. So it would seem like a small, largely deserted seeming island, but actually connected to a large Eladrin (High Elven) run kingdom in the Feywild. I considered modelling this society on the one in Eberron: a kingdom advised by generations of revered ancestors (undead) making them very conservative but also very powerful. I wonder if this read-through will spark some new ideas.


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This should be interesting. I always wondered about the reason for Evermeet, unlike, say, Valinor.
Evermeet exists because AD&D elves were supposed to leave the lands of men once they hit a certain age category. It's a pure unthinking tolkienism in the rules, which then got wove into FR, with Evermeet and the Elven Retreat away from the world that's increasingly full of humans.


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High-School-Aged-Me really liked Elaine Cunningham's novels (Elfshadow, etc). Despite being a big elf guy, I never picked up this actual Evermeet sourcebook, somehow. I'll be curious to tag this and keep watch.

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I just bought the RoleAids Elves book, and consider using it; so, go along, please, I'll take what inspiration I get. :)
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