[LotW] Nihao Honey II, second thread

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Thanks guys! :)

The eunuchs... well, we only just got our first glimpse. There's more pieces of the puzzle out there.

The new system I can't comment on quite yet and I'm also not sure when I will be able to. Not because I want to deny others anything but with things still being fine-tuned I don't want to preview anything that later turns out to be untrue. But I suppose I can start dropping some hints later on about things have definitely been nailed down.

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Ok so here's a bit of bad news. :(

One of our players is unable to keep playing for a while due to work-related reasons. As such we're putting the game on hold so the rest of us can try other games in the meantime.

Just to get a few things clear:

1. This is not a cancellation or "indefinite hiatus" that never ends. Nihao Honey will return.

2. That said, we're not sure how long it will take. At least a few months, possibly more.

3. We're very sorry this happened. We love our game to bits but we also know we have loyal readers out there who enjoyed following our (mis)adventures. Don't give up on us, we'll be back.

4. I'm not excluding the possibility of a few "bonus" sessions with Dirt of the Devil's Grip's player in the future. Keep checking back on this thread every now and then, you'll never know what kind of unexpected update there might be.

Until next time.


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Curse that real life & it's continual gaming-interference!
Hope things go well & looking forwards to some vignettes perhaps?

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Fiasco Omake

Hey guys! Introducing a very special session, I made a Fiasco scenario set in Shen Zhou City and we played through it. The group was Silver Shade's player, Torrent's, Dirt of the Devil's Grip's, Torrent's player's girlfriend whom we shall call Juul, and of course yours truly.

Over the next couple of days I'll post what happened but first I need to make something very clear: Fiasco is a game where people have high ambitions but things will not go right for them, most of the time. Nihao Honey usually has a pretty upbeat, can-do attitude but in this case you should expect some downer endings for some of the characters. That's just how the game works.

For those who don't know how Fiasco works, in a nutshell it's a one-session trainwreck story. You start with character creation by taking turns, selecting dice to work your way down some tables to select relationships. The characters are then fleshed out based on what you know about their relationships with others. It's like having a character sheet in between players rather than in front of them.

I'll start us off by showing what relationships we ended up with.

Torrent's Player & Juul
Relationship: Rivals - Contenders for the same heart
Objects: Curses - A prediction that you're going to die

Juul & Silver Shade's Player
Relationship: The Wulin - Fellow adherents of a heretical sect
Location: The Weird and Forbidden - A secluded spot in the woods and a shovel

Silver Shade's Player & Dirt's
Relationship: Deeds - Sharing a secret
Need: To get rich - By taking on dangerous jobs

Dirt's Player & Sage
Relationship: School - Principal's daughter and the generic everyday kid
Need: To get even - with a snitch

Sage & Torrent's player
Relationship: Brothers in arms - Martial arts buddies, one of them truly talented
Object: Criminal - A dead body that needs to be hidden

Join us next time to see what characters and situations we made with this list of ingredients.

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Time to reveal our cast of misfit antiheroes!

Torrent's player is Maelstrom of the Ghost Whisper and Juul is Gayle of the Ghost Whisper. (She insisted it be spelled this way.) They are brother and sister, twins in fact. They both have the same birth prediction: if they live in wealth they will grow very old, but if they live in poverty they will die very young. And unfortunately they're rather poor...

Dirt's player is the school principal's daughter. She's rather posh, elitist and absolutely hates it when people sully her reputation by blabbing about her. She has a special switchblade she uses on such people, which she calls the "snitchblade". And because of this she is known as Princess Snitchblade. Maelstrom and Gayle both plan to seduce her and possibly marry her in time, so that they get access to her wealth.

Shade's player is Dabbling Fire. He's a former student, a couple of years older than the rest. He's a bit of a thug who sometimes works for Snitchblade by being her paid legbreaker. What the princess doesn't know though is that he's also part of some creepy cult that engages in human sacrifice. Gayle is also a member of this cult - she's hoping that with forbidden magic she might be able to expand her life even if she doesn't get rich. It's her Plan B. And the B stands for Baneful.

And yours truly is Righteous Li, an upstanding and talented young hero who always tries to do the right thing. Like most anime protagonists he's generic and boring but also happens to have great talent for martial arts. Unfortunately, he recently overheard a conversation the princess was having and he told others about it. And as you know, in this school snitches get stitches...

And so the mayhem is ready to begin.

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The characters sound awesome

Looking forward to see their plans crash down gloriously.

Kind of sounds like a Wuxia-Anime directed by the Cohen bothers : )

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Act 1

Righteous Li is confronted in the hallways of school by Princess Snitchblade. You dared to spread rumors about me?! Big mistake, boy. You are going down hard. Later in class the PA system asks for Li to go to the principal's office. Oh dear. Has the princess used her connection with her father to get him into trouble? He squirms and worries as he drags himself to the office and knocks on the door. A hand shoot out and yanks him inside, closes the door again, and shoves something into his hands. What's this?! What's going on?!

He sees it's Maelstrom of the Ghost Whisper, looking very distraught. He also notices the principal lying on the floor in a dark pool of blood. Oh sweet baby Buddha what happened here? Maelstrom tells him that the principal was threatening to expel him due to his poor performance at school. And he just snapped and the next thing he knew... You have to help me, Li! But Li has no intention of doing that. Maelstrom is now a murderer! He should call the police! Maelstrom points down to the thing he put into Li's hand. Li looks down and sees a bloody knife. In his hand. No doubt with prints and genetic material and goodness knows what else to implicate him. Fuck. Maelstrom, you bastard, you made me look like a criminal. Ok well I'm not going to jail for a crime I didn't commit so yes, we'll need to do something. They roll up the body in a carpet, hit the fire alarm to force the entire school to evacuate and gather in front of the building, while they escape with the body out of a window at the rear.

Ten minutes later, the students and staff are outside, soaking wet. Because this is the kind of cleverly designed fire alarm that immediately sets off the sprinklers to ruin all the furniture, books, and computers. Gayle of the Ghost Whisper notices the princess and makes her move. She offers to share a blanket, sweet-talks her, and very soon the two are elsewhere to "warm up" one another. Wink wink nudge nudge. Gayle moves fast! After their sudden little playtime, the princess' phone rings. It's Dabbling Fire. Princess, we have to talk. You still haven't paid me for my last job and I'm getting impatient. But the princess assures him that she'll get some money soon. She'll just have to swindle her foolish daddy for some more cash, just like she's always done before, and then he'll get paid as usual. In fact, she's so confident that she'll get money that she'll even give him a new job: go and take care of Righteous Li, another snitch.

Later the princess gets home and father is missing for dinner. It's just her and her mother, a woman stuck in a permanent zoloft-induced trance of disinterest. Hmm. Daddy's not home yet? That's not like him at all. Better give him a call.

Elsewhere in town, Li and Maelstrom are sneaking through the alleys of the cities when suddenly the carpet chimes with a muffled ringtone.
Dude, our carpet is ringing.
It's your carpet. And didn't you take the phone away?
Well why not?
I wasn't thinking ok? Help me unroll it so I can take the phone, we can't let people trace it.
Oh Buddha...

And so the two reveal the horrible, mangled and twisted body again and Maelstrom fishes out the phone.

Back at the dinner table, princess looks disturbed. No answer. This is very strange.

In fact it's so strange that next morning the school staff rings her home. Hello princess, this is the school staff speaking, is your father home?
No, I haven't seen him since yesterday morning. What's going on?
Well he's not at work either. He's missing. And so is his valuable Persian rug, but the floor underneath looks very well and recently cleaned.

Hmm. Did father finally get fed up with his life and ran away, taking with him the only thing he still treasured? That's bad. Now how is she going to get her money?

(We now move to a brief flashback, several weeks ago before this whole mess began. Righteous Li approaches Gayle of the Ghost Whisper with a can of soda, which he awkwardly offers her.
Hey... eh, girl. You. Hi. Do you like... stuff?
Eh... yes? What?
Ha! Yes I also like stuff! That is so funny isn't it!
Oh my Buddha, are you actually making a move on me? Fuck off.)

Back in the present and in the woods, Li asks where Maelstrom plans to take this thing anyway. Ah well not to worry Li, I happen to know a good spot. My sister Gayle is involved in some pretty dark shit and she doesn't know that I followed her once. There's some mass grave cultist thing going on here, we can dump the body there.

Wait. Gayle? Cultist? Mass grave?
Yeah she's pretty twisted. Some of the things I know about her... I wouldn't want to be the guy who ever gets a crush on her if you know what I mean, haha!
Yeah... "haha", heh. Oh fuuuuck.

They find the grave and dump the body and then get the hell out of there.

Later that day Gayle and Dabbling Fire visit the mass grave to prepare for the next ritual. and...
Hey is that body ours?
Aren't they all?
Well, we're in the fucked up baby-sacrificing business. That one looks like an adult man.
Oh yeah so it is. In fact, it looks kind of familiar.
Hey yeah.
The school principal?!

Gayle immediately spots an opportunity to comfort a grieving princess, so she calls her to give her the bad news. Princess demands to know what's going on and Gayle, perhaps foolishly, tells her the location of her father's body.

Princess then immediately calls the police (the irony of a snitch-hating girl calling the cops wasn't lost on us), who move out to the woods.

Gayle hears the sirens and flees through the woods.
Dabbling Fire also hears them but thinks he can bluff his way through this. Oh, police, good thing you are here! I am the innocent person who found this dreadful place and made sure you heard about it. I am super nice and maybe even deserving of some sort of reward?

Unfortunately the princess also tagged along with the cops and she immediately points at Fire, saying he's the culprit. She finds this an opportunity to get out of her debt to Dabbling Fire. And she really can't risk him cracking under interrogation and revealing all the crimes he committed for her. So if she implicates him... then anything he reveals will be seen as petty lies! Yeah good idea! The cops have found a convenient suspect and unleash their tasers. Dabbling Fire is shocked into submission and brought in.

Days later, there's a special hearing to determine if Dabbling Fire will go to trial. Princess Snitchblade gives false testimony that Dabbling Fire sometimes came to her house and was a horrible person who hated her and her father. He is surely the murderer!

There's just one problem though. Her zoloft-infused mother contradicts everything she says. And so Dabbling Fire is released. And angry at that bitch of a princess...

And that is the end of Act 1.

As a preview of Act 2, let's reveal what we got from the Tilt Table.

In the next act we will have...
* Cold-blooded score-settling
* An out of control rampage

See you next time!
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Act 2

Righteous Li tracks down Gayle of the Ghost Whisper and confronts her with her shady cult business. How could you?! But Gayle knows he's got a soft spot for her and quickly wraps him around her finger. It wasn't by choice, honest, it was all the fault of that mean Dabbling Fire guy. He forced her to do it all. He was released due to a lack of evidence but he's really, really rotten. And Li buys the story.

Elsewhere, Maelstrom of the Ghost Whisper goes to meet Princess Snitchblade, still hoping that he's got a shot of getting her riches. But at a critical moment her father's cellphone rings, which he forgot he still had in his pocket. Her eyes widen as she recognizes the ringtone (it's rather unique) and Maelstorm panics. And when Maelstrom panics, he gets violent. He punches the princess and legs it. He later calls Gayle and they work out a deal. Neither of them truly wants their sibling to die, but the princess is now surely to inherit a lot of money. Perhaps enough for the both of them...

At the forest edge, Li has found Dabbling Fire who is no doubt looking for a new spot to resume his creepy cult business. They get into a fight which Li barely manages to win, thanks to his great talent at martial arts. Fire is forced to flee but it turns out the princess, still looking for a chance to get even with the snitch, had kept tabs on him and she corners the exhausted and injured Li. She pulls out her eponymous knife and cuts him a few times to teach him a lesson.

The next day, Li is still banged up and furious about this whole mess. He hasn't done anything wrong but everything is going horrible for him! It's all Maelstrom's fault. Some friend he is. And so he waits by the bicycle stands for Maelstrom to chew him out. Unfortunately... Maelstrom doesn't respond well to threatening situations and so, once again, he strikes. Li is still too injured to defend himself, so Maelstrom knocks him and keeps punching him in the head, over and over. For his part, Maelstrom is now thoroughly fed up with always living in fear and violence, so goes back to princess. She never loved her father, already gave false evidence in this matter, and is about to inherit a lot of money. So what if he killed her old man? They could still be a great couple and she can use a new leg-breaker. And it seems like the princess... agrees. And so now both of the Ghost Whisper twins have slept with her.

Later, Gayle visits princess, intent on making sure she'll want to be with both of the twins. But suddenly Dabbling Fire also arrives. He strikes them both down and he saw how close the two seemed a moment ago, so he stabs Gayle and leaves her bleeding. Suck on it, princess!

Dabbling Fire retreats to a bar to drown his anger and sorrows. Princess Snitchblade, with a black eye, followed him and approaches. She says that she's sorry for all she's done to him and would really like to patch things up. She promises all sorts of forgiveness and job offers, but what's really important in this scene is the small vial of poison she slips into his drink...


Don't read these if you don't like fucked up, downer endings. Seriously, just imagine everybody goes on to live happily on a farm where they can chase Tings all day.

Spoiler: Show

  • The police was tipped off by Gayle. They arrest Maelstrom and find the principal's phone and wallet.
  • He is convicted and goes to prison, where he finds religion. He sets up a very successful reading program in jail and many years later gets released early due to good behavior.
  • Poor, disillusioned, and surely doomed to die very soon now, he goes to visit his parents... and kills them. Then he kills himself. He never had any control over himself or his life, but at least he'll get to control the ending.

Spoiler: Show
  • Gayle wakes up in hospital, together with some familiar faces as we'll soon see.
  • The hospital bills take all she's got, and a good deal more.
  • Li found out that she lied about Dabbling Fire and soon everybody else does too. Soon Gayle has nobody left in her life. Slowly and sadly she starts wasting away.
  • Years later her brother gets out of jail. Briefly there is a moment of hope in her life, but then he took the lives of himself and their parents. And the worst thing is... there was never a prediction that they were going to die. Gayle had made it up as a child, as a joke, to trick Maelstrom. And he still believed it after all these years. She never did any of this to survive, she was just in it for money, sex, and creepy cult business. And now she has truly nothing except bitter lessons learned.

Spoiler: Show
  • Dabbling Fire leaves the bar and starts to feel worse with every step.
  • He falls unconscious and wakes up in hospital.. together with some familiar faces.
  • He finds out that the poison scarred his organs and burned out his ki centers. And to make matters worse, his fellow cultists no longer fear him so they rat him out to the cops.
  • Dabbling Fire goes to prison, forever. At least they have a good reading program there.

Spoiler: Show
  • At first she feels good and visit the hospital to see Gayle.
  • The hospital bills are so horrendous that she has to spend her entire inheritance on it. Now Gayle and Princess are both poor.
  • Princess spots Gayle and a doctor being a little friendly. Although there was no serious romance going on there, princess nevertheless breaks it off, leaving Gayle all alone.
  • Without a father, money, or a mother worth a damn, princess quickly loses it all after a series of poor life decisions. She ends up broken and turning tricks.

Spoiler: Show
  • Li is rushed to hospital after the beating he received from Maelstrom... and wakes up to see some familiar faces.
  • The doctor shows him an x-ray. It's his spine. It doesn't look good.
  • Gayle and Fire are released from hospital long before he is. He can't walk anymore. Not now and not ever.
  • As the very last scene, Howl of the Righteous Storm and his sister Claw leap gloriously along a sunny road. Torrent of Serenity and Silver Shade are hot on their heels. Whatever it is they're doing, they're having the time of their lives. Maybe they just won a great victory. Maybe they're just lightfoot-racing for fun. But unnoticed and alone, sitting in an electric wheelchair on the sidewalk, is the quiet and barely moving Li. He watches the young heroes as the enjoy their mobility like it's nothing. And he weeps.

See? It would've been better to believe the farm story, wouldn't? I'll be honest, this stuff got so depressing at the end I almost didn't post it.
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