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Please post advice for locating LARPs in various regions, including LARP registry links, links to specific LARPs, and general advice for local searching.

Please review thread before posting, to minimize repetition.

ADMINS: Please Sticky, as an FAQ thread.

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Calendar of the French larp federation:

Calendar of the Belgian larp federation:

Aufildujeu, a French-speaking Switzerland and neighboring France larp portal also has a calendar (right column):

The European larp theory website larp.eu also has a calendar:

(if you're not from there, be reminded that many of these larps are one-shot events, hence timing trumps group affiliations)
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For boffer larp in the Southern California (though, admittedly mostly north of San Diego area), here are several contact points:

A Meetup group. They have monthly hangout meetings on Thursday nights and keep a good calendar for local games. They also schedule fighter practices where they practice multiple local game systems.

A Yahoo Groups calendar for one of the local games, Dying Kingdoms. He keeps his own events on there as well as other local ones.

Live Effects - an umbrella for several different games

Eidolon - a fantasy boffer game with a focus on PvP politics and interaction, rather than on fighting monsters.
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