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Looking for Illustrator(s) (B&W, old school feel)


Trilemma Adventures
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Hello! I'm looking for illustrators to commission to help illustrate a bestiary. I'm looking for black and white (not grayscale) illustrations that are texturally interesting. Some examples of the sort of styles I'm looking for:

My Kickstarter went a bit bigger than I was expecting, so now I'm looking for a whole bunch of ~3x3" and ~3x4" illustrations of monsters and people!

Cutting right to the chase:
  • You're able to start soon (e.g. within a week or two) and you've got enough availability to complete fairly promptly
  • You can definitely nail something like this rendering style
  • Traditional or digital is fine, as long as you can get me a clean 300+ ppi image.
  • I need several dozen illustrations in total; so I'm looking for more than one illustrator (because of my short schedule)
  • I'd like to buy exclusive publication rights.
  • I'm happy to negotiate fair payment based on complexity, plus I'm offering proportional profit sharing of follow-on sales of the book.
  • I pay very promptly via PayPal; I'm fine with half up front once we've established a delivery date.
  • Women, POC and LGBTQ+ illustrators definitely welcome
I'm doling out briefs in small batches (or individual pieces, if you've only got time for one). Choose which pieces you'd like to do, I'll mark them as yours. Once you're done and paid, if it worked out great for everyone, sign up for another if you'd like to.

Please email me (Michael Prescott) at: michael at trilemma dot com

In your email, please:
  • include a link to a piece of yours that is a good fit for the rendering style (since it doesn't seem to be very common). It's okay if it's just an apple or whatever!
  • include a link to your portfolio, if you have one
  • let me know if you're okay with all that stuff from the first list; rights, payment, timing, batches, etc. if not, please say so!
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