[Let's Read] M1 Blizzard Pass


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"If I'm a survive, I gotta show that I'm hard enough to roll with this crew."

"Gimme that rope, B! I show you how we do." (Agree)

Koren n'Rhys

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5. You tie the rope around your waist, and stumble forward through the blizzard. The wind whips the snow so hard you cannot even see the sledge. You continue to trudge through the snow, and soon see a few shadowy shapes ahead. You press on through the blizzard, hoping the shapes are the rest of the caravan. Suddenly, you see a pair of beady red eyes moving toward you. A small, ugly creature charges out of the blizzard, a heavy stick raised in his gnarled hand. Roll 1d6. If you roll a 1-4, go to entry 7. If you roll a 5-6, go to entry 8.
A die roll! Ok, then. 1d6=1

7. Before you react, the ugly, gray creature slams its stick into your stomach. You fall to your knees, clutching your stomach. The little monster hits you again, this time on your head. Your vision fades, and the world seems to spin. You fall face-first into the snow. Go to entry 14.
Well, damn, that didn't play out so well. Guess we lost initiative.

14. Your head throbs painfully as you awaken. Despite the heavy fog in your groggy mind, you hear several people talking.

"We're as good a dead no matter what we do. Why bother?"

"Hold your tongue, Teromil, for our companion wakes. We should not make his return to the living unpleasant."

You slowly open your eyes. Even the dim gray light of the room hurts at first, but your eyes soon adjust to the lighting. As you look about the room (use map AA), you see you are locked in an underground cell with three others from the caravan. The floor of the cell is littered with the grime of several years.

A portly, balding man walks over to you. "I am called Roderick, stranger. This is Teromil, and the elf is named Salamdros," he says, waving his hand toward the others. You recognize Salamdros as one of the guards who captured you earlier, All of you have been stripped of your possessions, even your cloaks and boots.

Roderick kneels beside you and skillfully prods your skull. "Hold still. Tilt your head." He pokes a swollen lump on your temple and you flinch. "Nasty lumps you have here, but you will live." He bows his head and whispers to himself for a moment, then looks up and says, "I have some powers of healing. If you find yourself in need, tell me. But I warn you, I can heal you only once." Go to entry 56 when you decide to accept Roderick's offer (you may find it useful to note this an a piece of scratch paper). Roderick will not heal you while your party is engaged in combat, for he will be too busy fighting to
cast a spell.

You crawl to the bars of the cell. They appear to be wood, but seem unusually strong. You test them and find they are quite solid. The door is locked by a rusty padlock and chain.

"Forget it, murderer," the elf says. "One cannot escape that way. We are doomed to die in this cell."

The room beyond the cell is lit by a sputtering lamp on a scarred table. The crumbling walls of the chamber glisten with moisture. You hear faint echoes of dripping water behind two worn furs hanging on the chamber walls.

Teromil sits beside you."We're in a nasty fix. we are. Those little men've got us good, and I can't say it'll be an easy death when they do us in." Teromil pauses, then renews his conversation, "How'd they nab you? Took five of them to pull me down. Popped off two or three more, I did. I suppose they'll remember me for that, I do." When you do not answer, he continues thoughtfully, "Sure was funny, the way that storm popped up, don't you think?"

You nod agreement and study the rest of your companions. The elf sits in the comer with his knees drawn up to his chin. Roderick continues to whisper, oblivious to the exterior world.

You hear a gruff voice humming some dark and gloomy tune as it approaches the chamber. The curtain parts and a small, scaly, dog-faced creature steps into the room. It comes to the cage and prods Teromil with a long stick. "Not much f-f-fat on you," it stutters in Common. "B-b-b-big f-fat man there!" It points at Roderick. "M-make good d-d-dinner! Eat soon!"

It chuckles, then jabs Teromil with the stick. "You m-m-make good dessert, nice and j-j-juicy!"

Teromil lets out a terrific sigh and collapses to the ground.

The creature chuckles, then leaves the room. You must escape soon! Will you examine the padlock (15), or search the cell (16)?

OK, in cell, good a cleric, elf and fighter (?) as companions. THe one-time use healing spell is noted in our character sheet below. What next - lock or cell?

Spoiler: Show

Thief 1
HP: 7/7
AC: 6 (Leather + DEX Modifier)
Movement: 120’ (40’)

DEXTERITY: 15 (+1 To Hit (Missile), -1 AC, +1 Initiative)
CONSTITUTION: 18 (+3 Hit Points)
CHARISMA: 8 (-1 Reaction)

To Hit Rolls Needed:
AC: 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
Roll: 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19

Saving Throws:
Poison or Death Ray: 13
Magic Wand: 14
Turn to Stone or Paralysis: 13
Dragon Breath: 16
Spells or Magic Staff: 15

Special Skills:
Open Locks: 15%
Find or Remove Traps: 10%
Pick Pockets: 20%
Move Silently: 20%
Climb Sheer Surfaces: 87%
Hide in Shadows: 10%
Hear Noise: 1-2
Backstab: +4 to hit, double damage

Leather Armor
50’ Rope
Thieves’ Tools
Tinder Box
6 Torches
Wine Skin with Wine

One Time Use - Healing from Roderick - go to Entry 56


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I did not know kobolds are supposed to have a speech impediment. Apparently, I've been running them wrong all these years!

Might as well search. [metathinking] Since it's an option, there's bound to be something there. [/metathinking]


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It might be just this one.

As a thief, i'm pretty sure we can get out be picking the padlock (unless they took our lockpicks?) so the risk of searching is if the kobolds come back before we're done. Compared to the risk of missing something.

What can there be of importance in a cell? Get out of here fast.

Dr. Rudolf von Richten

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I remember this one! This was one of the few* D&D items that was translated into Dutch so I could play this one when I was 10 years old or something. Interestingly the Dutch version didn't have the 'invisible ink' thing going, but instead those entries were obscured with red markings, and the module included a piece of red foil that you could lay over the text, thus negating the markings and allowing you to read the text. This means it is reusable, which is very handy when death is one bad choice away!

Since I actually know most of the module by heart (my brain works in mysterious ways; I can't remember a grocery list, but I know a module I last looked at 10+ years ago inside out :p) I won't be giving my opinion on what to do, but I'll be following this one with great interest! :)

*For those interested, the items that have a Dutch version are the Mentzer Basic Set (Sadly, no Expert Set), B1: In Search of the Unknown, B2: The Keep on the Borderlands, B5: The Horror on the Hill, B7: Rahasia BSOLO: Blizzard pass, AC6: Character Sheets and Ac7/2: DM Screen and mini module: the Treasure of the Hideous One. I still have them all, sometimes multiple copies.
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