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Age of Hunters

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I totally understand what you are going for. For a more tactical board focused game, balancing the probabilities would seem to be more important. My way seems more mathy, but it allows a player multiple ways to mess with probabilities. Your way keeps everything at a bell curve, I would guess, but one way to build. Mine allows for crazy outliers. I think if you added in criticals when you roll doubles and crit failures when you roll multiple ones those outliers become more interesting. When the roll of the dice changes the story, characters have to react to something unexpected, the game gets interesting and challenging. As you said preference on that is simply opinion. It is however, a fairly standard Point buy system you see in many RPG's. As we said above YMMV.

The Big difference is the stories and the Medium. The Stories are huge for players like me, even in a more board focused system. Look at gloomhaven, all the characters have backstories and as they grow that story grows. As for the medium in your system its a big mess of numbers, in what I posted its a story and character enhancer. Again YMMV but something has to be the focus; the character or the medium. So if you are doing the medium boosts and sets character values, then I would have them make the medium as the core and the character boosts that. Once again thats an opinion.

I hope you can meet the design goals you have, I was happy to have the discussion.
Thanks you, I am also glad to receive your feedback :) we will strike to give the game a "soul". Basically just make stories, backgrounds, worlds etc. that is NOT system base. We have been focusing too much on the mechanic of the game and forgot its soul. Now, we are dedicated 100% on the soul.

Stories on backgrounds, spirits and how gods are related to the spirits. How are mediums made. How are gods related to your character build? Who is the Hunters! What is story behind the new gods etc. etc.

Thanks for you discussion, I hope that our game will be on your bookshelf one day :)
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