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Liminal RPG. Anyone know anything about it?

Shan Andy

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Liminal is a, distinctly British-sounding, modern urban fantasy game by Paul Mitchenor.

I missed the Kickstarter on it, but it's up for pre-order. On the surface, it sounds right up my street: it's kind of low key, slightly brooding and has a feeling of the dying of the light. Definitely my blend of tea.

However, before I pull the trigger (and make decisions about what I actually want to get) I'd like to find out more about the engine that powers it. The kickstarter page describes it as "traditional" then goes on to describe the narrative (sounding) hooks that tie the characters and the party to the game world. Those two statements seem to be at odds.

Is Paul about these parts and willing to say more at this stage?
Has anyone got any experience of it in play? What is it like?

Edited to correct the creator's name. Sorry.
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From the drafts that went out to KS backers:

The core mechanic is 2d6+appropriate skill+relevant bonuses to beat a given difficulty, with a critical success if you beat the difficulty by 5 or more.

Character creation is point buy, with a certain number of points for Skills (training and natural abilities) and Traits (specially trained or innate advantages, including magic) respectively.

(And, er, the creator's Paul Mitchener.)


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I kickstarted it and I must say it looks gorgeous. And what I have read from some of the previews released so far has me looking forward to getting my grubby mitts on it.


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It is urban fantasy well steeped in British folklore and fairy tales set in modern England.


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So, what's the general gist? For you, anyway.
It's the fantastic in the modern UK. Basically urban fantasy though it's not all urban. There are magical societies, the Fae, werewolf gangs, ghosts, and vampires, along with a division of the police who investigate "Fortean crimes". The fantasy elements draw heavily on local history and the landscape.

The player characters are Liminals- those fully aware of the supernatural, but still rooted in the everyday world. They form a crew who work together and take on cases from the factions of the Hidden World, helping ordinary people caught up in the supernatural strangeness, or following their own goals.


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Went for the Color Liminal. It does not really say if the order includes all PDFs, though hopefully it does.

Already considering a crossover with my City of Mist campaign.

PS. Thanks for the heads-up. Totally missed the kickstarter.
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