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🎨 Creative Looking for a character artist for D&D character (Warforged, steampunk robotic / mechanical)


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Hi all!

I've been looking around for a while now with the idea of getting my current D&D character commissioned.
I need two images: one full-body drawing and a player token.

The character has a slight steampunk background and needs a dirty, grayish feeling, as displayed in some reference art below. Especially the first image captures exactly what style/feel I'm after, but does not capture my character fully.

As previously stated the first image is exactly the feel and style I want to go for but most of the decorations on the character do not fit mine at all.
My character, Roger, was created by an ancient (now presumed extinct) race of Dragonborn who were at an early stage of industrialization.
They worshipped Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon from D&D lore, and this showed in most of their decorations. (Lots of precious metals with dragon emblems and scale-like decorations)

During one shorter campaign, the character was restored by an angel using radiant magic, since radiant light (gold shine, gold colors in general) also played a huge role in the civilization that created him the light from the eyes & crystal on the first image is something that needs to shine through in Roger aswell. (Roger is a Cleric)

Roger is more than a 1000 years old in my current campaign so is not all polished up and quite dirty, but not damaged.

I realize that especially the first image probably took a very long time to make, so I'm looking for a level of detail somewhere in between the two images.

Please email rex.starwars@gmail.com with an estimated price and any portfolio pieces that show what you could do for me.

Looking forward to see what gets done with this!

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