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Looking for players

Solomon Mercury

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I have an Icons game I’m wanting to start on Roll 20, but applicants are slow coming. I was wondering if I could make a post in the forums to see if anyone in the community would be interested, but I’m not sure where the proper place would be to post that. Any help?


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Yes, it’s fine. I’ve done it myself for my Roll20 games. You should post in Ye Olde Tavern: Looking for Group


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Welcome to the forums. I would also suggest posting in Ye Olde Tavern.

I'd be specific about the time zone you have the game starting in, since this forum has people from all over the world.

If I were starting a Roll20 game, I'd also think of my past gaming friends that I don't game with regularly since we've moved and see if any of them would like to reconnect online.
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