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[Let's Read] M1 Blizzard Pass


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The "pick 3+ numbers" ~~ "roll 3x" for thief skills reminds me of an, er, exploit we used when I was playing Basic as a youngster.

For percentile dice:
Roll one die. If it could be the tens digit that would make you succeed, state that it was the tens digit, and don't roll the other die.
If that doesn't work, roll the other die. If that second die could become a tens digit that would make you succeed, declare it so.

Et voila! You have dramatically increased your chances of success through the magic of blatant cheating.

Koren n'Rhys

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Our homeboy Slim Shady has a pathetic 15% chance of success at picking the lock, so I expect we'll need all three chances to get lucky.
1d100, 1d100, 1d100=[10], [58], [8]
Damn! Got with two of the three! ON to Entry 19.

19. The chain and padlock fall away. The four of you quicky leave the cell. Teromil says, "We'd better find some weapons!" He begins searching the room.

Salamdros goes to the furs covering one of the exits and peeks behind it. "All clear this way!"

After looking behind the other fur, Roderick turns to you and says, "You have freed us. Where you lead, I shall follow." He tums to the others, "This one will be our leader."

Teromil stops his search. "Wait a minute," he says, "what's this? Who says we need a leader?"

Salamdros stands back and eyes you coldly.

"If we wish to escape alive, we need a leader," says Roderick forcefully.

"Not me," snaps Teromil. "I've had it with getting pushed around."

"I will not follow the orders of a murderer," says Salamdros. "You are a fool to do so."

"Murderer!" squeaks Teromil.

"We have no proof!" Rodwick snaps. "You would hang a man because another called him a dog. We need a leader. and I have not seen either of you do anything, worthy of the honor."

While the others argue, you hear a faint, off-key humming behind the curtain. Will you tell the others to stop arguing and return to the cell (22), or grab a stool and attack whatever comes through the door (23)?
Heh. Is there even a question of what to do next?

Spoiler: Show

Thief 1
HP: 7/7
AC: 6 (Leather + DEX Modifier)
Movement: 120’ (40’)

DEXTERITY: 15 (+1 To Hit (Missile), -1 AC, +1 Initiative)
CONSTITUTION: 18 (+3 Hit Points)
CHARISMA: 8 (-1 Reaction)

To Hit Rolls Needed:
AC: 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
Roll: 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19

Saving Throws:
Poison or Death Ray: 13
Magic Wand: 14
Turn to Stone or Paralysis: 13
Dragon Breath: 16
Spells or Magic Staff: 15

Special Skills:
Open Locks: 15%
Find or Remove Traps: 10%
Pick Pockets: 20%
Move Silently: 20%
Climb Sheer Surfaces: 87%
Hide in Shadows: 10%
Hear Noise: 1-2
Backstab: +4 to hit, double damage

Leather Armor
50’ Rope
Thieves’ Tools
Tinder Box
6 Torches
Wine Skin with Wine

One Time Use - Healing from Roderick - go to Entry 56


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I wonder if that stool will give us backstab damage? Only one way to find out! :D.


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"Y'all can follow me, or stay in that damn cell and get yo ass eaten by crackhead goblins if you want! I'm a grab that stool and REGULATE the shit out these munchkins!"



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We ain't no stool pigeon, but we do like to bash people over the head with furniture. Stooooooool!

Edited to add: I believe we're actually captives of crackhead kobolds, not goblins.
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All this talk of Slim Shady...

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