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[Let's Watch!] TribeTwelve


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I'm in the middle of finals. Free and clear for a while after the 15th, though, so I will be back to it then.



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I hope finals went well.

I'm wondering just how crazy your twitter follow stream and your rss feed must be with all of the slender vlogs you follow.


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I ended the semester with four As and a B, which given the classes involved and my brain issues, I'm pretty happy about. ^_^

My twitter stream and YouTube subscription page are kind of nuts, yeah - I follow everything, even really terrible stuff, so there's a lot to wade through. Plus since some of the PMs delete tweets after sending them - HABIT from EMH is infamous for that - I have all the tweets sent to my phone. Which means I'm constantly getting ARG tweets throughout the day, every day. My classmates think I must be super popular since I'm constantly getting texts. ;)

Hey, new registeree here. Since Topher is still busy with school, I thought that I would try picking things up. Don't want to hijack the thread of course, I'm just really excited to discuss more of this series.
Still kind of a Slender newbie, I watched all of MH a couple of weeks ago, I'm all caught up on T12, and today I started working my way through everymanHYBRID. Tribe Twelve may be my favorite so far.

Anyway, on to the next episode...
The Unboxing
The box contains:
VHS video tape (unwound)
paper that says "The truth lies within, The river's flow is where it begins, when the dawn breaks, the soul awakens," On the back it says "NOAH"
broken phone
various "computer chip parts"

-Opening a mysterious package in these circumstances seems REALLY dangerous, surprised police didn't take it
-Noah apologises for F-bombs, goes right back to cursing like a sailor next time something scary happens
-Audio/visual distortion
-Flip phones are way scarier than smart phones
-Noah has been awake for "two or three days"
Spoiler: Show
-the key is later revealed to open Noah's garage door

Spoiler: Show
-we haven't gotten any closure on the significance of these computer parts yet, if there is any

Thoughts? This episode was pretty much exposition, its main purpose being to set up some events happening a little later.


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Thanks for picking up this thread! As you say, there's not much to comment on for this episode. Just got to see where it all goes.
Box Analysis
-These events have clearly taken a toll on Noah, as he had to postpone this video for his "sanity's sake"
-He has as much idea as we do about what the paper means
-Computer parts are from a VCR, computer, television, and a video camera, all devices which have close ties with the Slenderman mythos post-Marble Hornets
-Audio clip #1 is just annoying microphone feedback
-Audio clip #2 has various sounds, including crickets, grunting, a scream, and distortion
-Audio clip #3 creepy laughter with distortion
-photos are fairly cryptic, with the most notable ones being of a wooden structure of some sort and a bloody object. That mannequin in the store window looks familiar, but I don't think he really shows up until the last few photos
-the tape is pretty standard until we get to an appearance from glasses guy and an image of our friend standing next to a child on the boardwalk. "Remember?" also flashes at one point
-Noah recognises the playground from the video, and also acknowledges "that man", which is a nice since most of these guys just find the footage "disturbing"
-Key opens his garage door, Noah plans to get his locks changed
-Light audio/visual distortion near the end

Unknown Caller
Noah's Transcription:
Me: Hello?
Caller: Noah... ??? ????
Me: Who is this?
Caller: We are watching...waiting for you...
Me: Who the fuck is this?!
Caller: Come. Come to us. Alone. ???? No sleep. Evening. On the ????? Or we will, come in ???? tower ??? love. Why ??? We want ??? you. *Screechy noises*
Me: Fuck this! X 5. Oh my god, when the fuck will this stop?!
Caller: *Slurpy noises* (Glasses guy?)
Me: What the fuck do you want?!
Caller: *Creepy laughing* ??? Never stop. Never stop. We can see you now.
Me: Fuck!
Caller: We can...see you, now. *Creepy snickering and chocking* Sorry...sorry...so sorry...Help...uh...*Cacophony of creepiness*

Alright! This is one of those episodes where Tribe Twelve really starts to shine

-Right off the bat, distortion is present
-entity refers to itself as "we"
-Noah compares some of the noises to the glasses guy from the last video
-conversation (if it can be called that) is suitably cryptic, the caller seems to want Noah to meet him alone
-When the phone is ringing for the second time, Noah says "When will this stop!?"- "Never Stop, never stop, we can see you now" seems to be a direct response
-strangely apologetic at the end of the call
-Noah is understandably freaked out and scared, "I have since destroyed the phone so it can no longer function."
-Unknown footage is disturbing, has severe distortion. signs of more activity?
-also, is it just me, or is Noah's "Sandeman" poster an allusion to Slenderman? similar figures

Creepy stuff, Noah seems to be in increasingly more danger.
Description: hellotherehellotherehellotherehellotherehellotherehellothere hellotherehellothere*hellotherehellotherehellotherehellother ewearewaitingforyounoah

This is another thing which I think differentiates Tribe Twelve in a really interesting way- high quality animation.
This video is obviously not Noah's doing but most have been posted by some outside force.

-A command: you will meet "us" alone
-this entity seems to be frustrated and impatient ("Tick tock", "impatient")
-footage of Noah as he is filming "Night Recording"

The Token Letter

-kleenex/nosebleeds: slendersickness?
-pills: MH allusion?
-what could the leaves signify?
-audio/visual distortion (of course)
-his "hunch" was hint from the USB video: "Go Deeper," shown on the side of the box
-as Noah says, I'm pretty sure this video has the first explicit appearance of the eyeball symbol
-this takes place AFTER the Thanksgiving footage, posted later


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Interesting that, in the very last frame of The Token Letter, whoever's doing this to Noah added a message- a pic of the bottom of the box with the eye showing, only this time with the message "Observing You" added. So apparently they have access somehow to Noah's videos...


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Interesting that, in the very last frame of The Token Letter, whoever's doing this to Noah added a message- a pic of the bottom of the box with the eye showing, only this time with the message "Observing You" added. So apparently they have access somehow to Noah's videos...
I saw that, right between "Noah, out" and when he reached out to turn off the camera. Around 1:39 in the Unboxing video, the text "He knows what I have done" flashes on the right hand of the screen, too.

I missed this thread when it started - I'm glad I caught it.
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