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Going back to "My Grandfather Karl", I've got this thought. Karl warns "do not seek after this man, do not look for him."
So that thing we all do when we get into Slendyvlogs, the thing all the characters do too, scanning the horizon and the street lighting and the trees for tall figures? That's "looking for this man." It's a minor attempt at summoning. Less a call than actively investigating former victims or filming in strange woods, but a call, nonetheless.

Just something your brain can play with, if you want.


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At least he's not as annoying about it as HABIT is!

The secondary villains in the slender vblogs are the bottled IDs of the creators. The Observer is the art school snob in Noah.

Spoiler: Show

Hybrid's HABIT is all the macho bullshit of the group bottled and distilled.
I get a sense of Chris and Alex's dark sides by the actions of the cultists in Dark Harvest.
Marble Hornets of course being the first of the vblogs makes the villains secondary protagonists.


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Sorry to see the tread seems to have died. Looks like I'll have to get caught up the old fashioned way.

edit: Huh. Noah apparently hasn't been very productive lately I was only two videos behind despite not watching for months. The thread is further behind than I was though. Now to catch up on EMH. Hope that threads been more active.
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Sorry, new baby and school eating up all my time. How about some RETURN OF NOAH MAXWELL to get things back on track?

March 20, 2011

The Observer tweets, via Noah's account, in the wee hours of the morning: "wehavedecidedtoreturnnoah. fornow. iwillreturn. keepyoureyesopen. ☉"

At around six that evening, Noah begins to tweet:
"im back home. dont know how i got here."
"woke up by my house. its dark out now. where the fuck was i for 2 and a half hours? did i bike back? i cant remember at all."
"Goddamnit, he's hacked into my shit again. I can't change back my profile pictures on any of my accounts."
"This is not happening. No fucking way. Not a whole goddamn week."
"This is absolutely unbelievable. There is no way I have been gone for a week. I'm freaking the fuck out. Where the hell have I been?!"
"I thought I was gone for a few hours, but I've been gone a full week. All I can remember was arriving at the park, then blackness."
"I still have my knife, but I found this written on one side."

"That symbol was drawn onto my left hand."

"The tape. The fucking tape. The camera was recording the whole time. I don't remember any of it, but it's all there. I was attacked."
"Got recommended to this mibbit.com chat, "#habbitsangora". I was told that people there could help me figure out what the hell is going on."

March 21, 2011

"Talked with the EverymanHYBRID guys, who seem to be experiencing similar occurrences, and some others on mibbit. Didn't get many answers."
"I managed to change most of my account info back to how it all was before this whole damn ordeal. Still can't change any of my profile pics."
"This was the "prize" that the Observer sent out to people when he was in control of my account, "tagebuch.jpg"."
"Going to upload the Nature Trail footage very soon. It's unnerving and I don't remember most of it, but it needs to be seen."

March 24, 2011

"Uploading the nature trail video tonight after I get back from class."

Nature Trail Visit
This was recorded on Sunday, March 13, 2011 when I left to visit the Victor Park Nature Trail on my bike. All I remember was arriving at the park, then nothing. I woke up a week later next to my house, the COMECLOSER video posted on my channel without my permission. I don't remember anything that happened in between.

* Noah apparently takes his millinery fashion advice from Alex @ EMH.
* "Nope nope nope" to the boardwalk. Can't blame you, Noah.
* "Excuse me, but did you see an eldritch abomination walking around here? No?"
* Noah disregards public safety notices!
* I have to admit, the sticky note actually creeped me out.
* Man, that's a good way to get your bike stolen.
* Screen tearing just before 7:30. That's never a good sign.
* Don't cam and bike, kids.
* Noah's trademark carpet F-bombing, yay!
* Starting with "BEGIN" it seems like the Observer is now in the editing booth.
* "Count to 12" - referencing the vlog title?
* The moon-eye is another image that freaks me right out.
* Image of a burning house. Probably a reference to the fire when Noah was a kid.
* And then we're back to Noah, a week later.



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That's one of my favourite Slenderman related videos, just for the sheer intensity of the video once things go downhill for Noah.
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