Long Island, NY -Various RPG's- GM- Looking for Players


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Nassau and or Suffolk Counties/Tabletop

Game/System: D&D/D20 Modern, Savage Worlds, Star Trek, AFMBEedition

I am one of 4 rotating GMs.

Time/Frequency: Every other Friday, usualy about 7:00 - 12:00

Genre: Pulp, High Fantasy, Sci Fi, Horror

Current needs: Looking for a few Solid Players to form a core group, and also interested in GMing themselevs for Conventions and Game days

Accept Drop-In Players? Depends on game being ran (No if we are running a serious Campaign)

Accept Spectators? No (only at Cons and Game Days)

Short description of the setting/campaign : We are currewntly running 2 games:
Star Trek (Decipher/Coda): Voyages of the star Ship "Visitor"
I am a Player in this one and cannot say much except it's during the time of Next gen.

The Realms of Mar'Thul (Savage Worlds): A High Fantasy Game set in a homegrown world, where an ancient war still holds a grip on a world that is a artificial creation or the Gods. Steam tech meets LoTR.

PM me if interested
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