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[Let's Watch!] TribeTwelve


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This thread is still way behind and i don't feel up to trying to update it but I thought I'd let anyone who's currently up to date on Tribe Twelve that we should expect a new update sometime tonight.

Noah's Twitter said:
Noah Maxwell ‏@TribeTwelve

Rendering the final video file now. It's very large, so it may take a few hours, but as soon as it's finished I'll upload it.
(note, Twitter quote about 1 hour old as of 10:17 PM eastern standard time)


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I'm going to try and catch this thread up, 'cos I find these stories easier to follow when they're all laid out like this. I can't promise insightful commentary, but I will try to keep the storyline together and concise.

A few Twitter posts before the next update:

30 May 11 Tempted to talk with my parents about the old house fire again. I want to tape it, but I don't want them knowing. I'll have to be sneaky.

11 Jun 11 Going to upload a video soon. An update on my situation. Planning to go through with the secret recording after all. We'll see what happens.

13 Jun 11 Talking to my parents tonight about the old house fire. Recording secretly. If they say anything relevant, I'll add it to the update video

14 Jun 11 Update video will be posted within the week. Secret recording went fine, but the connections my parents made about the past are troubling.

17 Jun 11 I'm going to post three videos tomorrow instead of one long one, it's more convenient for me and it takes less time to render.

17 June 2011

Summer Update

This is the first of three videos I will be uploading today. Forgive me for not getting this one up here sooner.

  • Our Hero seems to be doing all right.
  • Not sure why he's done that to his laptop; I can't recall him being worried about being spyed on through it before.
  • Missed moment of awesome: Not purple tape.

Secret Parent Interview
Here's the talk my parents and I had about the old house fire and some other things. I don't like the connections made or the random distortion in this.

Spoiler: Show
And yes, I see him. It's fucking terrifying that I can't explain it.

  • The random distortion kicks in at 2:40 - talking about the fire - and when we hear about the kid that (presumably) the park is a memorial for - William Wilks, "That kid in the playground."
  • For some reason I get a real kick from Noah's dad's accent. At least we can see where he gets his foul mouth from. ;)
  • More distortion at 4:30, when they're talking about OSS Commando Grandpa Karl.
  • Spoiler: Show
    4:45 - Peekaboo!

The Envelope

This is the envelope I received in the mail. The contents are Milo related. I think it's starting again.

  • The first cross-over connection with EverymanHYBRID. I have no idea what the behind-the-scenes were with this, but I think it's pretty well done.
  • Topher covers this video on the EMH thread here, so I won't go into it too much.
  • Relevancy for this thread, though, is that Milo had a run-in with a psychiatrist who had a connection to Mr Slim though four (creepy) children he adopted.

The Envelope contains a postcard, a partially burned letter with Milo's name on it, and a polaroid.

The letter's contents was later revealed by player participation in the EverymanHYBRID game; the full text appears below.

Spoiler: Show

Although I'm far removed from the practice, I'm asked for my medical opinions and for various interviews involving my time in Ohio every so often. The Fellows Council held their annual meeting today; they wanted me to make an appearance. Why in Florida, the good Lord only knows. During the 'open action' bit of the conference, Roberts brought up the Case-Study report of the “Mining Town Four”. I hadn't realized that people were still actually researching the children. You would have thought that they had a celebrity in attendance. Well, an infamous-convict at least. Today, I was the medical Fellowship‟s Charles Manson.

For such educated men and women, you wouldn't believe the things, the nonsensical things, they shouted at me, accused me of. I was a murderer. A rapist, even. Maryann tried to reassure me, via a long distance phone call that night. Bless her, but it wasn‟t very helpful.

Roberts tried to stop me from storming out. I may have punched him. I had to leave that forsaken auditorium, which was adjacent to the facility's pediatrics ward. I noticed a young boy with sloppy brown hair receiving stitches in his arm. There was some family, the attending nurse, and a police officer present. This caught my curiosity.

I forgot about the rubbish concerning the Fellows meeting and stopped in to listen. Something about plunging from a park ranger's tower. Playing a game. Not his fault. Man made him do it. My veins ran cold at the nonchalant statement. I may have shoved the questioning policeman aside to talk to the boy. He greeted himself as Milo.

I can't help but to compare his stories with my children's. I'm going back to speak to him and his family tomorrow at their house. I‟ve arranged plans to do so. What are the odds that this boy and I are visitors in a neighboring state on the same day, in the same facility?

-Corenthal, 11.34pm


Maybe I am just seeing patterns or possible leads in desperation. I do not care anymore, honestly. This young boy, Milo Asher, is incredibly unique compared to the other children I have spoken with since I have lost my own. He is not unusually talented or gifted or anything of that nature at all. Curiously enough, he is remarkably average as far as children are concerned. However, the way he speaks about his dreams… that is what sets Milo apart from the others.

Since the eighties I've spoken to many children who were disturbed due to a terrible father-figure, or an alcoholic mother, or an abusive sibling, etc. etc. Of course, they each deserve the utmost attention and care in order to cease this unnecessary scarring. But these incidents, they were not what I was looking for. As a doctor, of course I wanted to help them. However, if that was simply the case, I would still be home. If that were the case, I would have never have left Ohio. If that were the case, Milo would have been just another boy resisting stitches in the hallway of a busy hospital.

I arrived at the Asher household around eleven am. It was a comfortable house in a quiet neighborhood just outside of the heavily-developed portion of town. I may have driven through it on the way to the convention in Florida. It seemed that Mrs. Asher was relatively happy to see me. If nothing else, she wasn't spiteful of her son's necessity for help. She helped me to the kitchen and I found Milo coloring at the table. We were offered tea and he had accepted for each of us.

Mrs. Asher had apparently lost her husband, Robert, years earlier. Considering Milo must have been very young when this happened, I did not push on the topic. There was no need to dwell on such subjects.

On the way to the house, I had stopped in at a craft parlor and purchased a small key-and-lock journal for the boy. The way he spoke out at the hospital led me to believe that he enjoyed stringing words together, regardless of what he was actually saying. I was correct. He was extremely surprised and eager to mess around with it when I took it out of my bag. He rapidly came to the realization that a key-and-lock journal required an actual key to properly work with.

We would have to speak before he received the key.

He was relatively easy to work with. He didn't avoid the questioning, he didn't duck around corners or advert the situation on hand. Without me even mentioning it, he brought up dreams and the recurring nightmares that he had been having. His other doctor had simply dismissed them as night-terrors and of no medical concern. This was, of course, overlooking the fact that a seemingly sentient entity had told young Milo to leap from a ranger's tower in a park. (I would like to know the name of this foolish doctor.)

The discussion led to the key-player (subtle pun intended) in that beloved phrase that seemed to be popping up everywhere in my personal history: “Man” – The Man made me do it. (Man doesn’t like to share, etc.) I could not possibly overlook this detail – it screamed of parallels between Milo and my own children.

I had nearly spat out my tea. Or choked. Or both.

Hoping that I had not fooled myself into believing that Milo was more similar to my own than he actually was, I had looked over my old diary entries when I returned from the Asher house – the quotes were all there, almost twenty-five years ago, and again, today, coming from a young boy who seemed to enjoy recklessness a bit too much.

So we discussed the “Man” – for quite a bit.

In an almost whimsical nature, Milo described this creature: Tall. Lanky in structure. Dozens upon dozens of branch-like appendages. A completely featureless face. I had asked Milo if he enjoyed horror movies. He didn't really care for them. I remembered my children's various pieces of artwork from over the years. Just before I sat down to this diary entry, I dusted off my old chest and re-examined the kids' old pieces. Evan's picture-book, Stephanie and Vincent's drawings, Jeffrey's short-stories – briefly sweeping over them, there were numerous hints towards this tall man. Good God.

Milo seemed frightened of this man, but also held a sense of… let's just say, concerned respect. Accepted inevitability. This worried me a great deal. He didn't seem eager to rid himself of this man, more so that he accepted this as how things would be and could not seek an accommodating change from its standing.

He went on to tell me that this man had a particular plan for him, for other children, too. They were all to go on a great journey together. The way Milo described it, it seemed like a vacation, disregarding the melancholy nature in which he told it.

I felt incredibly foolish asking him this (and I still do for recollecting it) but I asked him… I asked him if he knew any of my children, any children named Evan, Jeffrey, Vincent, or Stephanie. Almost expectedly, he didn't. A television that was on in the living room unexpectedly shot up to maximum volume and then promptly turned off. Mrs. Asher muttered something under her breath and I heard her rise from her seat to examine the piece. The silence between the peculiar incident concerning the TV and Mrs. Asher‟s comment was occupied by this dull buzzing noise that seemed to be emitting from the entire house, almost as if a microphone was just nearly too-close to its speaker.

Milo's attention suddenly perked up and he told me that he knew my children, contradicting his previous uncertainties. “They've already been there, Doctor.”

I was aghast.

I asked Milo what he meant. His attention snapped, yet again, and he stared at me curiously; he had no idea what I was talking about. I thanked the boy and his mother and was on my way. I promised to be back in touch with them soon. As soon as I had entered my car, I broke down sobbing for a few moments. What the hell did the boy mean – they’ve already been there, Doctor.

They've been dead since 1981. I cannot do anything to change that. Milo was confused. I can‟t go off of an impaired child‟s off-hand comment in order to chance the impossible. I won‟t risk dragging Linnie back into this; she has her own life now.

But what did that mean – they’ve already been there. Does this mean… that they have left this place? That they've escaped?

-Corenthal, 11.47pm

(On a rather curious side-note: as I left the house of Asher, I noticed something across the way. There was a torn piece of black cloth, gently pinched to a dying thorn bush that had caught my eye. I pulled the burlap-esque material from the plant and felt suddenly lightheaded. This cloth gave my skin the sensation of a soft vibration and made me feel slightly ill. I was going to take it to an old friend, to see if he could make any sense of it.)
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I like tribe twelve, its probably the scariest of all the Slenderman Vlogs, and has the highest production values.

Also, am I the only one who thinks the Observer looks like Gideon Graves?


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Noah tweets:
2 Aug hes really fucking with me again. posting a vid of what i got on film asap. i cant explain anything. no chance of sleeping tonight.

The Device

I found this device in my room at around 3:15am after waking up from a nightmare. I don't know what the hell it is, but I know he put it there.

  • That knife'll come in handy if you're being stalked by shrubbery, Noah.
  • Text at 3:43
    Spoiler: Show
  • The last frame of the video
    Spoiler: Show
    contains the word "SOON" and a picture of the boardwalk in Victor Park.

3 Aug Just called my tech buddy, Edward. He's in town visiting family. Hopefully, he can come over and evaluate this damn thing before he leaves.

Device Analysis

This video was taken the morning after 'The Device' video. My tech friend Edward was visiting near my area, so I invited him to evaluate the device. He just confirmed my suspicions; this 'Observer' bastard has been monitoring me.

  • Fairly straightforward. Edward's not much of an actor, mind.
  • Can Noah resist plugging the device into his computer with the data wires cut? The red, SHINY, CANDY-LIKE DEVICE?

Noah's Twitter said:
5 Aug Thinking a lot about what Edward said. I may cut the USB data wires tonight and plug it into my computer to see what it does. I trust him.

I've cut the wires. Considering plugging this thing into my computer. Technically, nothing should happen to my hard drive. Should I do it?

Ok, I'm feeling really confident tonight. Plus, curiosity is killing me. So, I'll plug it in my laptop to see if something activates. (1/3)

Since no data can be transferred, I feel safe enough. Also, I'll go to the library tomorrow to see if I can recover any data off it. (2/3)

I'll resolder the data wires and plug it into a public library computer. I'll film all of this, so if anything happens, you'll see it. (3/3)
Nope. So, once he plugs it in, he hears this.

Noah's Twitter said:
Yeah. I can't believe that just happened. What I just heard come out of that fucking thing. Library tomorrow. I feel nauseous. Fuck it all.
Hoo boy, this one's a doozy.

Device Findings
This video compiles what further information I've gathered about the device. I haven't found anything else like it yet hidden around my house, but I'm keeping very quiet as a precaution.

Spoiler: Show
Hello, my child. I see you've found my little toy. Took you long enough. About 4 months? *makes clicking sound with tongue* I was beginning to think you'd never find it. Good thing you're not as deaf as you are stupid. You shouldn't have cut those wires, there is more to be found. But I'm being unfair. Perhaps, you just need another little... ah... lesson, like the one you got at the Nature Trail. Would you like that? Shh... shh... *chuckle* But we will teach you so much. Who all those eyes belong to.... We shall teach you their names. About that forest... yes... that forest you were in. Under its branches the rain runs red. *another laugh* Would you like to know where you went? Would you like to know why? Perhaps you'd like to know why Milo committed suicide? Or rather, how I helped him do so. *clicks his tongue again* Language, Mr. Maxwell. The walls have such sensitive ears. *long sigh* We want only to remove those festering sutures from your eyes... are you so afraid of sight? A brief lesson, from your own world. You, and everyone you've ever known, are prisoners... bound in a cave and facing a blank wall on which you can only perceive shadows. A brain connected to eyes and nothing more. We have seen what casts those shadows, Noah Maxwell. Why won't you let us untie you? You are quite deserving, after all. *inhale* The Boardwalk. Bring the journal. That is your homework. However, if you come empty handed, we shall be forced to take... disciplinary actions. Perhaps another detention? *lip smacking sounds* Until then, I will continue my... observations. Pleasant dreams, Noah. *laugh*

Spoiler: Show
The idea that the Observer knows Noah so well that they'd be able to just *tell* when Noah would cuss like a sailor amuses me.

Four months means the device would have been in place since around about the time of the Nature Trail video being posted. The last frame has the word "AGAIN" in creepy, spiralling lines.


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Thanks for starting this up again, Owesome. :)

Two things I noticed when catching up with this thread:

  • In "Secret Parent Interview," Noah's mom mentions that Mary tried to kill his dad, and he ignored the statement. WTF?
  • The last frame of "Device Findings" is the word AGAIN in a lovely script. Interesting response to "I'm going to kill you and your tall friend, too." (Also, does anyone else want to say that line like the Wicked Witch of the West, or is that just me?)


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Thanks for starting this up again, Owesome. :)
You're welcome!

Two things I noticed when catching up with this thread:

  • In "Secret Parent Interview," Noah's mom mentions that Mary tried to kill his dad, and he ignored the statement. WTF?
Yeah, I noticed that too. Only thing I could think of was that, in character, that's an old, painful family story they'd hashed over enough that it would be uncomfortable to bring it all up again. Or, it was part of the script that the actors dropped. ;)

Next up, Noah hosts a livestream on Stickam that I'm going to cop out and not watch. During the livestream, though, this happens:

Uploaded by TribeTwelve on 28 Aug 2011


(Noah here: this video played during my most recent livestream without my knowing and was simultaneously uploaded here on my YouTube channel without my permission. The whole hour long livestream is available for viewing here: http://www.stickam.com/viewMedia.do?mId=192076610)

  • The description when translated from Base-64 reads: "THISISYOURWARNING".
  • The music is "Mr Sandman" played backwards. I used to love that song.
  • More threats, indicating that Grandpa Karl is not off the agenda for the Observer...
  • Admit it, you jumped.

Noah finds a piece of paper slid under his front door, with "I'M WAITING" written on it.


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I don't have anything to do tonight, so I decided to watch the livestream Owesome linked to. There are actually two from that night; this is the first. He mentioned talking to the EMH boys, and said that he'd try to visit both his grandfather Karl and the EMH crew when he took his trip to New York (which was delayed due to Hurricane Irene). The "Interruption" video played right after Noah was posturing about all of the weapons planted in his house and what he'd do to the Observer if Noah finds out who he is. Noah did not see the video when it played on the Livestream. After he played it back, there was loud knocking on the door to the room he was in. According to Noah, the house was locked, and there should not have been anyone else inside. His computer was in a room without a phone charger or any weapons (oops). He called the cops. He told the 911 operator his name was Adam, because they won't come to his house if he calls himself Noah (apparently he's got a "Boy Who Cried Wolf" reputation). He went into full-on Noah Tourette's while freaking out. The knocking continued sporadically during this entire time.

Edit to add the second LiveStream:

This was very short. Noah said the cops came, didn't find anything, and were pissed that he gave them the wrong name. They thought he was lying. No word on why he didn't show them the Livestream footage with the knocking. He showed us the paper he found when the cops showed up.
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Thanks Carmen!

Noah starts planning a trip to New York and New Jersey in September, with the idea of catching up with Grandpa Karl and the EverymanHYBRID crew. He arrives on the 16th.

Norhtern Trip Footage
Here is the footage that I filmed while traveling up north. While up there, I tried to see my Grandpa Karl again, but to no avail. I also went to see the guys who run the EverymanHybrid channel in New Jersey due to many people messaging me that the envelope I received was related to them somehow.

EverymanHybrid's YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/EverymanHYBRID
Their video of my visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DoUUF5hK20s
The full 1995 Dr. Corenthal letter (password: x8162005): http://www.mediafire.com/?rr7g2z7mh4k30ac
File referenced by Jeff the in video: http://www.mediafire.com/?w7z916elbwbwbp2

Topher covers the emH side of things in this post, but a couple of things to note:

  • Gandpa Karl says it's "not time" for them to meet again. Cryptic much?
  • "Excuse my language." Hah. Right. :)
  • I'm not entirely sure why any of the guys are referring to their respective antagonists (HABIT, the Observer) by name, but it's kind of irritating
  • The video covers the 18th of September. Noah spends a few days with his family, but doesn't film any more as he apparently forgot his camcorder charger. He gets back to Florida on the 24th and uploads the video that night.

Noah Maxwell ‏@TribeTwelve said:
Several weeks ago, an odd fellow who called himself Dr. Cairo interviewed me. He seemed to know his stuff, so I let him.http://t.co/VttQbFJH
⊗LOG⊗ - Florida and Vermont

Apologies this took so long to get out. I wanted to get at least two interviews to a video. I mentioned that I'd spoken to Noah when I was in the livestream with some of you, the footage is here. And just recently, I spoke with Marcus Prendergast about his experiences with the Slender Man, which date back many years.

Noah's Youtube

Marcus' Blog

Uploading this from the airport's wi-fi. Can't say where I'm headed but I'll let you know what I'm up to as soon as it's safe to do so.

I can't say as I'm familiar with CompileTRUTH, but it seems to be about this guy, Dr Cairo, who investigates other Slender-sightings, Eerie Indiana style.

  • Noah floats the theory that there's a group, or a cult, of people messing with him, being master-minded by one guy.
  • Milo's dead, baby. Milo's dead.


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21 Oct

Noah Maxwell ‏@TribeTwelve said:
ZXZlcnlvbmVzZWVzZXZlbnR1YWxseQ http://twitpic.com/73d9tf
The text in the tweet translates to "everyoneseeseventually"
The text in the image translates to "getreadyforabigsurprise justlookintoyourbrowneyes"

Noah Maxwell Noah Maxwell ‏@TribeTwelve said:
The Observer fuck posted that image somehow. Not looking forward to Halloween. I may stay at a hotel because I'm sure my house isn't safe.
Oct 23
Noah Maxwell Noah Maxwell ‏@TribeTwelve said:
People are telling me that the "11-11-11" on the hand in the picture is a date. The thing is, November 11th is my birthday. I'm nervous now.
25 Oct
Noah Maxwell Noah Maxwell ‏@TribeTwelve said:
Booked a cheap hotel to stay at for Halloween. I hate running like this, but these warning signs are seriously toying with my paranoia.
31 Oct
Noah Maxwell Noah Maxwell ‏@TribeTwelve said:
Happy Halloween, everyone. I'm going to spend mine by myself in a hotel. It's times like these that I miss the childhood I took for granted
1 Nov
Noah Maxwell Noah Maxwell ‏@TribeTwelve said:
Leaving for the hotel now. My kid self would hate me for doing this instead of having fun tonight. Oh well, better safe than sorry. Or dead.
Noah Maxwell Noah Maxwell ‏@TribeTwelve said:
He is here. And he is fucking with me. Don't know how, but it's all on tape. Rendering & posting ASAP. Hope this shit hotel internet works.
Halloween Hotel
This footage was taken today, October 31st, 2011. I'm staying at a hotel for Halloween. He is here and he is fucking with me. As you can see on the tape, I was filming in the afternoon and then suddenly found myself inexplicably in the middle of the night. This was all one continuous shot, mind you. I don't understand exactly what the hell just happened, but I'm losing my shit right now. I'm locking myself in my room and hoping this video uploads on the shitty hotel internet.

Last frame is a hipster jack-o-lantern with "HAPPY HALLOWEEN NOAH" and "11-11-11" next to it.

I like this one. Very Silent Hill 4: The Room.

2 Nov
Noah Maxwell ‏@TribeTwelve said:
I've been barricaded in my hotel room since the events that happened in the video. Not sure if I should go home yet. Or even leave the room.
4 Nov
Noah Maxwell @ TribeTwelve said:
Ran out of food. I'm leaving this room tomorrow and going back home. My home feels safer now, considering I know it better than this hotel.
5 Nov
Noah Maxwell Noah Maxwell ‏@TribeTwelve said:
Back home. House seems untouched. I might book the hotel again for the 11th, I'm too nervous. "Safe" is becoming synonymous with "Ambush".
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