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Looking for players for Old School Gaming in Two Rivers/Manitowoc Wisconsin

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Hey there,

Looking for some players interested in face to face game at my house in Two Rivers Wisconsin. I want to get a Castles and Crusades game started since the one I was running has kind of stalled out. I need about two more players. My wife and I have been playing since the 70's and want to connect to the RPG community here. We are looking for a weekly game on Saturdays but our schedule is flexible.


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I am from the Waukesha area. PM me with your email address and then we can talk. I am not interested in driving that far as my time is limited - two kids, wife, job, volunteering, life. But I know of a number of groups and a couple guys from Grafton and Brown Deer that you could try and plug into. If you're willing to drive, I am part of two groups 'round Waukesha (one alternates to a Brown Deer location).

Also, you know about Fire and Ice, right? You have to go next year to find gamers in your area.
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