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HardKore Keltoid

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Right, it's that time again.

Me: An obsessive Changeling fan with enough enthusiasm for ten lesser souls, and a huge pile of concepts yet to be played.

You: My motley, and a capricious agent of the Wyrd.

I like how Changelings are usually kitted out with corkscrew shaped hammers for screwy nails. I like pledgecraft, I like hedge exploration and the siege mentality of a Changeling city.

But most of all I like the unique feel of Fae things. Twisted oaths and symbolism, urban legends and old wives' tales, skin-stealing hags and breath-draining cats and crawling briars and harps strung up with heartstrings that sound like pure nostalgia.

Is there anyone out there that can provide at least some of those things? Is there anyone that would like to see them with me?


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In. As ever, bouncing half of dozen concepts off oddly-angled walls.
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