[LFG] Cedar Rapids/Iowa City area


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Well, I moved last summer and I am now looking for a new game group to join up with. I live and work in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

I am open to just about any type of gaming, with RPG's being high on the list. I've had experience in AD&D2e, D&D3.X, Pathfinder, Traveller, GURPS, etc. I'm up for trying just about any game really.

If anyone is looking for a new player to join their table, drop me a line and we can talk.


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I'm in Eastern Iowa, but outside your circle. My suggestion would be hitting up D&D Adventure League at one of the shops and seeing if anybody wants to do non-AL stuff. I know Hobby Corner (Iowa City) and Geek City (North Liberty) both do AL, and Hobby Corner also does Pathfinder Society.

Additionally, I know a guy who may know some people up that way. I've dropped him an email.
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