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Long-time player new to RPG.net here


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Hey. I'm Steingard (took the name from the last name of my Paladin in my current 5E campaign). I'm a D&D geek who joined after seeing a post on tumblr detailing the site's anti-Trump policies. I hate Trump and all he stands for, and seeing this site come out swinging against him and his Nazi wannabe followers convinced me to join here.

I'm also a writer, and I've been formulating my own campaign setting called Theia ever since I got into D&D back in 2012. It's a bit different than most D&D settings, and deliberately so.


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The D&D subforum has a lot of D&D discussion, from both the oldest iteration of the game to the most current. The mods are pretty good about snuffing out the flamewars called edition wars.

Talk about campaigns is one of the threads some people enjoy and if you haven't read a book (or it was so long ago you only remember a few pieces), the WIR threads can be pretty interesting discussions.
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