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(Letter) is for (Madness Talent), Part II


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Since I've begun working on a game of Don't Rest Your Head, I went looking through old threads to find inspiration. Needless to say, I stumbled across the old version of this new thread, and was amazed. Insertname is brilliant, as well as the others who contributed new Madness Talents. Needless to say, I thought a revival was in order. The more Madness Talents people come up with, the more that players of DRYH have to use or draw on to create their own. And so, to mark the beginning of this new thread of Madness Talents, I humbly present my own and ask that others do so as well!

E is for Erase
To wipe it all away
Just focus your thoughts,
and let come what may.

What Can I Do?

You can make things - and people - vanish, by just focusing your mind on doing so. Obliterated, as if they were never there. You completely remove them from the fabric of existence, and so reality works to fill in the gaps, changing things so that a person never existed or a place never was. But be careful - erase something too powerful or critical, and history itself might alter. Reality abhors a vacuum, after all.

(1 - 2) Perform a mild erasure, like a dent in your car, a stain from your shirt, or a bad grade on a paper. Erase the information on a sign, and cause people to ignore whatever it represented since that sign never existed.

(3 - 4) You can erase larger things now: people, places, Locals, even low-level Nightmares. Erase a hospital and all of its works are undone (and perhaps some of its patients too). Erase a murderer and his murders never happened, the victims return to life (always a bit... off though). Erase a Paper Boy and watch the headlines change.

(5 - 6): Erase something - or someone - monumental. Erase Mother When and have the door that was pried open during the 13th Hour never touched, and the High School never founded. Remove an entire city block from existence and have everything and everyone associated with it lose their impact on the world. Things can also get metaphorical at this level: erase someone's debts, or worries, or fears, or memories.

How Does It Break Me?

When you get angry, it's so tempting to just viciously erase someone who's causing you a problem. You don't even have to erase the person in question, just something they'll miss: an eye, an arm, maybe one of their organs. Or get cruel and wipe out one of their loved ones for revenge. It's just so easy to make them go away.

Fleeing is extremely simple when you erase anything in your path towards your destination. Just run as fast as your feet can carry you, and obliterate anything and anyone in the way until you can find a safe place to hide.

How Do I Change?

Erasing things begins to become instinctive, sometimes you'll just offhandedly consider erasing something and it's gone. You erase things you don't mean to, like ex-lovers, or the boss breathing down your neck, or the asshole that cuts you off in traffic. It's so quick and easy, and all of your problems just... disappear.

What Am I Becoming...

Soon you find that you just can't stop, that erasing anything that bothers you has become an obsession, until you begin erasing even the parts of yourself that you don't like. You remove memories and emotions, blemishes, even that bone that sticks out of place at just the wrong angle. Your body becomes unstable and begins to melt, sloshing along as a sort of walking puddle. But you can't stop - erasing and correcting what's wrong has become your driving purpose. And as you do it more and more, you begin seeing the flaws and attributes in others that you don't like, and you seek to remove them as well, correcting the problem until they're completely perfect in your eyes before leaving the ruined husk behind and moving on to the next.

You've become the Correction Fluid.
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