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 Looking for Illustrator/Cover Artist


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Good morning (or correct time of day here).

I am currently looking for an illustrator and/or a cover artist to work on a RPG project that is currently in development. The game is called Nefarious Designs which is a modern day action hero RPG where players play the villains working for an organization bent on taking over the world. As such, I'm primarily looking for somebody who would be willing to work with me to design and illustrate various key characters, uniforms and vehicles along with the cover art. I have some previous art that will be included but I'm a good guy for variety.

You can message me here or go through e-mail at cwalck1993 at gmail dot com

Appreciate any interest this might generate and of course, any questions please let me know. :)


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Hi, I'm interested! I've worked for a few projects in development before, and you can find samples of my work here.
My rates depend on the physical size of the work, how many illustrations you're looking for and so on.
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