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Another fantasy boffer larp in the SoCal area:


"Some heroes fell asleep, for they must have to ignore the troubles that became the world. Now it is time for them to awake and shape the world once more. War looms in every country, and the assassination of the Amalgamation’s voice signals the dawn of a new age.

Welcome to Twin Mask, a southern California LARP, where sorcery is feared and creatures of myth have faded into seclusion. Here, in the heart of ‘Tear’ a recently discovered continent, characters from all backgrounds will be called back from death and be forced to band together in order to survive and make sense of the world around them."

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I run a resource for games in the San Francisco Bay Area, with a list of every game that is currently active to the best of my knowledge. From Santa Cruz to Oakland, Hayward to San Jose, there are plenty of games in the region.


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I'm going to be starting a regular Vampire the Masquerade LARP in Huddersfield.

It's an independent system, using a different more streamlined ruleset with more direct physrepped combat. (Thanks to Andy Rafferty for permisision to use those).

It will be good. It will be fun. It will have plot. It will have influence battles with rules to support that. It will take downtimes seriously. It will be rather non-canon.

Rules are ready to go out to anybody who is interested, although some revisions and formatting will still be taking place. Also ready to receive backgrounds.

Let me know if you want further details or are generally interested. We'll be aiming for games about once a month when we kick off. The potential for this is definitely there in Hudds I think. I can be contacted at abiezer.coppe@gmail.com


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Gaiman-esce international larp Price of Inspiration,
7-10 October, Finland, English language.

3 nights in a countryside holiday home, fully catered.

"The Price of Inspiration is a game about the terrible fires burning behind inspiration. It is a psychological dark drama with urban fantasy elements. The players play characters who are artists and hobbyists attending a creativity retreat. In time they will learn the price of true inspiration, and ask themselves if it is one they are prepared to pay."


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There's a new Vampire the Masquerade LARP in Bochum/Germany and this time it's Anarchs.

Regular game night is every second saturday of the month, new players (to LARP in general or vampire in particular) are very welcome.

Rules, Forum and stuff: bochum-bei-nacht.de


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Going to be moving to the NoVA area soon and looking for Larps in the area to join. Not interested in boffer particularly, more so WoD stuff but all I have found is a seemingly disused site for "The Dark Capital".

Anyone have the scoop on the DC-region Larp scene?
The Grene Wode Medievel Market in Langley BC Canada

Hi all,
On Oct 22 from Noon to 5pm at the Grene Wode in Aldergrove, a Medieval Market will be held.
->Vendors are $15 a Stall; there are 22 covered ones available. $10 for a table if you need to rent one.
->At the Gate tickets are $3 per person and those under six get in free.
The theme is Halloween: please feel free to dress up as a medieval fantasy person.
We have a presentation square if you wish to show off your role play group or organization I would love to have you to give a demonstration.
• At the event, we will have Mounted Horse Archery and Games as the main attraction, and 10% of all the revenue collected well be going to Circle F a Horse Rescue Society.
• Some vendors will have mini quests or a who-dun-it murder mystery adventure.
• Trick’r Treating,
• Medieval Games
• Fun for the Kids.
As volunteers become available the more things we will be able to offer, to the participants of the event.
I am just in the final stages of producing the events website and advertisement, and will present them to you all when they are complete.
For now:
if you are interested in volunteering, vending, or giving a demo, please drop me a text via Facebook or email CSO at PRACTICALSAFETYSOLUTIONS dot COM
Here is the website info for it: thegrenewode.ca and click on the events section.
Here is the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/events/169077810200955/
Thank you for your time
Chealse Loong
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