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Looking for Game Testers for Hodgepocalypse 5e

Lewd Beholder

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In a nutshell, it's a post-post-apocalyptic world with magic filled with absurd situations using the 5e system.

If interested, please contact me at drevrpg@gmail.com with the following info:
1. Title: Interested in Game Testing
In the body the following:
2. Name. (so we can properly credit you in the acknowledgments)
3. Contact info. (email primarily)
4. Best times for gaming? We mainly do Sunday early evening at 5:00 pm mst, on roll20 but we will be running games outside this period and seeing how much we have to game test.
5. Whether you are interested in being as a pc or a gm. For the latter, I have a few rebuild adventures to test out different stress points to see how well it works.

Most of the details should be in the link below.

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