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Love Fest for Rolemaster


I look on social groups with dismay
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Me too! I had six happy years of weekly RM sessions in the late 80s and early 90s. I'd do it again like a shot if I could find a group with the right level of commitment.

It was a real lesson to me in how dice rolls create stories. The most telling example for me was when my Ranger (with the highly original moniker "Smokey") lost his weapon hand. He put a few ranks into left-hand attacks, but over the next few levels I re-purposed him as a healer rather than a fighter (although he could stand in the second rank and parry quite effectively).

At the same time I saved my pennies for enough cash to go to the Lay Healer and get myself an animated wooden hand. It was a couple of years in playing time, probably several months of game time, but it really drove the character for quite a while. They were great times!



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Something very similar occurred in a Spacemaster game I was playing in the best part of a couple of decades ago (gulp :eek: ), a fellow players character got the bad end of a critical chart from a plasma rifle hit which resulted in him losing both legs.

In any other game, it would 'just' have been a 'serious' wound that would have 'got better' once the hit points were recovered. In Spacemaster it resulted in a plot line diversion for a lengthy series of visits to the cyber surgeon, but Ye gods could he run fast and jump like a flea after that! :D
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