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[LoA/Dragonlance/Mythic] Dragonlands


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Maybe it's nostalgia, but I like Dragonlance. At least oldschool Dragonlance. Not only do I own most of the 3e books for the setting, but I still have the original 1e book. I've never actually played any of it.

One of these books, from Third Edition, is called Legends of the Twins, which not only details playing in differing eras of Krynn's history, but offers several alternate realities, like: What if the Kingpriest had overwhelmed Paladine and subsumed the power of a god? What if the departure of the gods after the Summer of Chaos had never occurred? What if mages ruled the continent of Ansalon?

My campaign idea comes from one of these settings with the premise: What if the Heroes of the Lance had failed?
Six years ago, dragons returned to Krynn. They had overtaken half of the continent of Ansalon before forces could rally against them. Resistance was fierce, but ultimate futile. The good dragons, if any such existed, never appeared. The forces of the Queen of Darkness shattered the already embattled Knights of Solamnia and now a Dragon Emperor rules over the known world, as the fist of Takhisis on Krynn.

Resistance has risen in the form of a force of guerilla warriors known as the Innfellows, but their forces are stretched thin and their hopes of prevailing are slim. Qualinesti has been overcome and the elves forced to live in the nightmare that is Silvanesti, where they are slowly and inevitably driven mad. The dwarves and minotaurs have been enslaved and kender are often murdered on sight.

These are the Dragonlands and heroes are needed like never before.


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[LoA/Dragonlance/Mythic] Dragonlands Races

This is something I've been doing in my spare time and chances are I won't even finish it before burning out or finding something else to do, but it's been interesting so far. Before I start posting actual sessions, first the ground rules.

This isn't Dragonlance as written, in several small ways and a few large ones. For instance, these are the races. I may also include minotaurs as in the original, but for now, this is the roster of peoples:

Dragonborn are a new race, and as yet undiscovered. They take the place of draconians and are not wholly evil. But they are honorable and therefore loyal to their undeniably evil progenitors. As with the draconians, their full story will be told in the course of the Chronicle.

Dwarves remain divided between hill dwarves and mountain dwarves, though mechanically, they are the same.

Eladrin are the high elves, the Silvanesti, still closely linked to the twilight realm crafted for them by Paladine. They believe themselves to be his favored and make certain everyone knows it.

Elves are the Qualinesti, what most people consider elves when they think of elvenkind. Instead of mastering nature through magic, they live in harmony with it. They are also aloof from mankind, disillusioned through the endless wars and pillaging that followed the Cataclysm (the fault of humans).

Half-elves are, in the Age of Despair, the product of force, for the most part, though there are a few half-elven families remaining, generally despised by both elves and humans. As such, they are fairly rare, and many choose to disguise themselves as human.

Halflings are known as kender on Krynn. Though they have homelands of their own, they tend to live a gypsy existence, traveling in small groups, or families. They live on the fringes of society, trading in goods ‘acquired’ from stops along their neverending journey.

Humans are the dominant race of the world, for good or for ill. It was their empires that dominated the ancient world, and their hubris that directly contributed to the Cataclysm. Unlike the other peoples, they are still an active force, never insular, but working to shape history.

Tieflings are the creation of Takhisis, Queen of Darkness. More beautiful than elves, more driven than humans, they ruled empires and sought to enslave the world in the early days of Krynn. Their closeness to the darkness corrupted their very forms. Many still work today to restore their ancient glory, but most live squalid existences, mistrusted by all, whether deserving of that mistrust or not.


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Re: [LoA/Dragonlance/Mythic] Dragonlands House Rules

These are the rules I am using, which are changed from the LoA RAW. There might be more as I come across them, but these are the only ones that have come to mind so far.

Character Creation

• The PCs begin at the Good (+3) level, meaning their skills are capped at Good (+3) and they have 15 points upon which to build their skill pyramid, with six aspects and 6 refresh.
• Refresh and stunts are as employed in the Dresden Files RPG: Each stunt requires a point of refresh and no PC can have a refresh below 1. Also as with the Dresden Files RPG, different levels of character begin with differing levels of refresh. Good start with 6, Great with 8, Superb with 10, and so forth.

Character Advancement

• Every four scenes in Mythic, within a single adventure, allows a session advancement.
• A single adventure ends when a thread is resolved, no matter how many (or how few) scenes that takes.
• As stunts are linked to refresh, the skill caps are linked to aspects. The skill cap cannot be raised above half the number of aspects, rounded down. So, for the current PCs to gain a Great (+4) skill, they must have at least four aspects.

The characters are to follow.


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[LoA/Dragonlance/Mythic] Dragonlands: Heroes

Marissa Highmountain, a noblewoman who gave up her inheritance to do the right thing, leader of the companions.

Name: Marissa Highmountain
Occupation: Knight of the Crown

Physical Stress (5):
Composure Stress (6):

Fate Points: 3
Refresh: 3

Black Sheep of the Highmountains
Knight of the Crown
Veteran of the Dark Queen’s War
Restore the Knights of Solamnia*
Honor Is Better Than Money
Yes, Juniper’s with Me

*Find a knightly circle, become the circle’s leader, forge the circles into an army.

Good (+3): Leadership
Fair (+2): Melee Weapons, Resolve
Average (+1): Academics, Alertness, Athletics, Contacting, Empathy, Might, Rapport

 Squadron or Unit Leader: +1 to Leadership rolls when commanding squadron or unit
 Shield Training: Gain shield’s defense bonus, use shield consequences. Use aspects in blocks or full defense.
 Military Training: +1 damage with swords.

Splint Mail: +1 armor bonus, minor consequence (), major consequence ()
War Shield: +1 defense bonus, major consequence (), Cumbersome, Wall of Protection
Long Sword: +3 damage


Juniper Thistledown, kender, wanderer.

Name: Juniper Thistledown
Occupation: Explorer

Physical Stress (5):
Composure Stress (5):

Fate Points: 3
Refresh: 3

My Home is the Road
Handler, Not Thief!
It Will All Work Out in the End!
Kender Deserve Respect, Too *
The Invisible Scourge of the Dragonarmies
I’ve Got a Knight Behind Me!
*convince kender leaders of the need for unity, strike a blow against the dragonarmies with a kender force, retake Kendermore

Good (+3): Sleight of Hand
Fair (+2): Burglary, Rapport, Ranged Weapons
Average (+1): Alertness, Athletics, Empathy, Melee Weapons, Resolve, Stealth

 Small: +1 to Stealth rolls, -1 to Intimidate rolls.
 Sticky Fingers: Have any small object belonging to someone else for a Fate point. +1 Sleight of Hand to palm things.
 Taunt: +2 on Rapport attacks to place an Enraged aspect in battle.

Hoopak Staff: +2 melee damage, Rapid, Long/ +2 ranged damage, Highly Accurate


Amethyst Gallowglass, dwarf, fighter.

Name: Amethyst Gallowglass
Occupation: Sword and Shield Warrior

Physical Stress (6):
Composure Stress (5):

Fate Points: 2
Refresh: 2

Hewn from the Very Stone!
More Than Just a Shieldmaiden
I Am No Slave!
The Gods Will Save My People *
Wizards Are Not Completely Worthless
An Unlikely Friend in Thyanel

*Find evidence of the true gods, find a true cleric, pass clerical knowledge to the dwarves.

Good (+3): Melee Weapons
Fair (+2): Alertness, Athletics, Endurance
Average (+1): Artifice, Fists, Intimidation, Might, Resolve, Resources

 Military Training: +1 damage with axes.
 Weapon Specialist: +2 damage with axes.
 Shield Training: Shields grant a defense bonus, accept consequences, and can be an aspect for blocks for full defense. Use attack spin to remove shield benefits from opponent.
 Good Arm: Throw weapons two zones for a -1 Melee Weapons penalty.

Dwarven Splint Mail: -2 armor bonus, minor consequence(), major consequence (), Noisy, Hot, Heavy
Dwarven War Shield: +2 defense, minor consequence(), Cumbersome, Wall of Protection
Battle Axe: +5 damage
Hand Axes (2): +4 damage, Poor Defense


Thyanel Moonshadow, eladrin, mage.

Name: Thyanel Moonshadow
Occupation: Wizard of the Red Moon

Physical Stress (5):
Composure Stress (6):

Fate Points: 2
Refresh: 2

Silvanesti of House Mystic
True Power is Found in Balance
Knowledge for Its Own Sake
Wizard of the Red Moon
I Will Prove Myself to Par-Salian*
Amethyst Is My Anchor

*Find a source of neutral magic, defeat a powerful enemy with magic, stand before the Conclave.

Good (+3): Glamour, Transmutation
Fair (+2): Academics, Resolve, Transmutation
Average (+1): Divination, Domination, Investigation, Survival, Telekinesis, Warding

 Silvertongue: Use Glamour instead of Deceit.
 Neutral Ground: Use Warding to place a ‘Neutral Ground’ aspect, defend in social conflicts with Warding.
 Divination: Use Divination to understand languages.
 Magic Missiles: Use Telekinesis to attack.


Tomorrow, the actual story begins.


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Dragons of Scarlet Flame: Haven, Scene 1

This arc is called called Dragons of Scarlet Flame and that's all I know about it at this point. I have several plot points culled from the Legends book, but I'll insert them when they seem appropriate. For now, it's all as much of a surprise to me as it is to anyone else.

Normal font is narrative text.
Bold text is Anglerre rules.
Italic text is Mythic GME.

Skip anything you don't care about. :)


Before the Dark Queen’s War, there were four friends. One was a Solamnic woman of noble birth, an outcast who wanted nothing more than to be a knight. The second was a kender woman who wasn’t anything especially remarkable as kender go. The third was a dwarven woman, a shieldmaiden who kept faith in the old gods. The last was an elven woman, once Silvanesti, now an exile for daring to wear the red robes. It was pretty much thought that none of them would ever come to anything useful or important in the town of Haven.

The Dark Queen’s War changed everything. Marissa Highmountain went to Solamnia, with her kender friend, Juniper Thistledown, as her “squire” and was named a Knight of the Crown for her valor – and then the Knights were shattered and Solamnia fell to the Blue Dragonarmy. Marissa and Juniper were forced to flee, eventually returning to Haven, in search of hope in opposing the newly formed Dragon Empire.

Amethyst Gallowglass, determined to be a warrior in her own right left her mountain home. She also sought news of the true gods, but found only charlatans around Haven. It was there she met Marissa, Juniper, and Thyanel Moonshadow, an elven apprentice wizard, late of Silvanesti. When war broke out, Thyanel realized she had to take the Test of High Sorcery, because the Balance she believe in so strongly was surely going to be disrupted. Amethyst joined her to protect the wizard from physical harm.

Thyanel saw many things during the Test that she will not speak of, including a vision in which she was the fulcrum on which the Balance hung. Par-Salian, leader of the Conclave, confirmed as much. This fate was not set in stone, by any means. There was another meant to restore the Balance and he had failed.
Now it is war’s end, and the four weary veterans return to Haven.

Scene 1
Setup: Four friends meet outside Haven.
Chaos Rank:5
Threads: Locate the resistance
NPCs: None

Q: Are there sentries? (Likely)
A: No.

The dusty trail is a little used one, which is why Marissa Highmountain took it. It seems no one saw fit to place sentries on it. By the trail stood a big rock, undistinguished except for its size. This was the place. Now she only had to wait. Of course, her guide being Juniper, it might end up being a long wait.

Q: Is it Juniper who comes up the road first? (50/50)
A: No.
Q: Does a patrol arrive instead? (50/50)
A: No.

The shadows lengthen, as afternoon deepens, and still Juniper has not arrived with the other two. Kender though she may be, Juniper was trustworthy when things were important. It was time to look for them. Marissa started back down the road, keeping her hood pulled low. She wasn’t even a little woodcrafty, so she would just have to trust to her luck to find any signs.

Complex Q: What does Marissa find?
A: Adversity Jealousy

Marissa rolls Average (+1) Alertness: 1-3+1= Poor (-1).

“I knew you’d come back. Like a fly to filth, you are.” The deep and all too familiar voice from behind startles Marissa, then she is filled with dread. She wipes both from her expression as best she can as she turns around.

“Janeth.” Marissa is somehow not surprised. Janeth Highmountain, her esteemed cousin, Knight of the Rose in a world where such had little meaning anymore. He doesn’t look like a man with hard weeks of road travel behind him. His nondescript armor is polished, his black hair as immaculately groomed as ever, though his handsome face is clean-shaven. To wear the famed Solamnic mustaches in these days was sure death, as it was to wear the long elaborately-pleated braid Marissa herself once wore.

Marissa receives a Fate Point for the compel of her aspect “Black Sheep of the Highmountains”, bringing her current total to 4.

“My dear cousin. We miss you.” Janeth places his hand on the hilt of his sword. “Dragon Highlord Kitiara has been gracious. She has offered amnesty to all who will accept her rulership and that of the Dragon Emperor. You are the only one who has not accepted.”

“I am the only one who still believes in what the Knights once stood for – what they could stand for still!” Marissa knows what she looks like – a dusty, bedraggled woman, perhaps taller than average, but nothing beautiful or distinguished about her. The famed Highmountain beauty seems to have escaped her, as did so many other qualities of her family. For this, Marissa thanked the gods, wherever they were.

“You can still come back.” Janeth’s smile is open and bright. “The world has changed and you can change with it. We need you. Your drive, your skill. You proved yourself during the war, but you were misguided in what side to take. You always were. Come with me and rejoin the family that still loves you.”

Janeth makes a Rapport attack. Marissa defends with her Resolve. There are no stats yet, but let’s assume Janeth’s Rapport is Fair (+2). He is a suave devil.
Janeth rolls his Fair (+2) Rapport. 4-3+2= Good (+3).

Marissa defends with her Fair (+2) Resolve. 2-5+2=Poor (-1).
Marissa takes four points of Composure stress, reducing her total to 2.

Marissa does not see any duplicity in his offer and she’s so tired of fighting. With a start, she realizes she may be starting to give in and places her hand on the hilt of her sword, ready to drive Janeth off with steel, if she must.

“No. My Honor is My Life. That meant something to you, once.”

“It never did and you never saw what a lie it was. I came to take you back, Marissa.” Janeth continues to smile, but now there is a dark edge to it, something sinister.

Q: Did Janeth bring some friends along? (Likely)
A: Exceptional yes!

Armored men step out from the both sides of the road, five in all, to surround Janeth. Most of them are recognizable to Marissa – fallen knights, all of them.

“Don’t worry,” Janeth says, mockingly. “We’re not going to hurt you. Too much.”

They all draw and Marissa answers in kind.

The fallen knights are Good (+3) minions, who will attach themselves to Janeth, giving him a +2 bonus to attack and defend. I will assume a Fair (+2) Melee Weapons for Janeth. They also go first, assuming an Alertness of Good (+3) for the minions.

Janeth and the fallen knights attack as a group. 1-4+2+2=Average (+1)

Marissa defends with Melee Weapons and her shield bonus. 5-5+2+1=Good (+3).

Quickly, the Highmountain fighters circle the lone knight, their swords probing at her defenses. Desperately, she shields one side, while attempting to ward off blows on her right with her sword. Miraculously, she manages to hold firm, but it isn’t going to last. She already knows it.

Marissa attacks, trying to even the odds. 3-6+2=Poor (-1).
The fallen knights defend. 5-2+4=Epic (+7). The fallen knights get 1 level of spin.

Q: Does Juniper arrive yet? (50/50)
A: Yes.

Q: Did she bring the others? (Very Likely)
A: Exceptional yes!

Marissa’s companions launch an ambush! This round the order of combat is: Amethyst, then Thyanel, then Juniper, then Janeth and the fallen knights, then Marissa.

Amethyst flings herself at the clot of fallen knights. She’ll take -1 for moving and attacking in the same round.
Amythest rolls (1-3)+3-1-1 for a result of Poor (-1), due to the knights’ earlier spin.

Janeth and the knights defend at Mediocre (0), due to their surprise.
Janeth rolls (3-4)+0 for a result of Poor (-1).

Amethyst hits, giving five points of stress to a minion, taking him out.

Juniper attacks with the sling of her hoopak from the side for of the trail.
Juniper rolls (2-2)+2 for a result of Fair (+2).

Janeth and the fallen knights roll (2-3)+0 for a result of Poor (-1).
Juniper does 3+2 damage, taking out another minion.

Thyanel fires her Magic Missiles.
Thyanel rolls (6-3)+1 for a result of Great (+4).

The fallen knights roll (4-2)+0 for a result of Fair (+2).
Thyanel severely wounds another fallen knight.

Q: Does Janeth retreat? (Very Likely)
A: Yes.

A warcry sounds and a dwarven woman, blond braids streaming behind her, launches herself out of the woods, dispatching one of the fallen knights with a few quick chops of her axe. A stone whistles out of the shadowed woods, striking another fallen knight hard enough in the head to lay him flat. A third fallen knight curses as magical bolts of energy sear through his armor.

“Fall back!” Janeth calls, seeing his compatriots dropping fast. “This isn’t over, Marissa!” He and the other fallen knights turn to flee.

“I beg to differ!” cries the dwarf woman, drawing a throwing axe from her belt.

“No!” Marissa rushes over to forestall her friend. “They’ve surrendered.” Rapidly, their opponents melt into the woods and are gone. Two other women join Marissa and the warrior, one of them a fairly typical-looking kender, the other a slim tall woman shrouded in red robes, her hood pulled low.

“This is why you and all your kind are even now hounded to the end of the earth,” says the robed woman dryly. “If they feared you, they would not come against you.”

“Well, your cousin has a nice smile,” notes the kender. “He can’t be all bad. He’s certainly not bad-looking.” She nods, as if that were really all that needed to be said.

“If you’d let me smash his face in one day, maybe you’d understand he needs to be put down like the mad beast he is.” The dwarf woman makes sure all her weapons are secure, yet ready to be drawn at a moment’s notice.

“Thanks for your help, all of you,” Marissa tells the other three. “Though you could have come a little faster, Juniper.” This last is directed at the kender.

Juniper shrugs. “I knew you could handle whatever would crop up. Besides, I found this really nice clearing in there, where we could stay once we were driven out of town. That seems to happen even more than it used to, since the war. I suppose that’s better than just being killed. They do that to kender in some places, you know. Just stabbed on sight—“

“I wonder why.” the red robed woman cuts in smoothly. “It remains to be seen what our reception in Haven will be, but the kender has something of a point. We cannot stay there too long. I was almost sent back to Silvanesti once. I will not risk that occurring again.”

“Thyanel, Amie, it’s good to see both of you again.” Marissa gives them both a truly genuine smile. “And thanks for saving me yet again. I still have hope for Janeth. If he can be saved, maybe there’s hope for the rest of my family.”

Amethyst snorts, but that’s all she has to say about that. “Well, we’re here now, and it’s getting late, so let’s move along.”

The four head out toward the city as twilight begins.


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Dragons of Scarlet Flame: Haven, Scene 2

Scene 2
Scene Setup: The four companions arrive at the gates of Haven.
Chaos Level 6
NPCs: Janeth Highmountain
Threads: Locate the resistance.

Roll for modified scene: 7.
The scene remains as is.

Q: Are the gate guards Dragonarmy guards?
A: No.

The four trudge down the road to the city gates, where bored looking guards stand. It is nearing the time to shut the gates for the night, but there seem to be few travelers. After the burning of nearby towns, there were many refugees to Haven – which surrendered rather than suffer annihilation from the flame of red dragons. Now, after the end of the war, things have settled, but the city is far too full, strained to capacity with those who have nowhere else to go.

“I guess I’ll meet you inside,” Juniper says, as the gates come into view. “The guards kill kender on sight, which is a little rude, since I haven’t really done anything. Yet. The usual place?” And before the others can answer, she’s gone, vanished into the deepening shadows.

“I will take care of myself,” Thyanel promises. “They will not see my heritage. And if they ask, Amethyst can be your slave, Marissa.”

“I most certainly cannot!” Amie bristles at the very thought.

“I suppose you could be sent back to Thorbardin to be a slave in truth, then,” Thyanel replies, shrugging as if it didn’t matter to her at all.

“I don’t like the thought either, Amie. Let Thyanel do the talking. If she has to, she can ‘charm’ them, if you know what I mean.” Marissa says, then stammers, realizing what she did say. “With spells, I mean!”

A long-suffering sigh emerges from beneath the elf’s red hood, then quiet words as she begins to chant a spell.

Thyanel will use all three of her skill points in Glamour toward duration to stretch the duration of her spell from a few moments to a few minutes and hope that is enough, using her magic to disguise herself as no one in particular. She’ll take a minute or so to cast it carefully, just in case.

Thyanel rolls (5-4)+2 for taking extra time, for a result of Good (+3).

The three remaining companions come to the gate, joining the line of last minute arrivals.

Q: Do the guards stop them? (Very Likely)
A: Yes.

“Well, well. A dwarf, is it?” The gate captain steps forward to intercept them. “I assume one of you speak for this one, especially since she goes about armed?” He looks significantly at the red robed mage, assuming her the leader of the group.

The guard has a chance to see through Thyanel’s Good (+3) with Average (+1) Alertness.
He rolls (6-2)+1 for a result of Superb (+5)!

Marissa can see something is wrong by the guard’s increased scrutiny, but Thyanel continues anyway.

“I do.”

“Do you? And who speaks for you, Mistress Mage? Would you mind pulling back your hood?” Amethyst’s hand does not go anywhere near her axe, but Marissa can tell by the dwarf’s subtle shift in stance that she is getting ready to fight.

Thyanel attempts to use her Silvertongue feat, magically enhancing her Deceit skill to use as a composure attack. The guards are minions, suited for physical contact, which means they will have Mediocre (0) Resolve with which to resist.

Thyanel rolls (4-3)+3 for a result of Great (+4).

The guards roll (3-6) for a result of Abysmal (-3).
The guard is absolutely taken out.

Thyanel takes a deep breath and when she speaks again, there is a subtle hypnotic quality to her voice.

“We’re here on legitimate business,” she says, softly and evenly. “After all, I’m not wearing the white robes, right?”

“Yes, I suppose so.” The chief guard nods blankly. “You people go on through; you’re holding up the rest of the line and we need to shut the gate.”

“Of course.” Thyanel keeps her voice at the same soft tone, while motioning for her friends to proceed. Marissa knows better than to press their luck and enters Haven with the other two.

The Dark Queen’s War has changed the place for the worse. The first thing Marissa notices is the smell – poor Thyanel literally staggers, though she quickly recovers. There is not enough room for people to stay in the inns, it seems, so people clog the street. There are soldiers on every corner, though few of them seem to be actual dragonarmy. As curfew nears, the milling of the crowds takes on a more desperate nature – no one wants to get caught outside at night.
Marissa attempts to keep a low profile as they make their way toward an old hangout, hoping against hope that it is still there, and still a good place to gather information.

Q: Is the old hangout still there? (50/50)
A: Yes.

Thankfully, the old tavern is still there, though as packed with people as everyone else. The Drunken Archer was where the four women would meet every so often before or after going out on various adventures in the region, before the war. The building was certainly showing the effects of the troubled times, its paint chipped and peeling, the eaves sagging a bit, but at least it looked better than many other buildings Marissa had seen during and after the war’s course.

Q: Is the old proprietor still there? (Likely)
A: Yes.

Lurene Fridal was still behind the bar, though there was a lot more gray in her hair than there was only a few years ago. Marissa does not recognize any of the serving girls, but that wasn’t really surprising. It wasn’t a pleasant job being a tavern girl in an occupied town. Lurene was a formidable woman, but even she could only do so much.

The barkeep sees Marissa before she reaches the bar and merely nods, neither calling out nor waving. These are dangerous times and no one knows that better than someone who sees so many visitors and refugees every day. Only once Marissa and her two friends reach the bar does Lurene speak.

“Gods above, I figured you for dead!” Her greeting is friendly and genuine, but muted. Marissa did fight for the losing side, after all. “It’s not very safe for you to be here, though. Dragon soldiers come through here all the time, even those dragonborn. They don’t really care for Amie’s people. And they’ve got orders to kill your little friend on sight. So it’s a good thing you didn’t bring her in here.”

“She’s around somewhere,” Marissa says. “You know how she is. I hate to impose on you, but do you have somewhere we can hold up for a night or two? We just need to get our bearings, then we’ll be on our way.”

“For you? Of course! It won’t be too comfortable, but it will be safe from prying eyes.” Lurene pauses, as if remembering something. “You know, I’m going to get you folks the usual. It’s on the house.” She bustles off to fill mugs.

“Some things never change,” observes Thyanel.

“That isn’t a bad thing,” retorts Amethyst. “We’d better get to wherever she’s aiming us as soon as we can. We’ll have to look for what we’re trying to find in the morning and do it quickly. I’ve got a bad feeling about this place.”

Just in case, it’s time to check on Juniper, using her Stealth to infiltrate the city. It would normally be Mediocre (0), but she’s in a crowded city (+1), where kender are killed on sight (+1), so the difficult will be set at Fair (+2)

Juniper rolls (1-1)+1 for Stealth, and another +1 for being Small, giving her a Fair (+2) result. She makes it, if only barely.

“That is so true,” chirps Juniper, who is standing at Thyanel’s elbow. “This place gives me a shivery feeling and not the good kind, where you find out something really great is going to happen. This whole thing where they kill kender on sight is really unpleasant. I’m sure if the Dragon Emperor actually met some of us before trying to stab us –“

“He’d want to stab you all the more,” cuts in Thyanel. “Stop drawing attention to yourself before I take away your voice. Again.”

Marissa chuckles at the memory and even Amie puts on a grudging smile, as the drinks are brought back, even a cup for Juniper. Silently, the four finish what they have, and Lurene doesn’t ask them what they’re about or what they’ve been up to during the war. There is only the one drink before the four are taken down into the cellar and allowed to set up in a corner, out of sight. In the morning, it would be time to look for the so-called Innfellows and see what they could do to strike a blow against the Dragonarmies.

End of Scene 2
Lower Chaos Level to 5.
NPC List: Add Lurene Fridal, Haven guards
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Very neat. The more I hear about GME, the closer it comes to my library. Although, in the fight with the minions, doing five damage should have wiped out more than one, shouldn't it? Maybe I read these darn minion rules wrong.


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I like the way all the characters had an Aspect that could be Compelled simply by one of the other characters being there and causing trouble.


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I like the way all the characters had an Aspect that could be Compelled simply by one of the other characters being there and causing trouble.
It's a direct outgrowth of the character creation process in Fate. Marissa and Juniper shared a story in the final phase, as did Amethyst and Thyanel, so I thought I'd just reflect that in their aspects.

Very neat. The more I hear about GME, the closer it comes to my library. Although, in the fight with the minions, doing five damage should have wiped out more than one, shouldn't it? Maybe I read these darn minion rules wrong.
Thanks! I don't regret getting GME at all. As for the rules, you are correct. I'm the one that read it wrong! There's another minion fight later, I think where I do it that way also. From now on, I think I'll actually stick to the rules. :eek:


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Dragons of Scarlet Flame: Haven, Scene 3

Scene 3

Scene Setup: The companions search the city for signs of the Innfellows.
Chaos Level 5
NPCs: Janeth Highmountain, Lurene Fridal, Haven guards
Threads: Locate the resistance.

Roll for modified scene:2

Scene interrupt.
Event Focus: NPC Positive (Haven guards)
Event Meaning: Attract Art

Things are not going quite as planned in the morning. There is far more commotion and noise upstairs than there should be so early in the morning, but it sounds like merriment rather than trouble. Marissa goes up alone, since the others might attract more attention than they want at the moment.

There is a crowd, many of them city guards, and at the center an attractive blond man with a lute. In true minstrel fashion, he is singing a tale of heroism that may or may not involve the men surrounding him, or men much like them.

Marissa will invoke her own “Veteran of the Dark Queen’s War” to declare she knows this man from the war. Maybe he can help with finding the Innfellows. She now has 3 Fate points left.

Marissa recognizes Elden Doran, a minstrel she met on a campaign in Solamnia. As she recalled, he was a bit of an opportunist, but he kept his ear to the ground about the news around him. Maybe he could be of help. She makes herself inconspicuous near the back as Elden continues to sing. Even after it’s over, she waits until the guards disperse to go about their duties, many of them promising to come back after their shift. Only then does she approach the bar.

Q: Does Elden recognize Marissa? (A Sure Thing)
A: Yes.

“Well, well,” the minstrel says, shooting Marissa one of those admittedly beautiful smiles of his. “I do recall seeing you somewhere before –“

Marissa gives him a pointed look.

“—in a tavern somewhere to the north,” Elden finishes, looking a touch affronted at Marissa’s look. “You know, the most important thing about my trade is not when to speak, or even how to speak, but when to not speak.”

“I have the feeling you haven’t quite mastered the art yet,” Marissa says, sitting at the bar, not far from Elden, “which means we might be able to arrange something of mutual benefit.” She nods toward a corner table. “Even though I know you just made a lot of money, I’ll buy you breakfast anyway.”

“Well, who am I to turn down a free meal from a beautiful woman?” Elden smiles again, but Marissa doesn’t return it. She knows she’s no great beauty. Lurene brings food to the table and Elden tucks in, but Marissa is not interested in eating for the moment.

Q: Does Elden know anything about the Innfellows? (50/50)
A: No.

As they eat, Marissa asks the man questions about the war, how things have been going, and in general trying to figure out if he knows anything, without giving herself way. She’s not very good at dissembling, but she has been known to be a good judge of character.

Marissa uses Empathy during her conversation to find out one of Elden’s aspects, which will be determined randomly, using Mythic, if she succeeds. Elden’s Rapport is Fair (+2), at the very least, given his profession.

Marissa rolls: (1-1) + 2 for a Fair (+2) result, barely succeeding.

Using the background event table from Mythic Variations: New character
New character focus: Failure Environment

Elden’s father never really approved his son’s talents and wanted him to go into the family business. He has the aspect, “I’ll Go Where My Heart Leads Me!”

Since she uncovered the aspect, Marissa can freely tag it at some point in the near future.

“Elden,” Marissa finally says, “I really do need your help. I’m lost and I have nowhere to turn. You remember my friend? The little one? The one who will probably be executed if she’s seen in the city? I need some people who will take her in.” And the rest of her friends, as well as herself, though Marissa doesn’t add that bit. “I have to do what I feel is right, no matter who is against me.”

Marissa makes a rather gentle Rapport attack against Elden’s Average (+1) Resolve. She’ll tag his aspect for free, as well.

Marissa rolls (4-6) +2 for Rapport, +2 for the aspect, for a result of Fair (+2).

Elden rolls (6-4)+1 for a result of Good (+3). He is unfazed.

“These are hard times, Marissa my dear. I really do wish I could help, really I do, but I think it’s time I should be off.” Elden smiles as he rises, but this time his smile is strained. “I don’t think I’m going to be here tonight, after all. Maybe you should consider doing the same, huh?” Very quickly, he’s out the door.

End of Scene 3
Raise Chaos Level to 6.
NPC List: Add Elden Doran
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