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Love Fest for Rolemaster


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It was a huge, sprawling beast, but Rolemaster was and still is, hugely loveable. Ive had great times playing it and it makes me sad to see the position ICE are in at the moment.

Ive recently picked up the 'Classic' books and I felt the love once more. Ive had great times playing Rolemaster (GMing it anyway). It doesnt look half as intimidating as it once did, its always been a playable game. Maybe Id do it all again...

What a great alternative to D&D too. Though Runequest was less haphazard, Rolemaster could be more fun and more versatile. Just flicking through the core books and supplements seemed to give a wealth of ideas for scenarios and campaigns, low or high level, gritty historical or high level high fantasy and everything inbetween. The Spacemaster system too, was amazingly GM and player friendly.

Excellent MERP supplements, the Rolemaster Companions, Shadow World, Dark Space, Vikings, Mythic Greece, Beyond the Core for Spacemaster.

I loved Rolemaster. Would I play it again? Maybe. Im not sure I totally agree with the the move towards quick-play, simplified rpgs. Give me three solid days of prep, and 24 hour marathon sessions of Rolemaster!

Er, maybe its just my age...


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It's not just you. I occasionally get the itch for open-ended rolling mayhem too. It is actually my favored system for fantasy games. An oldie but a goodie.


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Er, maybe its just my age...
Nonsense!! I have been playing rolemaster (RM2 mainly) for well over 20 years, and it still makes up most of my gaming. I even wrote a book for it, and have 5 more planned & in preparation.

You are right, it can do almost anything, and is nowhere near as complex as some people think


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MERP was my first RPG, and Rolemaster is still probably does what I want a game to do better than any system out there.

I go back and forth between love for RMSS/FRP and love for RMC.

Still planning to use one of them for the campaign world I have been working on (which started as an AD&D setting back in the early 90's). Someday.



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I love Rolemaster.

I love... lamp.

Seriously, RM was our go-to game when I lived in Canada in the '90s, and we played the shit out of it. The closest things I have on my shelf right now are MERP 2E and HARP, and I couldn't get anyone I know now to play either one, sadly.

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Rolemaster is awesome. I have a big stack of both 2nd and SS/FRP though I cautiously prefer the latter.

I find once I show people how it works, they take to it fine. Just got an exaggerated rep
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