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Levar Burton to revive Reading Rainbow through Kickstarter


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Exactly. I thought it had stopped or gone into perpetual re-runs or something back in the 1990s.
The number of episodes per season did go down in later years and sometimes there was a one-year gap between new seasons.


One news article I read commented the reason the funding was cancelled was to move it to shows that taught basic reading skills in the first place, rather than encouraging love of reading of those who had the basics. So, the decision to end it makes some sense in that light, only so much funding and all, but reviving it via kickstarter is also a really worthy cause.


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I wish there were some stretch goals.
I think they just got caught by surprise at how fast they rocketed up. The page does say, "The first million raised will help us get onto the web and into 1,500+ classrooms… but once we get there, we’ve got some big ideas for stretch goals!" So give them a few hours and I expect we'll see some.


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If I had $600 to drop on this, I would, but our chat would just be like when Troy met him on Community.


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It's kind of like George Baily at the end with the tub in my head.

Levar Burton helped a lot of kids develop their lifelong love of reading, myself included.
I was just a little too old for the show. My little brother watched it some, but I never did.


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150% of a one million dollar goal in less than a day? Ah-stounding. It's a great comfort to me in my cynical old age to know that so many people still know what's important.
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