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Looking for an Eastern (non-)martial arts game

Thomas Ufnal Crowlake

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There is a romanticised and spiritual view of Eastern martial arts that is prevalent in popular culture. You know the drill - wuxia, great masters wandering the land, intricately named kung-fu techniques, brave fighters competing for honour, gain and rightousness, a connection between martial prowess and spiritual advancement etc. This stuff has been present in gaming for years. However, from my limited and no doubt simplified knowledge, other non-martial arts enjoy both similar romanticising and similar spiritual treatment in some Easter cultures and/or their popular imaginings - from the notion that "everything is kung fu" or looking for Dao in any undertaking to things like the go boardgame being presented as an art with both spiritual qualities and an abundance of great masters clashing their wills over the board. Are there any games of Eastern/Oriental flavour that would explore those non-martial arts? I mean anything from "Hikaru na Go, Rokugan-style" to "Being a great painter means you learn secret kung fu" to "Larger-than-life gentleman-scholars compete in the Four Arts to prove their superiority". I think it is touched upon a little bit in Weapons of the Gods/Legends of Wulin, but that's all I can think of (I don't know L5R well enough to know whether this theme is touched upon there) [if the mods permit, non-tabletop suggestions are also welcome]


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There's a little bit of this sort of thing in Bushido, where mastering any one of a wide range of skills earns a character chi points (which are used in the game to power supernatural class abilities) and appropriate use of many skills improves a character's status (which is used in the game to influence NPCs).
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