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Looking for a map for a Lonely Mountain knock off

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My PCs are going into an abandoned dwarven mine/community and are going to kill the ancient red dragon that has been living there since it drove the dwarves out decades ago. Sound familiar? Basically, replace the Bilbo and the dwarves with six 9th level murderhobos primarily looking to make suits of armor out of Smaug's hide and continue to fund their domains with the wyrm's treasure horde.

What I need is a good map for this. I have a ton of great ICE supplements with maps of dwarven communities and mines, however they are closer to Moria in scale than what I want. on the flipside, many of my D&D/d20 maps of dwarven communities I've been finding are on the opposite end of the spectrum, as they look like little underground forts. I don't want a megadungeon or an adventure that will take the next 20+ sessions to revolve, so I need a much smaller scale of map(s) of a dwarven community, but not so small that I couldn't drop a dwarven village and an ancient red dragon in it.

While I'm digging through a ton of maps in my gaming library looking for something suitable, I figured I'd turn to the experts here and ask what faux-Lonely Mountain map you would use in this scenario!


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XS2 - Thunderdelve Mountain has a great map for this. It's a CYOA module so the map isn't actually filled in at first. There's a let's read thread with the map filled in here:


Thunderdelve is known for its "crystal pools" which is why the Dragon took it over: it sleeps in the biggest pool, cooling it's fire. Some other notable locations are the bridge over a waterfall at the entrance to the large room full of pillars (the sound echoing through the nearby halls is the source of the name "Thunderdelve"), and the huge vapour-filled pits that were torn in the dragon's first attack. The entrances to the mines below have all collapsed, keeping the size down.


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There's also always the option to start with a map of a real mine. For instance, here's the Wieliczka salt mine.

This also lets you pull up photographs for inspiration. Sticking just with that mine we have all these:
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A fair amount of that seems like it would work for dwarves and the like just fine.


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The volcano base from X8 Drums on Fire Island might work? Perfect for an Ancient Red Dragon of course.....
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