Hello everyone I am an average DM , looking for players for my campaign I am going to run online. Heath Death:GOD or HD:GOD for short is system that I homebrewed.And its designed specifically for the campaign I am going to run of the same name. New players are welcomed because my system is easy to understand. We are going to communicate and roleplay with discord and use the roll20 only for encounters. I am from Turkey, Istanbul and my time zone is GMT+3. The language is English but Turkish players are welcomed too. Anyone who wants to join please add me from Discord: YARRAQUE#1999 (with capital letters)
The setting is somewhere between magic sci-fi and medieval fantasy.So as for the story I inspired from the recent doom universe but modified it to suit what i had in my mind.It is sort of an alternative world. But there is a bigger plot behind it. So here's the story:
Wraiths are godly beings that appeared in a dimension called Argent D'Nur long time ago.They offered their infinite knowledge and energy in exchange for humans worshipping them. So humans agreed to worship Wraiths. Humans build a temple for them called "Sacrum Cellae".Soon after this event religious system started to form and clergy is assigned to make rituals and all kind of religious acts. After some time the religious book called "Ma'Nur" has written. After hundreds of years Wraiths granted humans "the technology". Wraiths powered humans devices with "Argent Energy". Which is an energy type Wraiths produce naturally and can be wirelessly transmitted to Argent D'Nur. But there was a danger. The demons in Hell wanted to use Argent Energy to power their own devices. Aware of the danger humans quickly formed a holy knight order called "Night Sentinels". They were both their servants and guards. Wraiths bestowed upon them extraordinary powers to protect Argent D'Nur from Hell.So you players are going to be a knight in this "Night Sentinel Order".
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