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Lets Talk About ASOIF Miniature Game


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So, it seems my instincts were wrong on this one. I suspected that like a number of previous minis games, this would release its Kickstarter, there would be some initial excitement, and it would die out quietly.

I was wrong. The game seems to be alive and kicking.

Everything I am looking at suggests ASOIF may be here for a little while. Its not going to overtake Warhammer or Legions in terms of popularity, but it does seem to have an active and loyal following. The gameplay looks intriguing too -- harkening back to old Warhammer Fantasy with movement trays and unit cohesion with a couple cool innovations (including the sideboard political stuff).

The FB groups are pretty lively. The reviews are pretty good. The minis look solid. There are abundant examples of fans painting up the minis and playing. There are a good number of actual plays and battle reports on YouTube. CMON is supporting the game with semi-regular releases. There are four+ factions with solid offerings (Stark, Lannister, Nights Watch, Freefolk + Bolton). There seem to be more starters and more factions on the way (Renly and Stannis Baratheon as two different factions as well as Targaryen/Dothraki). The army builder app apparently is getting regular updates and improvements.

I'm really intrigued. Anyone playing? Anyone have thoughts? Time for me to break out my kickstarter copy?

Wanna talk tactics share lists, or post some pics of painted minis?


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The staff at my FLGS is gonzo over it, they love the game. It's got a healthy player base outside them as well.

I've been putting together a Stark army and I am finding they play really well. If you're willing to take risks and make sacrifices, they can do an incredible amount of damage in a short amount of time. Best if you play very aggressively. I'm eyeing a box of Umber Greataxes and another of Berserkers right now...


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I've played a few games with a friend, and enjoyed it; haven't played in a while, because life got in the way. He's generally played Starks, I've generally played Lannisters. I've always kinda wanted a good rank-and-file minis game, having missed the boat on Warhammer Fantasy, and ASoIaF scratched that itch in a nice way. I've particularly been keeping an eye on new releases. I'm somewhat interested in House Tyrell (especially since I found cavalry a lot of fun to mess around with), and if you're right about House Targaryen with the Dothraki and Dhanerys' other allies, that might be an auto-buy for me. The Free Folk stuff has also been intriguing.

I'm also kind of excited about painting the stuff, having been playing with Citadel's Contrast paints and finding them to be really good armor glazes. Lannister red armor suddenly seems entirely doable.


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I've got the starter and a couple of expansions but I haven't had a chance to play it yet. I'm looking forward to trying out the new contrast paints on them, though - should make it easy to get an army painted up to a tabletop standard fairly quickly.


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I was initially interested but saw it was from CMON and after they at first supported and then utterly abandoned Wrath of Kings I don’t trust them in the long term on any wargaming product.
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