List of Old School Renaissance RPGs

Doctor Futurity

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I didn't include these in the list because they are actual classics, not retro-cloned games.
Makes sense!

Question though: should Castles & Crusades be included on this list? It might arguably be considered the first attempt at a retrogame. Possibly also Starsiege.
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I didn't include this one because it's a supplement, rather than a stand-alone game (and a cool supplement that I plan on checking out).
If you're including B/X Companion, this is basically the same thing. Quite a few of the things in your list are supplements (like Sword and Board is a suuplement for Basic Fantasy for example)


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I'd be interested in seeing your list - care to post it?
I posted it last month:

It doesn't even include the not-stand-alone games like B/X Companion, or all the variations on games like Dungeon Squad or Searchers of the Unknown. This thread also has a few I missed. It does include non-D&D variations, and games that have new school mechanics but are inspired by the old school. I didn't bother with links this time, but I have in the past. There are at least 100+ out there.
Yes, someone should .... perhaps, even me! Thanks for the idea. I'll see what I can come up with.
A page on the RPGnet wiki might not be a bad idea (though I'd drop "Renaissance"; "old school" seems less divisive than "OSR"). Some of the other free wiki alternatives get annoying with the ads. There's also a wiki that tries to list all the open source games out there, which overlaps somewhat with the OSR. Though I've completely forgotten its name, so I can't seem to find it again easily.

Edit: Found it:
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