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Liminal RPG. Anyone know anything about it?

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I've just discovered this game. A beautiful elegant streamlined system with top production values.

And one of the best parts for me - it's set in the UK.

I can't tell you how refreshing it is to have a game set in the place I live, love and know so well. Finally we have a contemporary game set in the UK. Having a game with locales you know and relate to is quality immersion. You can't go a few miles in the UK without finding somewhere steeped in hundreds (or thousands) of years of folklore, myth and legend.
I also wish I'd known about the Kickstarter - I'd have pledged so I could have had my home town included.

More games written by British people, set in Britain. Yes please.


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Can I do Buffy in this game?
Yes, mechanically. There are no hard restrictions on the various supernatural types so it’s easy to build a power set however you like.

Settingwise, there are no slayers per se. There are hunters and bodyguards with supernatural abilities, most via a pan-religious organisation.
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