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I want to run a setting I am working on in fate called Leviathan Rising online for some people, to do some playtesting with people not in my home group. I would be looking to run online, and I live in the UK, so work on GMT. I would like to run on either the 2nd or 3rd of January, any time during the day (any time between GMT 8:00 am and 5:00 pm).

The game is a game of high action rebels in a world very similar to the 17th century. The characters are people who have joined a rebellion to oppose a group of villainous nobles who have formed a cabal of magicians. The characters are also high power (think low level superhero power).

The game is one of action-adventure, expect fight scenes, chases and cinematic action.

Please reply if you are interested!
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Sounds interesting! I'm totally not free, but how about some background info to get the gears going?

What are the nobles doing that is villainous and needs resisting? Why are the PCs resisting instead of joining in? Why don't other people help out? What's day to day life like, in a nutshell or three bullet points? Are there airships and autonoma, given that magic is a thing, or is it more generally like the Musketeers? Who has magic, and how? What do they do with it?


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The nobles have formed a secret society and know two magic rituals, found in the tombs of the god-kings from the setting's equivalents of Sumeria and Babylon. The first allows them to control the people who they rule over, and the second allows them to become gods with a large enough sacrifice. If you give a bunch of 17th-century nobles freedom from even the threat of popular insurrection and they will get up to excitingly evil things.

The pcs are resisting for a variety of reasons. These reasons make up the factions of the rebellion, and include but are not limited to:

  • a member of the peerage did me wrong and now I want revenge on all of them
  • theologically inspired communists (like the diggers in the real world)
  • anarchists ( a little before their time in our world)
  • followers of old rites who think the peerage are coming to steal their magic
  • followers of the inventor of a new school of magical thought, who know the peerage are coming to steal their work, as the founder escaped the peerage before.
  • people who are trying to create a new god of freedom and rebellion, who rebel as a religious rite
  • hardcore democrats and republicans, who see the peerage attempting to lock the world into feudalism when they can see a better future.
Magic is a thing of ritual and low magic for everyone except the PCs. Magic is normally done by bribing a spirit to do a thing it is allowed to do. Until the fall of the city of the world's eye about a hundred and fifty years ago, magic didn't work for anyone except the rulers of that city. Since it fell, old rites have returned, but not everyone knows that. So magic is often subtle and unknown. The weirdest magic comes from bringing a spirit into the physical world somehow. The pcs are one example of this, as they have been fused with a spirit. The bad guys also utilise something similar but cruder making spirit possessed minions for themselves. Generally, only the peerage (the bad guys) and the resistance (the pcs) have magic, since both sides have been actively recruiting any magical factions.

For the day to day life, do you mean for a farmer, or for a pc?

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No. Crap. I got the time zone difference backward. I'm definitely not in, sorry, 4 AM to 1 PM (which is what it is in US EST) is my sleepytime.
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