[Let's Read] M1 Blizzard Pass

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Alright everyone. As promised, let's wrap this up with a summary of some of the things we missed due to the choices we ended up making.

Backing up to the room with the kobolds, where we came down the ladder:
We decided to go all "FUCK FULL HOUSE" and attack when it appeared we were spotted after a failed Move Silently roll. Turns out the kobold didn't see Shady after all. If we'd have sat tight, it grabbed a rat and we got by him, to find a magic ring - some sort of animal control. I don't think it factored in afterwards, or gained us any extra XP, but a score nonetheless.

After descending the ladder and getting to the room with the bandits and wolf cage:
We could have rushed in and fought them, which did offer a chance to backstab - the first one I saw as we went along. I was a bit disappointed we didn't get to try that story branch just to see what happened.

If you recall, we chose the right doorway, which led us out to the ogre and our ending. We actually got lucky with that ogre - there were a few chances to get swatted and killed pretty much in one shot, which we somehow avoided. Going left, on the other hand, led to the Master's chambers. A fight there had a number of options and I think he always got away. There was a fight with a big snow ape that seemed pretty cool to play through.

Surviving that would have netted old Shady the max XP award, or an equal amount depending upon some of the choices made.

All in all, I think we did a fairly thorough job of seeing what this module had to offer us. There were other paths to follow, certainly. One branch led to a troglodyte den. If you remember the locked portcullis - that led to some sort of hypnotizing frogs called "rock toads" that seemed to end up with us dying in the end no matter what. I do see some replayability here due to the number of choices, but I'd say you'd need to try with a higher level thief to have much chance of survival.

The module also presented a version of the adventure written for group play, but it seems quite different. The map is nothing like the pieces we had here, and I don't see a number of options that we faced presented at all for a group. It's pretty short, and honestly doesn't look very interesting. Maybe as a quick side quest in a mountain pass. The Master was only a 3rd level cleric, so no real major villain to deal with over a longer campaign.

And with that, I think we've run our course with M1. Thank you again to all my followers and thread participants who made this so fun - not just Numanoid with his epic Eminem send-ups, but the rest as well, who jumped right in and ran with those seeds and brought the D-Mob to life.

Until next time - FUCK FULL HOUSE!!


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Thanks again for an awesome LR, Koren, and thanks to everybody who helped make this thread great! Can't wait for the next one!
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