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[Let's Read] The Nightmares Underneath


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What I'm wondering is...

Many of the spells and effects that are blocked by Psychic Armour have a "damage" associated with them (usually stat-point damage), and so I assume that you just take that damage to your Psychic Armour first. I'm not sure what to do with effects that don't have an associated damage die, however. Maybe roll the Hit Die of the character? That would mean that Fighters and the like can deplete Psychic Armour faster than Wizards and Scholars, which doesn't seem right. Or maybe a spell like Confusion (no damage listed) just can't affect someone with Psychic Armour unless some other effect depletes it?
TNU 230 seems to be the guideline on this. I'll note, though, that all of the damage types are referencing 'reduction' in an Attribute. i.e. Confusion attacks "reduce your Intelligence [...]. If you have Psychic Armour, this must be reduced to zero before your Intelligence can be affected."

My interpretation is that Psychic Armour behaves exactly like Disposition, it's just for damage conferred by things other than standard physical attacks.

A spell like Confusion doesn't do any damage, therefore it works regardless of whether one has any Psychic Armour. Characters and creatures are both generally allowed a Save against Magic, which will be their defense against the Confusion spell.


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Yeah, Atlictoatl has it right. Psychic Armour is bonus points of Disposition that only soak damage from magical sources, but also soak attribute loss from magical sources (except attribute loss from miscasting your own spell, which you cannot avoid). It doesn't do anything to prevent other effects, like Acid Spray wrecking your gear, Blessing and Bane giving you disadvantage to your rolls, or the effects of spells like Charm Person or Confusion.

The point of Psychic Armour is primarily to make Wizards as tough as Fighters when all the threats are magical, because that's their specialty. 1d4 of both Disposition and Psychic Armour is about equal to 1d8 of one and none of the other. And also to offer a bit of protection to their attribute scores, which they can run down themselves (especially Willpower) through spellcasting.

A similar effect could probably be achieved by saying Wizards take half damage from all magical sources (and either no damage or a quarter damage on a successful saving throw). The math isn't quite the same, but it means less accounting on the part of the Wizard player, so if that is attractive to anyone playing TNU, feel free to try it out.
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